How To Clean A Matte Laptop Screen ? Complete Guide Step-By-Step

Stains on a laptop screen affect its colors quality and also the watching experience of the user. You may have noticed that cleaning the screen of your laptop offers better picture quality and pixel density, this is all because stains and smudges are covering the screen area and just not letting the its brightness release. Here, many people ask the same question whether or not cleaning a matte screen is easier than traditional one and how to clean a matte laptop screen ?

We are going to share with you, the efficient method of cleaning the matte laptop screen in the following.

How To Clean A Matte Laptop Screen ?

Before starting about how to clean it, this first method is suitable for such matte screens having less amount of dirt; the second method is more suitable for messy screens which require special treatment.

In this first method, you need to manage Microfiber Cloth and Distilled Water which are essential for cleaning the matte screen.

You must be wondering is that all we need and nothing else? the answer is Yes. This is quite a simple cleaning process and you will have a stain-free matte screen. If you do not know how to make Distilled Water, you can Google it. It is very easy, do not panic with the term if you have not heard about it.

Now, you need to turn off the laptop and remove the all wires plugged in with the laptop. If you ignore this step or forget about shutting down the system, it might lead to damage to your laptop in the first place, so better pay all caution.

Now, get some distilled water and the micro-fiber cloth to start the cleaning process. It must be a micro-fiber cloth and instead of just tissue paper, anything else is not suggested at all. If you do not have a micro-fiber cloth, should manage it because you are dealing with an expensive machine which damage can loss you big bucks.

In the next step, dip the micro-fiber cloth into distilled water and it should not be too much. Use it to clean/wipe the surface of the laptop screen, apply the force carefully as all laptops screens are sensitive. Do the wiping with cloth three to four many times.

Once, you have performed everything mentioned above and wiping the laptop screen multiple times. Now, it’s time to use dry cloth to clean the screen and removing the water drops that remained.

Cleaning For Messy / Filthy Screens

This method is suggested for one whose laptop screen is full of filth and stains all over the screen. Though it is also not complicated, but this job has to perform for screens whose owner kept ignoring to clean it for a long time.

In the first step, try to remove the stains with the method mentioned above and try to clean as much as possible. It is better to apply the simple method to remove the dirt as much as possible and then go for the next approach. If we leave these small strains anyway, they can birth to new smudges and dirt.

Since we are dealing with a messier screen this time and it is not simple as earlier. The screen is not just going to clean with the distilled water and rather requires special lotion which needs to be applied.

This lotion is not only good for matte screens but can also clean your Smartphone.

You can find many types of lotions and sprays from the market, the best one is cleaning gel which provides the most effective solution. This gel is made of all essential ingredients which can remove the ugliest dirt from the screen and remove also remove its all particulars.

Here, you may ask the question that how this gel is better than the distilled water. The gel is better because once you clean the screen with the gel; it will stick on it and stays over for a long time which keeps the screen protected from dust particles to produce the stain back. As far as distilled water is concerned, it gets vaporized.

The cleaning process will remain the same whether using the gel or water. You must clean the all surface area of the screen with gel, even where do not see the dust. There are some dust particles that the human eye cannot see.

Remember, do not wipe the screen with a dry cloth in this method because this will remove the gel from the surface which needs to be sticking on the screen to prevent dust particles in the future.

EcoMoist Natural Organic Screen Cleaner

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After reading through this article, you must have a good idea about how to clean a matte laptop screen and which method is more suitable in your situation. Distilled water with micro-fiber cloth is only suitable when there is only a single layer of dust and stains on the laptop screen. The gel is only suitable for screens covered by multi-layers of dust and smudges.

There is no way the uglier screen is going to be washed with distilled water. Moreover, after applying the gel on the laptop screen, do not clean it with a dry cloth because it needs to stick over the screen to prevent the dust in future.

It is very important to keep the laptop screen clean from everywhere; otherwise, it also ruins the watching experience because user cannot enjoy the full-screen resolution.