How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop ?

Every gaming console has its loyal audience and Nintendo Switch is also enjoying large gamer community who loves to play its games. There have been 85 million units sold of this console all over the world. It has become a second highest gaming console in the American history. Its games are full of impressive graphics and such a pleasure to play games like Super Smash Bros Ultimate, Super Mario Odyssey, The Legend of Zelda and many more.

Nintendo Switch a gaming console comes with 6.2 inches screen which limits its amazing game experience and user wants to play it on big screen. They are looking to connect their switch console to the laptop and enjoy its games on big screen.

It raise the question in mind how to connect Nintendo Switch to laptop and is this even possible. The answer is Yes, it is possible connecting both devices and using laptop as monitor for playing the games. We are going to share with you what steps needs to follow and how can we connect switch and laptop with each other.

Required External Resources To Connect Nintendo Switch With Laptop

You have to manage specific external resources to establish the connection between these two electronic devices. In the absence of those, cannot even imagine achieving this. External resources required because mostly laptops comes with only one Type-C HDMI output port, whereas Nintendo Switch needs to be connected through two type-c ports.

Nevertheless, it is possible connecting Nintendo Switch console to the laptop, if you succeed in managing these external resources mentioned in the following.

  • Nintendo Switch
  • HDMI Cable
  • Video Capture Card
  • Video Capture Software

Let’s start discussing all these one by one to try to understand, how they can help in connecting both devices.

Nintendo Switch

You need to buy the official Nintendo Switch with its console. If you cannot afford this one then should go for the conventional console of Nintendo Switch.

HDMI Cable

HDMI cable is going to establish the connection through which, input will be sending and receiving. It will connect the laptop with video capture card and Nintendo Switch. User must buy high quality of HDMI cable which ensures quality of result.

Video Capture Card

Video capture card is used for streaming high-graphic games from console to laptop. It captures the all graphic frames and transfers to the laptop where it starts streaming. The high quality capture cards do not compromise on screen resolution and FPS.

You can buy the budget card as its big variety available in market. We are going to share with you two most popular video capture cards in the following.

AVerMedia Capture Cards

It is a good card for gaming and does not compromise on the quality of graphics while video streaming.

Elgato Capture Cards

Elgato has been offering wide range of capture cards and its HD series is very popular among all. Mostly gamers go for the HD60 S because it maintains the high quality of screen resolution and gamers loves this feature. There are no lagging issues with this capture card which otherwise hurts the most.

User can also capture 4K quality videos through these capture cards and enjoy 4K gaming. This would be amazing playing games at such high quality on bigger screen. The cost of these cards varies but mostly ranges from $150 to $200.

Video Capturing Software

Video capture card is a hardware which requires its software to be installed to function properly. Otherwise, it would not be able to run the games on the laptop. The good thing is you can download this software from internet free of cost. We will recommend you the best one which is OBS Studio. You can improve your capture card efficiency through using this software.

How To Connect Nintendo Switch To Laptop ?

There are steps involved which need to be followed to connect the Nintendo Switch to laptop.

Steps Involved Connecting Nintendo Switch To Laptop

Once you have bought the video capture card and managed HDMI cable, now need to follow these steps to get both devices connected.

Step No. 1

Make sure have disconnected the Nintendo Switch and it is not connected to any device.

Step No. 2

Connect the Nintendo Switch and Video capture card through HDMI cable. One side of HDMI will be connected with Switch and its in-port will be connected with capture card. You need to make sure following the sequence and steps.

Step No. 3

Press the “Start” button of video capture software which you were advised to install on laptop and switch off the Switch by pressing its home button.

Step No. 4

It is not possible connecting the video capture card with laptop without the help of USB; take the USB for connecting both devices. Once the capture card has been successfully connected, its software confirms it through pop message.

Step No. 5

This is the last step where you need to turn on the Nintendo device and maximize the screen. There should be smooth video streaming on your laptop if everything goes right.

Congratulation! You have successfully connected both devices laptop and Nintendo switch to each other. Now, you do not have to play its games on smaller screen and rather enjoy the bigger screen of laptop.

How To Get Nintendo Switch Connected With Personal Computer ?

There is also a possibility of connecting Nintendo Switch to the PC, if you do not own a laptop. It raises the same question that how to connect both and is that possible without video capture card. The answer is, it’s not going to possible without capture card and the process of connecting both devices will be the same as connecting with laptop.

The desktop computer also has single Type-C out port similar to laptop and the whole process also requires in-port for the connection. It leads to the situation where same process needs to be applied as mentioned earlier in laptop case.

The next question raises in the mind is that, how to plug-in the switch controller into the PC. It is also very simple to perform, just hold its cable and plug-in on USB Type-C port of the computer. It will be connected by using type-c port.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Can HDMI Card Help in Connecting Nintendo Switch and Laptop?

HDMI capture card performs well in rendering the graphics video from Nintendo switch and enable the laptop to stream the game on its screen. It involves the whole process about how to connect HDMI card with laptop which have already discussed in the above.

Do We Have To Buy HDMI Capture Card For Connecting Nintendo Switch With Laptop?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions and people have showed their great concern towards buying a capture card, because many people cannot afford it. Anyways, the answer is Yes because mostly laptops comes with only single USB-C type out port and it also requires an in-port to get it connected with Nintendo Switch.

This is why we require HDMI capture card to provide the in-port to make the connection between two. In case, your laptop already has in-port facility, then no need to buy it.

Can I Connect My Nintendo Switch To Personal Computer?

Surely, you can connect your Switch device to the PC if you have HDMI capture card. No chance of connecting both devices without it.

What If I Buy a New Nintendo Dock?

You can use the one using for your TV, it can also use for the laptop. In case you do not have any, then need to buy one from the market.


You have to buy the Nintendo Switch console for enjoying the HD resolution games on your laptop and PC. Otherwise, you can only play its games without high definition resolution. It depends upon you whether you are good with that or not.

The whole connectivity process is easy but needs to follow the all steps in sequence. There should not be any disorder in its sequence. You are advised to gather all required stuff before starting the connecting process, because managing something in the middle is not a good situation.

You have a choice of buying high-quality or low-quality HDMI capture cards; it totally depends upon your budget.

You will definitely be enjoying all Nintendo Switch games on the bigger screen of the laptop after successfully connecting nintendo switch to laptop.