How To Disable Function Key On Lenovo Laptop ? Complete Guide

A kind of user who performs lots of typing on keyboard and his fingers are continuously pressing different keys all over the board. This type of user often get messed up with Function keys and it causes big interruption during the work. Its only solution is to disable them and it can be possible for Lenovo laptop users.

We will share with you the information about how to disable Fn Key on Lenovo laptop. But before discussing this, let us make you to get some knowledge about what actually Function keys are ?

What Are Functional Keys ?

These are the command keys which performs certain function, every key has different function to perform. Fn is a short form of Functional Key, these are designed to provide the user a shortcut to get the required output by pressing only one letter.

They save the time and energy for the user and improve the overall efficiency. These keys perform the following functions.

  • Adjust the level of brightness
  • Switch to Mute Mode
  • Page Refresh
  • Turn Up / Down the Volume
  • To Automatically Save the File
  • Print Input

Where the Function Keys Are Placed ?

It is possible for a new user not to know about Functional keys and where those are placed on keyboard. You can find them on the top row of the keyboard starting from F1 till F12. Every Function key performs the unique function and provides the shortcut to its user.

How Many Function Keys Are And What Functions They Perform ?

Mostly, there are twelve functional keys on the laptop. But, there are also few models where these numbers are not the same. For Instance, Apple Macintosh has 19 functional keys from F1 to F19.

Apple used to be not supporting these keys on its keyboard, but now Mac supports FN key to its users. In the contrary, Mac with touch bar still does not support them.

Which Function Key Perform What Function ?

Every Functional keys performs different function to improve the user experience. These are designed to save the user’s time & energy from pressing multiple keys.

  • Press F1 to ask for help.
  • Press F5 to reload the page.
  • Press F6 to get on URL bar, allows user to type the address.
  • Press F7 key to check Grammer on MS Word.
  • Press F12, it will open the Window to save the MS Word file by name.

You must have good idea about the significance of Fn key on any laptop or PC and every key performs a critical function to provide a short cut.

Now, we will discuss about our main topic “ How To Disable Fn Keys On Lenovo Laptop ” or how to change its function. You just need to follow the steps given below and will be able to disable Fn key in your Lenovo laptop.

How To Disable Function Key On Lenovo Laptop Windows 10

1. Press F12 Key twice to go to BIOS Setup.

2. Choose and Select Configuration.

3. Once you configured, now select HOTKEYS Mode.

4. Disable the option of Hotkeys.

5. Press CTRL + S to save.

6. Done.

Hopefully, you have successfully disabled them on your Lenovo laptop. If you still are not able to disable it, then must visit the official website of Lenovo and contact its support system.

Final Words

Mostly visitors were asking about this how to disable function key on lenovo laptop and to share the procedure step by step on Windows 10. The above-shared procedure does not require the user to have technical skills but it involves easy steps to follow to disable Fn key.

It is important to disable the Fn key because every time user has to press and hold this Fn key to press other functional keys from F1 to F12 which is difficult to perform. The Lenovo laptop enables the user to also use the same functional keys for other functions like volume increasing or decreasing which originally not the functions of those keys. Therefore, it is important to disable Fn key for removing the hot keys.