How To Remove Stickers From Laptop in 5 Easy Ways – Complete Guide

Laptop stickers definitely looks stylish and make your laptop attractive to the other people, mostly students uses these stickers in college to look cool. They follow the trend and post trendy stickers on laptop, but the question is how to remove these stickers when their trend is over and now new style of stickers are trending.

Everyone wants to know the effective way of removing these stickers and its residue from the laptop. We are here to share this information with you and explain all this in steps which will make this easy for you to understand and apply the technique without any mistake.

Let’s start the discussion about the main topic and understand how to fix it.

Is it Possible Removing Stickers From Laptop ?

The answer is Yes, it is quite possible removing stickers you posted on your laptop and now want to remove them. The thing is how can we apply the effective removal procedure which leaves no residue to make laptop look uglier and without any scratch on it.

User has to be very careful in this procedure because it involves the expensive machinery.

Can We Remove All Types of Stickers From Laptop ?

You cannot only remove all types of stickers from your laptop, but also other hardware including Smartphone, refrigerator, oven and others. Though, obstinate type of stickers may take some more time to be removed but you can make it.

A month or three months old sticker can even be removed with the knife or car keys. Though, it requires a technique which going to reveal later.

Remove the Stickers From Laptop In 5 Easy Ways

Before removing the stickers, your laptop must be turned-off and also its switch plugged out from electrical socket. This precaution is essential which can avoid undesirable incident to occur.

Remove Sticker With Nail, Key or Blade 

Nail, key or blade will definitely work if the sticker was posted few months ago. User can also use a little sharp knife which makes no scratches during removal process. It needs to follow this simple procedure discussed here.

  • Find its loose end and then start scratching from there, grab the knife or blade firmly while scratching.
  • Always try to remove the sticker in strategic sequence which does not allow to leave its residue. Here, your basic human intelligence is required.
  •  Take the small breaks and then resume the scratching process, it will allow you to stay focused, rather get the frustration and apply the forceful scratching which can damage the laptop surface. It requires great patience to remove the stickers from laptop.

Usage of Mild Objects 

No matter how much caution user applies, a knife or blade can leave the scratch on laptop. A use of mild objects can achieve the purpose without leaving any scratch.

  • A continuous rubbing with micro-fiber cloth can decrease the obstinacy of sticker and then use the knife with less force.
  •  Use toothpaste or baking soda on the sticker, its liquid will dilute the obstinacy of sticker posted on laptop and then try to remove it with micro-fiber cloth.
  • However, user has to stay very focus about to what amount of liquid needs to apply and how much force. Focus and caution is the key to remove the sticker from laptop without any damage.

Remove Sticker With Moist Piece of Cloth

You need to use moist piece of cloth which can help you in removing the sticker. Take the following steps.

  • Try to dip the cloth into water in a way which makes it little wet.
  • Wait for few minutes till this wet becomes moist, rub the cloth on sticker and after few seconds it will start be removing from the laptop. This way you can easily remove it without any damage to your laptop.

Try Using Air-Blower

This technique can help in strategically removing the sticker. The air-blower will help you in heating up the area where sticker is posted, then application of liquid will be more effective in removing.

  • Make sure laptop is not already heated up, otherwise using air-blower can increase its temperature and can damage the laptop.
  • Put the air-blower exactly over the sticker area and avoid heating other area of laptop.
  • Once the sticker area is heated up, apply the liquid mentioned above and it will be more effective in removing the sticker.

Oil-based or Other Types of Solvents

There is a big market for such oil-based chemicals where user demands them for exactly same purpose. Therefore, these chemical companies have manufactured these oil-based solvents to meet the demand for removing stickers from laptop, refrigerator, oven and other machinery. 

These solvents and chemicals are made of olive oil, tea tree oil, mineral oil, lotion and lots of other substances involved in its preparation which have such properties to remove these obstinate stickers from laptop without any harsh treatment. It melts the sticker material and then one can easily remove it from nail.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer your most frequently asked questions in the following.

How Can We Remove Stickers from Laptop for Re-selling ?

It happens when users loves following the sticker trends and post them on laptops to look cool in college. Once these stickers are out of trend, laptop looks uglier and they want to remove them. Otherwise, It also affects its re-selling price.

People can try any method mentioned above which helps in removing the sticker from laptop. If it has been posted few weeks back, it can be removed with hand or keys. If stickers are older than six months or year, it would require a knife or blade to remove them.

How Can We Remove Sticker Without Damaging Laptop ?

User can remove it by applying oil-based solvent which melts down the sticker and then it can easily be removed with knife, blade or hand. These oil-based solvents remove the obstinacy of sticker and then it becomes easily removable with the hands.

Otherwise, removing the obstinate stickers without using these chemicals and instead use the knife in first hand can actually damage the laptop and leave lots of scratches which also diminish its reselling value.

Can I Keep Removing the Stickers One After One ?

The simple answer is Yes, one can definitely remove the sticker every time after posting a new one on laptop. It does not affect the ability of removing sticker every next time. But, this could only be possible if person is using oil-based solvent and applying on the sticker area.

Otherwise, it is definitely going to be more challenging removing the sticker from laptop every time as compared to first time.

Should I Remove Intel Sticker from the Laptop ?

This Intel’s sticker was posted at the time of its manufacturing and it confirms the geniuses of laptop. There is no need of removing this sticker because it will be removed itself after some time.

Once Sticker is removed, does it void warranty ?

It does not void the warranty on removing the sticker. According to the 197 Magnuson-Moss warranty Act, the companies are not allowed to void the warranty on removal of their sticker from laptop. It does not matter if sticker has been removed, warranty will remain valid.

How to remove residue of sticker from the laptop ?

It is comparatively easy to remove the sticker, but little bit more challenging to remove the residue. User needs to follow these steps.

  • Take soft material cloth and fill it with little amount of alcohol or any other solvent available at home.
  • Rub the residue with the same cloth.
  • Keep rubbing the residue will make it soft, and then remove it with fingers.

Final Words

We shared with you some valuable information and five different ways of removing the sticker from laptop. In each and every way, the technique is very important such as how much force one applies while removing the sticker. The use of oil-based chemicals and solvents is also very critical and obstinate stickers can never be removed without the help of these chemicals.

One should be using mild objects with no sharp edges which otherwise can damage the laptop. If the object has sharp edges, then use it very carefully while removing the sticker.

It was also advised use moist piece of cloth because moistness can also help in reducing the obstinacy of sticker. It is also important how much force needs to apply while rubbing the sticker area to avoid any kind of damage.

Air-blower is another way which helps in smoothly removing sticker from laptop. Air-blower will heat up the sticker area, and then user can apply some lotion or chemical there to melt the sticker and then can easily remove sticker. The user must use air-blower very carefully as it should not be over-heating the all surface area of laptop and rather only sticker area.