How To Unsend Messages on iPhone ? Complete Guide Step-By-Step

This is a life-saving feature for the one who accidently sends a wrong message to the one who should have been the last person on earth to see that message. It could be a message with full of gossips against the one to whom message sent by mistake or you accidently messaged one of clingy persons in your contacts who always wants to stay close to you.

In such situations, the feature which makes the message unsend on IOS 14 can keep you out of odd situation which you never want to be into. This article is all about how to use this feature on IOS 14 and how to unsend a message which should never have been sent in first time.

So, stay confident while busy in sending messages to more than one person simultaneously because you can redo any sent message if you want. It’s time to enjoy the full control on your phone and no need to be worried about mistakenly contacting who you do not want to be in contact with.

Can You Delete An Already Sent Message On Your iPhone ?

If you are in a situation where you mistakenly sent a wrong message to another iPhone user through the iMessage app, you cannot delete it even if the receiver has not opened and read it yet. Once the message has been successfully delivered, it is not going to be removed for the receiver. It does not matter if you have deleted from your iPhone.

The only thing an iPhone user can try is message unsending and this is possible by following the steps going to share with you.  

These are the steps involved to unsend the message.

  • Just try to send any type of message voice, image or text through iMessage app.
  • Observe the state of message, has the message been delivered or it is being delivered to the recipient on iPhone.
  • It takes few seconds to deliver the message, you can perform an action to stop the same message from being delivered.
  •  Go to the Airplane mode in settings and turn it on as soon as possible.
  • Now come back and check the status of your message, it will show that “Not Delivered” because internet connection was lost.
  • You can tap and hold that message for having the delete option in the list.
  • Delete the message which you want to delete and its all good to go.
  • Done!

How To Unsend Messages On iPhone / iOS 14 ?

The senior management of Apple Company always believes in keep improving over the time and also provides better user experience on its latest version of iOS. Though, iOS 13 does not support a feature in which a sent message could be deleted from both sender and receiver sides.

There are rumors that iOS 14 will have this feature which enables the user to delete the message which already have been delivered. This is also the most demanding feature by the loyal customers of iPhone, this unsend message feature is surely going to be introduced in iOS 14.

Does Any Such App Exist Which Can Delete The Already Delivered Message From Recipient Side ?

There are so many apps available on both platforms IOS and Android which enables the user to delete the sent message for the receiver so he/she cannot read it. Let’s take an example of WhatsApp in which user can delete the message for everyone even it has been sent.

Final Words

We can only use this technique to unsend the message and otherwise no official feature is available yet which can actually delete the message from receiver’s side. This desiring feature has been discussed in forums and users of iPhone demanding it. We can hope the introduction of this feature soon officially which enables all iPhone users to unsend the message even it was delivered.