How To Upload Multiple Photos On Instagram Account From Laptop / Personal Computer ? Complete Guide

Instagram is the most influential social media platform among all and it is used by celebrities, big businesses and entrepreneurs to promote themselves as individuals or their products to sell. Instagram has enabled start-ups and entrepreneurs to market their business idea within small investment and give tough time to big businesses in industry.

This platform has contributed into the success of many start-ups which have built themselves as an organization of hundreds of employees. Mostly potential buyers trust those brands having account on Instagram and platform like Facebook is way behind in providing a business marketing environment. All big celebrities enjoys the special fandom only on Instagram.

Mostly users are using Instagram app on their Android and IOS phones, but there is also a big audience who loves using Instagram on laptops or desktop computer. They often show concern and ask about how to upload multiple photos on Instagram from laptop or personal computer.

This article shares the complete information with all essential details about this topic and you would not require reading content from other sites after reading this one.

How To Upload Multiple Photos On Instagram From Laptop or Personal Computer ?  

There is a restriction on Instagram’s user for uploading more than one photo on Instagram from laptop or personal computer. This restriction is very annoying and sometimes frustrating for the user not able to manage uploading multiple photos at a time.

The good news is there are such third-party software available which enable the user to not upload multiple photos on Instagram but also stay cool on all social media platforms.

A Site to Upload Multiple Photos on Instagram from PC or Laptop

This tool is especially designed to allow the user managing all his/her social media platforms by using one tool and show the maximum engagement on own multiple accounts. This site also enables the user not to be restricted under Instagram policy and rather uploading multiple photos on Instagram account from PC or laptop.

Mostly users want this feature to experience high engagement from their followers on Instagram, more photos leads to more likes.

How to Start on ?

First of all, type, hit Enter and visit the site. Once you are on the main page, scroll down and you can see six plans on the page. You need to select the free one which is developed for those individuals who just want to save time.

Before you successfully choose the plan and start using the tool, you have to create an account by signing up and sharing required personal information, it’s the same information provided for creating email address.

Once you provide the all required information will be directed to next page. You will see a page like this on your screen.

You can see all social media platforms on the left side, choose the Instagram and then click the “Post” option to start posting multiple photos at the same time.

Before start posting the photos on your Instagram account, this tool requires you to link your Instagram account address with it. Do not worry, it is not something complicated but just have to perform one or two steps.

Go to the account manager option and get your Instagram account linked here.

In the linking process, you will be asked about sharing your account details just like we do while creating our email address. This tool is used by millions of users all over the world which shows their trust over this tool, so do not need to be worried about providing account details.

It’s third party software which saves your time and offers you better experience on Instagram. Otherwise, it is going to take so long uploading multiple photos on Instagram.

Once you have successfully shared details and linked your Instagram account, go back to the “Post” option and then you will see another option “Carousel” click it. This is point where you have enabled uploading multiple photos on Instagram at the same time.

File manager is an option which allows the user uploading photos from different sources including Cloud or Internal drive.

Once the photos have been uploaded and now you can write captions and also make some editing. After everything has been done, it’s time to click the post option and make all photos public on Instagram account.

So, what do you think was it difficult or easy to perform all these steps for passing over the Instagram restrictions and uploading the multiple photos simultaneously? It’s just requiring you to create account, apply the linking procedure and start uploading photos.    

You can upload photos from Macbook, tablet, PC or laptops.

Why is So Successful ?

This tool offers video & image editors, cloud import option, different types of file support, can uploading up to 4000MB max file size and many more. It keeps you active in many platforms like YouTube, Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram. This tool also helps in generating the sales leads and enhances the brand identity.

This tool is widely used by Instagram users who find it very helpful and time-saving. Since Instagram has been enjoying highest number of active users and thousands and millions of new brands joining it for business promotion, they find this software productive which helps them in business promotion and overall social media accounts management.

The customer support of is available 24 hours and 7 days in a week.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the frequently asked questions by visitors which needs to be answered in the following.

Can We Upload Multiple Photos on Our Instagram Story ?

You cannot upload multiple photos on your Instagram story using laptop or PC. To do this, is a site which enables you to add multiple Instagram stories at the same time.

How Can We Upload Multiple Photos on Instagram By Using Mac ?

Open the Instagram on your Mac, you will see the option “Multiple” below the preview area, click the “Multiple” option. It enables you to select all desired photos and videos from storage which you want to upload on your Insta. By using Carousel option can edit them as well.

Is Instagram Officially Allow Using Third-Party Software To Upload Multiple Photos ?

The straight answer is No, they do not allow its users using Instagram through these third-party tools. This is not consistent with their terms & conditions which they have also provided on site. But, still millions of users are using these successful apps without any harm to their accounts. It seems like Instagram has nothing strictly against these tools so far.

How Users Review About These Third-Party Tools ?

Mostly users are fully satisfied with all such tools helping them in managing social media accounts and saving time. They are also using its paid version which shows their willingness and satisfaction with the effectiveness of software like and similar others.

Its users believe that it actually helps them in getting the maximum social media reach and enhance the brand identity. These tools also offer time-effectiveness which we all value in modern time.

Final Words               

If you are a regular user of Instagram who needs to be uploading multiple photos on daily basis, its free version can rescue you from big frustration. Instagram is the most effective single platform used for decent business promotion and can get you good clients to enjoy business growth.

Photos uploading and Instagram Stories are two ways for interacting with the followers; this tool helps you a lot in this and saves your time. Though, you can upload multiple photos from phone but it also enables you to do the same from laptop as well. Uploading multiple photos on Instagram sounds difficult but it’s not.

It does not require any complicated process but just ask you to create free account and link your Instagram account with this tool. All it will take your two minutes and you will be done.