How To Use A Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360 ? Complete Guide

People often ask what to do with own old laptop, there are many things we can but a best one gamer can do is to connect the gaming console like Xbox 360 with that old laptop and use its screen for playing games. Sometimes, family watching a show on the television and you as a gamer cannot wait to make them finish watching the content. Then, the only viable option would be connecting the console with laptop and use it as a monitor.

You most probably do not know that how to connect them with each other, then you can enjoy all your favorite Xbox or PlayStation collection on the small screen.

A gamer can definitely enjoy the portability and can move anywhere they want because a laptop is more portable than big sized LED.

How To Use A Laptop As A Monitor For Xbox 360 ?

You just need to follow these steps in order to get your Xbox 360 connected with laptop.

Connecting Xbox with Laptop through HDMI

HDMI cable provides the best solution to establish the connection between Xbox and laptop. Most of the times both devices comes with the HDMI cable and you will not have to buy the new one.

  • All the applications must be closed on both laptop and Xbox 360 before try to connect them.
  • Bring together your Xbox 360, laptop and HDMI cable in one place. A laptop must be having HDMI port to receive the HDMI input. This input connection is critical to get both devices connected with each other.
  • Now, check carefully the input and output side of HDMI cable. The output switch will be plugged into Xbox 360 console and input side connects with laptop. Xbox sends the input and transfers the data through the HDMI; laptop receives and shows the output.
  • Both devices will be started sending and receiving inputs and outputs in a pattern. Go to the display settings where you need to switch it to Xbox display. Laptop will start be displaying the Xbox Home on its screen.
  • When user cannot see the Xbox display on laptop which means both devices have been failed to recognized each other.
  • Do not worry, user needs to perform reboot on both devices and after restart, laptop and Xbox 360 will be successfully connected.

This is the easiest technique to enjoy the Xbox 360 games on laptop’s screen through establishing the connection with HDMI cable. If you still have an issue such as laptop has no HDMI input port or you do not have HDMI cable at all, then we can also help you in this situation.

Just follow these steps.

How To Connect Xbox and Laptop Without HDMI ?

You must be wondering how a laptop can be used as a monitor for Xbox 360 device, when there is no HDMI input port on it. The thing is one can do this even without HDMI cable.


Ethernet is such a technology which connects the two devices by establishing a network. User can also establish the wireless connection between laptop and Xbox 360 through the Ethernet cable, but there are two conditions to make it possible. A laptop must have Wi-Fi connection to get the internet and also using the Windows 10.

  • Download the Xbox app.
  • Go to the Xbox live and enter your login details to get into. If you have not created your Xbox account yet, try to create one and then login.
  • You can find a “Connection” button on your laptop screen; it will be on the left bottom of the screen.
  • That button needs to be clicked and it will get the both devices be connected with each other on the same network. Now, you can start the game on Xbox 360 and play it on your laptop screen. It will run the video source from console and laptop will be using as monitor.

This is very easy technique to apply and should not be an issue even for the user with basic knowledge. You need to make sure download the Xbox app on your laptop installed with Windows 10.

Go to the homepage of Xbox app, there is a connect button on its left side. User needs to click it and it will appear the list, select your console and tap to connect. The moment you hit the connect button, it will start be displaying Xbox on your laptop screen.

This Xbox app will help you a lot in easy connectivity between laptop and Xbox 360 console. You just need to make sure one thing, laptop is installed with Windows 10.

USB HDMI Adapter

This is the second alternate for the one whose laptop comes without HDMI input port. You can instead use USB HDMI adapter which will help your laptop to receive the input from Xbox 360.

Video Capture Card

Video capture card is another technique to stream and enjoy the Xbox gaming on laptop screen using it as monitor. Though, it can catch some lagging issues and will not offer better gaming experience.

Can We Also Connect Xbox One With the Laptop To Use it As a Monitor ?

Laptops will always be used as a monitor for gaming consoles. Though, specifications matters a lot and going to affect the performance.

Laptops will also be more productive and efficient in a way as it is not always possible to have unoccupied big-sized LED available in any room and rather everyone has already occupied them. Therefore, your own laptop would be the best option left most of the times. A player can stream Xbox One games on laptop screen but must be having required specifications and get Xbox One gaming laptop setup

The Pros and Cons of Using Laptop Screen as Monitor ?

Players find certain Pros and Cons in this case, discussed in the following.

Portability as Pro

Player can take own laptop and Xbox at any warm comfortable corner to enjoy the favorite game at its most, same not possible with big-sized television. It is not even easy to move the big screen from one room to other, whereas with laptop will only have to find the perfect corner.

Cheap as Pro

No need to buy the dedicated gaming monitor but use own old laptop, which otherwise you would have scrapped it.

Missing the Fun of Big Screen as Con

The players are definitely not going to enjoy their own Xbox 360 games on a laptop small screen because the big screen is always fun for gamer.

Final Words

These techniques are going to be helpful connecting any other gaming console with laptop and not just specifically Xbox 360. User needs to ensure installing Xbox app on its Windows 10 , then they can easily use the laptop as monitor for playing Xbox 360 games on it.

Ethernet Connection and USB HDMI Adapter are two best alternatives for the laptops come without HDMI input port.

We hope enjoyed the article and was helpful about how to use a laptop as a monitor for Xbox 360? You can also read our other informative articles.