How To Use Snapchat On Windows With and Without Bluestacks ? Complete Guide

Snapchat is very addictive social media platform which came into existence in 2010 and introduced as an instant messaging app on Android and iOS. This was the beginning of Smartphone era and people were crazy using such addictive apps on their devices. These days multiple emulators available which can run Android-based apps on Windows even the app was never designed for any other operating system. Bluestacks is the most popular emulator among the all other available.

Technology can make everything possible for you and same happened in this case. Open-source Android project helped us developing Android emulators for using such apps available on other platforms like Snapchat.

We are going to share with you how to use Snapchat on Windows 10 without and with Bluestacks.

How To Use Snapchat on Windows By Using Bluestacks ?

Bluestacks is the most popular platform for using almost all Android applications on Windows OS and enjoy them on big screen with different experience. Many YouTubers and bloggers promoted Blusestack as first choice among other android emulators available in online market.

Installing and using Snapchat app only on Bluestacks will not consume much resource of your system, otherwise using multiple apps does.

Let us share with you all the steps involved in downloading Bluestacks and then using Snapchat on it.

  • Visit the website of BlueSacks, where its latest version will be available to download.

  • Once the downloading has been completed, install the BlueSacks on internal storage. It will take around 1GB space, so make sure having enough space to avoid cancelation of downloading when it completes 99% downloading.
  • When you open it, requires to provide your login and then allows you to enter this android emulator.
  • User needs to type “Snapchat” on the search bar.
  • It will appear the Snapchat app to Install, just do it and will be able to use Snapchat on PC or laptop.

Bluestacks is a resource consuming application on Windows and requires decent specifications to offer better user experience without any single lag. You must read the all required specifications of Bluestacks before downloading; it would be wastage of data if it has higher system requirements which your system cannot handle.

How To Use Snapchat on Windows Without Bluestacks ?

The reason mostly users would not go with Bluestacks because this is an Android emulator which can only be run on high-end laptops or PC. It consumes lots of battery, RAM and processor because all Android apps were actually designed to be run on Google OS which is a unique design as compared to Windows OS.

When user starts using those apps designed for unique OS, it puts great pressure on hardware and demands big amount of consumption.

User needs to take following steps to use Snapchat on Windows without Bluesacks.

  • Launch Nox app player, user needs to drag its file and drop it into the emulator, and then it will start the installation. User can also use APK file for installing the Nox app player.
  • You can also provide your Google details and sign-in to Play Store, where can manually download Snapchat conveniently.
  • Once installation has been completed, user can easily launch and use the Snapchat on laptop or PC.

Google operating system is very sophisticatedly designed which can run heavy apps by using small amount of RAM and processor power, these sophistications creates hurdles Android-apps to be run smoothly on other operating systems like Windows.

How Can We Use Snapchat on Mac or Macbook ?

macOS is also unique in its own features and definitely having contradiction in design comparing to Android OS. Since Nox App is available on both platforms Windows & macOS, user can also run Snapchat on macOS by following the same steps involved for Windows OS.

Final Words

There are more than two Android-based emulators but we only discussed two, Bluestacks and NoxPlayer. These two can help the user in using addictive app like Snapchat on Windows which otherwise not available on this platform.

These emulator requires high-end specifications laptop and it is a bad idea to run it on older laptops or PCs.