How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max ? Complete Guide

We will definitely answer the question How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max ?

There are kind of users who requires brighter laptop screen than normal level because they more use it in sunlight somewhere outside may be at a construction project. There are also users who loves brighter screen to enjoy content like Shows on Netlfix or YouTube videos.

Therefore, we are going to share some techniques which will be helpful a lot in increasing the brightness level of the laptop screen to the point where it meets your dopamine.

We will also be answering these questions in the article, such as what version of Windows offers a feature that allows making the laptop’s screen brighter than max and how can we perform this function easily, all will be discussed in the following.

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Complete guide over how to adjust screen brightness level ?

There is quite a possibility of seeing dull images on screen while brightness level has already been maxed out. Users cannot enjoy the video streaming in dark colors and rather want vibrant screen, here you can apply some techniques which will help you to make the screen brighter and vivid, then user will not only able to enjoy the content but also able to read the words and paragraphs properly.

User can apply this technique manually as well as take help from apps available which serves the same purpose.

First of all, you need to find out the key on keyboard used for increasing or decreasing the level of brightness, it comes with the icon looks like sun. It is mostly placed with the Esc key on different brands of laptops. User needs to make sure brightness is maxed out by pressing the required key.

There is another way for a user adjusting the brightness level, this is only available on Windows 10. Go to the Action Center, where you can see a slider that allows the user to adjust the brightness level easily.

The MacBook users can do the same by clicking on System Menu, then select the Apple Menu option where can adjust the level of brightness.

If the user still wants to increase the level of brightness, there is also a brightness level on monitor which can be adjusted.

How to adjust screen brightness through monitor with Windows 10 installed ?  

Monitor comes with the separate panel which holds different buttons and one of them is brightness button. User can go to the menu by pressing its main button and there they can adjust the monitor’s brightness level which is separate from the one mentioned above.

It is advised to keep both brightness options at maximum level to enjoy the most vibrant screen while streaming videos or reading content.

How can Android / iOS / MacBook based-apps help in making screen brighter than max ?

There are such apps available designed to make screen more vibrant and colorful. There are many but two enjoys the more popularity in this category, f.lux and Lemin App with CF. These apps comes with different functions and customization options, also allows change the screen colors and increase brightness level from its original limit.

These apps will definitely help you in increasing the screen brightness from its maximum level, which enhances the watching experience for the user.

The “Brightness Slider” is a recommendable app for the MacBook users, this app will perform the same function discussing about. This app allows the user to further increase the brightness level and change the screen dimensions which suits the user most. It introduces the natural colors which looks good to the eyes and also not harmful.

How to use “Calibration Wizard” function on Windows 10 for maximizing the screen brightness ? 

If you are using Windows 10 version, then you can try “Calibration Wizard” function which allows user performing color management, try different display mods and make screen more vibrant. User needs to take following steps.

  • Go to the settings, then select System option and then Display option.
  • Find the option of “Advanced Display Setting” and click it.
  • You can see a menu here, need to click “Color Management” option, it will show another video.
  • There will be an option “Advanced Tab” on the bottom, which needs to be clicked. Then, you will see “Display Calibration” option, click it. This allows the user to adjust the level of screen’s brightness.

How can we perform same function on Desktop Monitor ?

If you work on desktop monitor and using Windows 10 version, then can definitely adjust the colors and brightness by using this function “Display Calibration”, needs to take following steps.

  • Go to the Settings, then select the option “Systems”, then go to the Display, then choose the “Advanced Display Settings”, then go to the Adapter properties.
  • You will find out the option “Calibrate Display” under color management button.

The same procedure applies on every brand of monitor and needs to follow same steps. As far as MacBook is concerned, you need to take following steps.

  • Go to the System Preferences, then select the Display option, then select the Color and then go to the Calibrate. This is where user can easily adjust the brightness level with profound approach.

How can user turn the automatic brightness option On and Off ?

Automatic brightness adjustment is an option which applies artificial intelligence and set the brightness level according to the environment. We can turn it off and on by taking following steps.

  • Go to the Control Panel, then select the option “Hardware and Sound”, then go to the “Power Option”.
  • Now go to the Display Panel and then go to the Change Plan Setting.
  • Here, you can use the slider to decrease or increase the level of brightness and can also turn automatic brightness feature off and on.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

We are going to answer the most frequently asked questions by the visitors.

How to make laptop screen brighter than max on Windows 7 ?

User needs to go directly on Control Panel, then go to the “Hardware and Sound” and then go to the “Power Options”. This is where a user can make the screen brighter and apply the settings according to the own requirements.

What combination of keys make the laptop screen brighter ?

User can easily adjust the brightness level by using combination of keys. It needs to press and hold Fn key then press upward arrow to increase the brightness as per own choice. It is very easy to perform using these two keys instead of going to the Control Panel and then into its other programs further.

Why is my Laptop Screen Dark ?

The simple and straight answer to this question is a broken panel, any part of the screen panel is broken inside which creates disturbances and causes a dark display on the laptop screen, you may need to repair or buy the new panel.

Can we actually change settings and make the laptop screen brighter ?

First of all, it is important to understand there is no such thing as the maximum level of screen brightness, brightness can be increased till the point image becomes unclear but then there is no use of such settings to make screen brighter.

The apps suggested above can definitely increase the level of brightness from its max level but it may not enhance the image quality for the better user experience.

How Can f.lux software helps in Brightening the Screen?

f.lux is a software available on Windows 10 and also its app for Android and iOS users. This software helps the laptop user to automatically or manually adjust the screen brightness level according to the daylight or room light at night. It makes the screen brighter in daylight so that users can clearly see the things on the screen.

f.lux software and app is definitely useful to make laptop screen brighter and vivid to enjoy streaming videos or for performing the task.

Final Words  

We suggested you two apps f.lux and Lemin App with CF which can help you increasing the brightness level of your laptop screen from its maximum point. This feature may help you enjoying better watching experience while sitting outside in sunlight.

These apps can add up few more level of brightness but still having limitations. Such apps are also useful for adjusting overall screen colors, vibrancy and sharpness according to the environment. User can choose automatic setting feature which allows app to adjust everything which provides best screen experience. After all, watching Netflix on brighter screen multiplies the positive user experience.

We hope, that this article helped you in answering the question How To Make Laptop Screen Brighter Than Max and recommended apps will also be helpful in adjusting the brightness, sharpness and improve the screen quality.