What Is Monitor Ghosting Issue and How To Fix It? Complete Guide

We are definitely going to discuss about Monitor Ghosting and how to fix this issue. We will also try to provide best and useful information about this issue which will help you to understand why such issue occurs on the monitor and how can we avoid monitor ghosting in future?

A gamer often complain about this and it ruins the all gaming experience as it starts occurring on the screen.

Monitor ghosting occurs while playing a game which involves extremely fast moving objects or scenes in a movie. It makes the images look blurring and vague which also causes the gamer to be confused while gaming.

Let’s discuss about monitor ghosting in detail and find the solution to fix it forever.

What is Monitor Ghosting and How Can We Fix This ?

Ghosting occurs when an image of object shows up as a trail of multiple pixels behind the same object which is moving very fast. It shows the motion in blur mode. The same issue occurs with slowly moving objects but it is less noticeable with slow motion and usually gamer does not affect with this.    

Most of the times image or graphic ghosting issue occurs while playing first-person-shooting and third-person-shooting games. Every game which involves fast moving objects are more likely to encounter this problem.

However, you should not be worried about monitor ghosting in a way as it does not affect the monitor display (Hardware). Whereas, image retention is another kind of issue which actually affects the hardware.

But, it is also about better gaming experience which a gamer wants the most and image ghosting is hurting them most and ruining their level of passion for games. They want to know how to fix this issue on their gaming monitor, so they do not have to suffer in future.

What Reasons Involved in Monitor Ghosting ?

It involves multiple reasons which can encounter you a Monitor Ghosting problem. You need to know all those reasons which causes this issue. First of all, it can be a broken or faulty monitor cable which is unable to transmit the power without interruption.

The second reason might be un-optimized monitor settings as game graphic requirements are exceeding the monitor current settings which should have been optimized in first stage.

The third reason which could be creating monitor ghosting issue is other devices interfering and weakening the connection between monitor and other hardware including processor.

This is an issue where monitor is giving slow response relative to the all movements taking place on screen. It is also likely to be an issue with VA panel installed in the LCD monitor types, a weak VA panel is unable to respond the all movements at the required pace.

However, we cannot simply assume every gaming monitor comes with faulty VA panels which causing ghosting issues; there might be other reasons involved in this issue.

How To Fix An Issue of Monitor Ghosting ?

Now, let’s talk about its solution and fixing process. We have to fix it as a gamer or movie enthusiastic as ruining our fun time.

Here we go, if your monitor has not been physically damaged like serious burn, broken from somewhere or any physical damage. Then you are most likely to resolve the issue on your own and no need to acquire the services of any technician or computer expert.

You can try and apply one of the following methods to fix the monitor ghosting


Apply the Ghosting Test

User needs to try this tool “Blur Busters UFO Motion Test” where you can apply the test and see if something wrong with your monitor which makes user suffer from image ghosting.

This tool provides you the result in four categories Frame Rate, Refresh Rate, Pixels Per Frame and Pixels Per Second. This information is very important for the one who possess this knowledge in-depth and understands what frame rate translates as good performance of a monitor.

When stay on a site for few seconds, it will give you green signal which means having no issues. However, if you are having issues in any of these four categories, it will show you what issues needs to fix and also make suggestions.

Turn-On the Overdrive Function

Once, you have discovered that something wrong with your monitor which causing ghosting issues, user needs to turn-on device’s overdrive function in first place. You may not able to find overdrive function with same term as different manufacturers uses different names. HP’s monitors come with the same term and enable the user to turn it on from off.

In order to turn this function on, you need to apply two steps given in the following.

  • There is on-screen display menu on your monitor, access it.
  • Once you have entered the menu, turn-on the overdrive function.
  • Once you have turned this function on, you can change the level of overdrive at point where having required refresh rate on monitor.
  • It allows you to apply preferred settings and enjoy optimal performance, it eliminates the monitor ghosting issues.

All those gaming monitors having AMD FreeSync or NVIDIA Sync technology comes with overdrive function which is already turned-on since its manufacturing date. Though, it allows the user to make manual adjustments according to own requirements.

Check Cables and All Connected Devices

A faulty cable may also be causing ghosting issues which needs to be replaced with the new one. User needs to manually inspect the cable by running fingers all over the wire from starting to end point to check if it is broken from some area. A faulty cable leads to overheating issues in computer and it reduces the refresh rate of the monitor screen.

You can buy a new cable and replace it with the old one to see if this change increases the refresh rate and also make you free from ghosting issues.

You will also have to make sure that this monitor ghosting is not the result of other devices connected to your PC. Any hardware / technology with or without wire can cause this issue with your monitor including wireless headphones, speakers, printer and others.

Mostly, it happens because these devices are placed so close to your monitor which causing deterioration of refresh rate to the level which ultimately leads to monitor ghosting. User needs to keep these devices away from monitor to get rid of this problem.

Install Latest / Updated Graphic Card Drivers

A hard core gamer exactly knows the significance of having updated graphic card driver installed on system to enjoy better gaming experience. If a gamer is not used to be keeping the drivers updated can have such issues while gaming. This can most likely be resulting as compatibility issue which further leads to ghosting problem.

It is advised to stay updated with all drivers to enjoy the boost in overall performance and avoid all such issues.

 Check and Inspect Monitor Video Port

After inspecting the faulty cable, connected devices, updated driver of graphic card and yet not found an issue in all these areas. Then, It is most likely an issue with your monitor’s video port.

Once you have been confirmed about something wrong with video port which reduces the frame rate and creating disturbances, then have to acquire professional services instead trying on your own. If its warranty is still valid, then send it to the official customer service to repair it.

Otherwise, you have to go to the computer repair where an expert can repair the faulty video port to fix the issue. If the problem is beyond fixing, then you have no other option except buying a new one.

Adjust / Change Monitor Settings  

It is possible nothing physically wrong with your monitor and it is just a matter of monitor settings. To change its setting may eliminate the all ghosting issues.

User needs to apply some trial and test with these settings which names are Perfect Clear, Motion Smoothing and Noise Reduction. Any wrong setting in one of these sections has potential to lead for monitor ghosting issues, try to apply different settings and test if any specific one can eliminate monitor ghosting.

It’s a technique which can definitely work because monitor settings have something significant to do with motion of graphics.

How to Differentiate Between Monitor Ghosting and Other Issues  

Once you have read through all possible factors which may cause monitor ghosting problem, now it is your job not to mix the other issues with ghosting ones.

There is quite possibility that your system is affected by virus or having hardware trouble or positioning issues, try to apply all knowledge you read above and learn to distinguish every issue from other.

We are going to share with you all those issues which can confuse you for monitor ghosting, try to fix it with different approach.

Motion Blur

Motion blur is not an issue but it occurs with the primary purpose that it makes a low frame rate bearable for the gamer. It reduces the all sharp details which play with the gamer mind and player can perceive it as static image. Therefore, Motion blur was a technique developed for systems which do not allow high frame rates.

Image Retention

When your LCD or LED is broken from somewhere which is causing faded image on specific area of screen, this issue is not related to ghosting but something else.


It happens when screen get stuck with fixed images displaying for extended periods which also affects the panel and its performance. This is the case mostly occurs on old LCDs and LEDs. We also cannot associate this issue with monitor ghosting and both needs to be separately recognized.

Final Words

It is for sure that once you get through the all information shared above, you will be enough knowledgeable to understand what actually monitor ghosting is and what factors are involved which causes this issue. You can find the problem and also fix it on your own without any help of expert or professional.

This article also educates you about that not every graphic frame related issue is monitor ghosting and it can be a different issue which needs to resolve with other approach. It was important to mention here because often users spend most of their time on fixing the issue with recognizing what actual problem is.

We also shared with you the top performing tool available on website which performs the test and shows you the result on your frame per second performance. It also gives an opinion about if your monitor is going through any ghosting issues or not. You can visit the site and use the tool on regular basis to keep the close check.