We are living in a digital era where we are having big dependence upon machines to enhance the productivity and one of the most critical machines is our laptop. It’s quite understandable when a user comes across laptop freezing issue which can make the whole day un-productive and also raise a threat to lose the client. It has been experienced mostly in HP laptops, though other brands of laptops also have freezing issues.

Laptop freezing issue has been experienced by the users mostly on HP laptops. Though, this issue also occurs on other brands of laptops as well. Its symptoms are including mouse cursor stops moving, Windows shows no output against any input and user is unable to perform any action.

Laptop freezing issue may occur due to several reasons such as low memory, installing corrupt software, virus in downloaded file and many more. It is very frustrating for the user who has to meet the deadline and else may lose a client or project.

The good news is, its solution is available and we can fix this issue by applying one of the multiple solutions going to be discussed in the following.

You are advised to follow the methods mentioned in the following.

What To Do When HP Laptop Starts Freezing and Stop Responding ?

We have come up with multiple solutions on this issue.

Restart – Best Solution

The very first solution is quite simple and easy, do not take simpler things easy as they mostly fix the problems. The same principal applies here when you are advised to just restart your laptop when it starts freezing and wasting your time.

A restart button makes the all things refreshed for the HP or other laptop to work smoothly. It happens with the laptops when they are being operational for longer hours. Though, this is not a permanent or professional solution for such laptops having freezing issues on regular basis.

Delete Temporary Files   

Temporary files may be defined as those files created by Windows to hold the data in temporary memory. Windows apply this function to run those applications which require more RAM than physically installed on the system.

These files need to be deleted or removed as they affect the system performance and also causes laptop freezing problem.

You can remove temporary files by taking following steps.

  • Type Run on search bar.
  • Type temp on Run bar and click OK button.
  • Select all temporary files and delete them.

You must repeat the same process two more times to make this sure all temporary files have been deleted.

Install and Use Antivirus

The laptop freezing issue might also be occurring due to an amount of virus has been penetrated into your system or some kind of malware. Viruses corrupt the software and lead to behave the all applications abnormally which further leads to laptop freezing issues.

 Antivirus software scans the all virus affected files and delete them after user’s permission. You are advised to install any easily available antivirus which can get you rid of all corrupted files and then your laptop will resume be functioning normally and no freezing issues.

One thing you need to make sure, always download the latest version of any antivirus software which comes with all latest updates.

Hardware Upgrade

If the user is performing heavy-duty tasks on a system having comparatively low RAM storage or old technology like HDD, can have laptop freezing issues. Technology has been upgrading quickly and latest version of software requires high-end hardware to be run smoothly, otherwise it disrupts the system.

Try to upgrade RAM in a way such as 8GB RAM from 4GB, DDR4 technology from DDR3 technology. Same goes with the internal storage, SSD technology is multiple times faster than HDD in retrieving the data and HDD cannot handle retrieving multiple files and rather freezes the laptop.

Processor also requires upgrading as it’s the brain which processes the data. If a user is working on complex logical software, cannot expect old generation processor to process this complicated data.

Software Upgrading

It is very critical to always install the latest updates of any software or even the Windows you are using; else software consumes more hardware power which ultimately leads to laptop freezing issue.

All latest updates whether it’s an update of high-end software or Windows an operating system, these improve the working efficiency and helps them consuming less processor and RAM power to be functional. Therefore, you are strongly recommended to install all updates and drives to avoid these laptop freezing problem.


Defragmentation of hard drive is a technique which applies the process that reduces the level of fragmentation. It re-organizes the all files in a way which improves the accessibility speed and data retrieving becomes faster without extending RAM. Therefore, user is advised to apply the defragmentation process on the hard drives.

  • Type “Defragment and Optimize Drivers”, click when it appears.
  • Click the optimize button to start defragmentation process.

Apply Re-Format Option

If the freezing issue still persists and methods mentioned above did not work for you, then you are left with last option which is apply re-format and run a complete disk clean up.

This option would help you in removing the all cache files which otherwise leads to slowing down system and if not removed in first place, starts freezing the laptop.

You can apply the re-format option on disk by following these steps.

  • Type “Disk CleanUp” on the search bar of the Windows.
  • Select the drive want to clean and press OK button.
  • In the next window, click the cleanup button and wait till disk cleaning process ends.

This cleanup process will take some time, it depends what amount of data is stored which will be removed in cleaning process from hard disk drive. Once the disk cleaning process has been completed, user needs to restart the laptop and then start using own laptop again like used to be with better performance.

Format the hard drive is the solution to apply in most critical situation. This is the last step which needs to be taken after trying all above methods but failed. This shows that the malware and virus cause freezing your laptop which is very serious threat to your system which requires disk formatting.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why my newly bought HP laptop keeps freezing ?

It is most probably because user is performing heavy-duty tasks on HP or any other brand laptop which its hardware does not support and in result starts freezing. It happens when hardware is not powerful enough to handle complex data to process. You can read above the all solutions we provided for this situation.

  • What to do when HP laptop starts freezing ?

It is important to understand why your laptop starts freezing and what the root cause behind this is. We have discussed in detail about each and every likely reason with solution also provided.

  • What causing my HP laptop Windows 10 freezing again and again ?

This is more likely a problem with your Windows 10 which may encounter unnecessary or corrupted files stored in your internal storage. User needs to use effective anti-virus software which can scan all malware affecting the performance of Windows 10.

These files mostly penetrate by visiting unauthorized sites or accepting something which user should never have accepted.

Why my HP laptop is suffering from over-heating issues ?

The simple answer is, it’s your fault and do not blame HP or any other brand which laptop you own.

Machinery requires maintenance just like a human body and we never take care of the following things.

  • Keep scanning and deleting affected files on daily basis.
  • Keep the laptop’s fan cleaned from the dust.
  • Do not play games on laptop without dedicated graphic card installed; it puts huge pressure on processor which reduces its efficiency.
  • Do not run such software which system requirements are way higher to your laptop’s specifications.

Final Words

We discussed all possible methods and solutions which can fix your laptop freezing issues and user can get rid of it. This issue also occurs due to our misuse or lack of knowledge; we as a user are also not good at maintaining the machines. A laptop requires regular maintenance and its proper usage will enhance its life.

We often want to run such software which does not meet our system specifications and puts extra load on processor which in result stuck the screen and freeze the system. Sometimes, multiple tasking on high-end applications also causes freezing issue.

 It is also advised go to the computer repair shop, if the freezing issue still persists after trying the all methods mentioned above.