How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Windows / Mac

Earbuds is definitely very useful invention which offers cord-free experience for enjoying the music or movie which enhances the quality of time spend on laptop. Headphone with wires is not comfortable for user while moving from here to there. Every user wants to enjoy the portable device from laptops to earbuds.

Galaxy buds are very much in demand these days and its user’s wants to know about how to connect galaxy buds to laptop or is it even possible?

Indeed, It is possible to connect your galaxy earbuds to laptop and then you can walk as you talk, you can do many other things than just listening.

How To Connect Galaxy Buds To Laptop Installed With Windows 10 ?

You need to follow the given steps below.

1. Go to the search bar and type “ Bluetooth “.

2. The screen will appear with the option “ Bluetooth and other devices settings ”, needs to click on this option.

3. Now, you need to turn on Bluetooth to get the earbud connected with.

4. Once the Bluetooth turns on, It will start be looking for nearby devices, select the galaxy earbuds from the list.

How To Unpair Galaxy Earbuds From Your Laptop Installed With Windows 10 ?

You need to follow the given steps below.

1. Go to the settings and then select the devices setting.

2. In the devices, select Bluetooth and other devices and click the option.

3. There will be Earbuds in the list, click it.

4. Select the option which allows you to unpair the earbuds from laptop.

How To Connect Galaxy Buds With MacBook Pro ?

You need to follow the given steps below.

1. Go to the settings and choose the System Preferences.

2. Select the option of Bluetooth.

3. You will see the Galaxy earbud in the list, click to connect.

Note: User need to turn Bluetooth off from your Samsung phone first, otherwise it will not show up on your computers found devices.

How To Unpair Permanently?

1. Go to the settings and choose the System Preferences.

2. Select and click the option Bluetooth.

3. Click the X next to the list for Earbuds.

It is very surprising fact that Galaxy earbuds can be connected to the Apple’s device, now a user can enjoy the high quality of Samsung made product while using MacBook Pro with better user interface. It enables the user not to be limited for the products of same brand and rather enjoy the little flexibility.

You do not have to buy an iPhone just to enjoy the earbuds experience while connecting them to MacBook Pro. Now, you can buy a Galaxy series phone and enjoy its high quality earbuds to listen the music from MacBook Pro.

Consider These Tips Before Connecting

You have to turn the Bluetooth off from your Samsung phone; otherwise earbuds are not going to be connected with MacBook Pro or any other series of Apple. This issue occurs because Apple and Samsung devices are not consistent with each other and breaks the configuration process.

Make sure buying the original earbuds of Samsung as lots of sellers selling fake earbuds as referring them original one. It is better to buy from official shop and dealer who enjoying good reputation in the market

You need to make sure turn down the volume before wearing earbuds, a loud voice can harm hearing ability and damage it permanently.

You should not be connecting and using earbuds for enjoying loud music while driving, many road accidents occurs because driver was listening the music and very much involved into it.

Samsung Galaxy Buds vs Apple AirPods

Let us share with you some interesting facts about how many units sold of earbuds by Apple and Samsung. Apple shipped around 60 million units and enjoyed 55% market share in 2019 alone. It is surprising to know that Xiaomi was the second largest earbuds seller and enjoyed 8.5% market share.

Samsung remained in the third position and shipped 7.4 million units in the year 2019 and enjoyed 6.9% market share.

It was Apple who introduced entirely new category of wireless earphone, those were very stylish and good to follow as fashion. They innovated the wireless earbud and then enjoyed the status of market leader.

The good thing about Samsung earbuds that user can charge it wirelessly from the phone. Its app offers more configurability to the Samsung’s user and its design also allows tight fit into the ear and remains you confident that they do not fall off. The best thing these are cheaper than Apple Airpods. It is also safe to say that Galaxy buds offer better sound quality than Airpods.

No doubt, Apple invented the new shape of earbuds but they have been following Samsung in this category in many areas.

Final Words

We have shared with you the method and all steps involved to connect galaxy buds to laptop for enjoying the music or movie. Galaxy buds can be connected to both Windows and MacBook Pro systems and its users can take the most advantage of this amazing device.