In-Depth Information About VoIP Technology – What is VoIP Caller ?

Do you people have heard about VoIP caller and exactly know what is VoIP caller technology ? It is one of the most trending services all over the world and we will discuss about this in detail in this article.

What is VoIP Caller?

It is a network technology used for calling someone on the phone using low amount of bandwidth which does not affect other internet users performing heavy bandwidth activities. For Instance, one internet user is communicating with someone using VoIP caller and other user would not be facing slow internet issues which mostly happens on WhatsApp and Skype.

It is also true that VoIP would not work while internet is down because it needs an access of internet anyway. This is not the case with landline telephones which remains functional even there is power outage.

By the end of 2020, the market worth of VoIP had reached $74 billion. According to the estimate, it is going to be reached at $145 billion in the end of 2024.

The question is does VoIP calls get displayed similar to normal phone calls which showing caller ID. The answer is “Yes” mostly, but some phones shows that its actually VoIP call.

What is VoIP Technology ?

VoIP technology uses the all components of system to make the most efficient calling experience using least amount of internet. These components include phones, servers and virtual connections that make it all possible.

However, VoIP technology does not include big infrastructure spending and it needs least amount of equipment to deliver its services. It is also better for the governments to establish the cheaper and efficient communication system without big budget.

Do you remember the phone poles which used to be used for maintaining the phone connections? Those were quite expensive to maintain and even the minor fault could result blocking the all calls. There are no such issues in VoIP calling system.

Basic Components of VoIP System ?

Though it depends upon the service provider, but typically VoIP system is based on the following components.

An Internet Connection

An Internet connection is the best and most efficient alternate of landline systems; it involves no wire but wireless technology and connectivity through signals. This system is more efficient comparing to traditional phone-line system and make VoIP technology more effective.

An Adapter

An adapter is an amazing technology used for converting telephone signals into digital signals. The VoIP performs its functions through an adapter and this is critical hardware. A good adapter consumes least bandwidth to connect the call on VoIP phones.

Input & Output System

Input & Output system is built-in devices like traditional telephone and latest Smartphone technology. If you want to use VoIP technology on PC / laptops, you have to buy a microphone for its input and speakers for output; headphone is best choice for both.


To use the VoIP system on any of these devices like Smartphone, tablet or laptop. You will have to install specific applications to efficiently make and receive VoIP calls on your device.

What is the Identification / Number Method of VoIP ?      

There is specific identity of VoIP numbers which allows it to make and receive calls using the network.

This system also allows the user to use same VoIP number on multiple devices like PC, personal phone and business Smartphone. A caller do not have to keep one device all the time to make call from same number.

Traditional numbers were based on the location to set the pre-code so according switchboard can work. VoIP numbers have the mechanism to based upon IP networks.

VoIP calls are not bound to have specific area code and its identification will remain the same in any city of the world.

What is Disposable Numbers in VoIP System ?

VoIP system offers the service in which there is disposable phone line and It is used for making secret calls, so that user can transfer some sensitive information which have to record to the authorities. This service is also called non-fixed VoIP numbers and great source of committing frauds.

It is also true that its sole purpose is not just making suspicious calls, rather mostly used for positive purpose to maintain the secrecy from bad people.

VoIP Static Numbers

There are also VoIP numbers which are static in nature and associated with specific physical location. This type of number is mostly used by business houses and individuals to use.

It does not mean user cannot move some other location to make & receive call, it just requires the user to inform the service provider with updated address and physical location.

These static and fixed location numbers have potential to become a perfect alternate of landlines, because they have similar pattern of virtual infrastructure.

To avail the facility of VoIP calls has to associate with physical address, it has several advantages. This address will also be recorded with other services like 911 and other emergency services. They can come to your doorstep when you make call from VoIP device.

Why Should I Be Using VoIP Number ?

One should be using VoIP number considering its numerous advantages over other traditional communication system. The first advantage is way cheaper and easy affordability to make calls. It consumes little amount of data even for long calls and its cost is very low comparing to maintain other traditional systems.

VoIP numbers offers great flexibility and enables its user to go with the same number anywhere they want.

This VoIP technology is very useful for people working in different areas or travel a lot, they do not want to keep the device all the time instead use the same number on different devices.

VoIP phones are advanced enough to use it for sending videos and audios file to other number through applications, similar to SIM technology.  

There is no tough match between landlines and VoIP because, VoIP offers multiple features at lower price comparing to landline only used for making & receiving calls at higher price.

As we shared the statistics of VoIP technology, it is soon going to replace the landline and more and more people are switching to this technology soon in future.

How Big User Base of VoIP Technology In U.S.A. ?

There is a big audience and users of VoIP technology in America; they have showed the full trust on this service over landline services. According to the statistics, there were total 118 million individuals and business users of VoIP service by the end of 2018.

This growth has been experiencing at more than 20% on annual basis which is shockingly surprising. In the end of 2010, the total user base of VoIP service was only 33 million.

No doubt, VoIP is the future of communication world and everybody wants flexibility in modern time. This service has created new challenges for legal authorities but they want to come up with regulatory solutions as it is more convenient for the users and authorities do not want to ban this.

Can We Find Out Who Owns Specific VoIP Number ?

It is very easy to find out who owns this VoIP number calling you and can do this by several methods.

One can simply use internet and perform basic research will be able to find out the true identify behind the VoIP number. But, you may have to adopt other little more complex methods to find out true identify for the number whose owner hiding identity.

Search By Number

The VoIP number itself contains much information and one needs to enter the number on search bar. This will quickly get the required result and all information about the real owner of VoIP number. It is also going to inform you about the legal status, whether it is scam or legally registered number.

If the results do not show up on entering the number and does not provide name & address. It means owner is very clever and intentionally harassing you on VoIP calls.

Contact Own Service Provider 

You may have limited access to the information about one calling you from VoIP number; your service provider is most likely to have all details about the real owner including name, address and other personal information.

All you have to do is provide all information you have about the VoIP caller such as number, displayed fake name, calling time and duration of calling. The service provider will use all this information to reveal the true identity for you.

This is only possible if that person having fixed-connection and has registered IP address. If he/she is using fake IP through VPN service, it definitely means caller is a big scam and harasser.

Is Tracing of VoIP Call Possible ?

The tracing of VoIP calls is very much possible even the call has ended. Authorities can find all the caller information from server and get the enough required information.

It is only possible for law enforcement agencies to have an access on servers and obtain the all required information to get the true identity behind VoIP number. User is suggested to contact them and provide such information such as VoIP number and the time when received the call.

These official authorities enjoys more power and resources, they can get the true identify even one calling from non-fixed IP addresses.

Types of Callers on VoIP Service ?

There are different types of VoIP caller who connects to you and then response accordingly.

First of all, this can be an automated call where there is robot on other side, it would be a public message call or anyone wants to prank the people.

There are sometimes VoIP calls that want to conduct the survey and ask people for answering the questions. It is totally up to the user who wants to take it or reject it.

  • Friends / Family

There is normally friends and family members who contacts you on VoIP service, it is same as other services.

  • Spam Calls

They offer you something which is totally spam and throwing a fake deal with fraudulent intention. The only good and viable solution is blocking the call to avoid it next time.

It would only block the one number and a spammer can use different VoIP number for calling again in future.

  • Legitimate Calls

There is quite possibility that VoIP call is legitimate, caller is a big company which wants to offer you a discount on product or calling for business promotion. They would be very professional and all you have to do is, asking them to get your number out of the list.

  • Political Campaign Calls

Political campaigns just want you to pick up and listen their automated message promoting their party agenda and mandate. User is most likely to take such calls near the elections and can easily reject them instead listen complete message.

  • NGO’s Calling

There are several charity and non-profit organizations which adopts this VoIP calling method to ask for charity on specific account numbers. They only contact their registered donors and members when they have a project to build. They also give you the option to stop calling for future and user can have it if want.

  • Banks / Insurance / Debt-Collector Calling

Banks / Insurance companies sends you a reminder want to be persistent until due payment is paid; this VoIP calling is best option for them. There may also be a scam call who is offering you something very lucrative.

Can We Call Back On VoIP Number ?

It depends whether the caller has fixed-connection or non-fixed connection.

One can definitely call back on VoIP number with fixed-connection and every legitimate user wants to receive calls as well. All users are with fixed-connection taking VoIP facility as normal traditional landline and opting this for enjoying its benefits.

Yes, calling back on a number with non-fixed connection is mostly quite difficult and sometimes impossible. They can disable their number soon after calling you, once the number is disabled cannot be tracking down. This technique is surely a heaven and safe mode for the scammers.

What Types of ID Owned By VoIP Caller ?

There are two types of identity owned by VoIP caller, the first one starts revealing on phone displays and second is contact information.

A company has been maintaining a record of all VoIP numbers with their names, company name is CNAM ( Calling Name ) and it provides you the caller name on the phone screen. This ID starts displaying after the first ring and before the second ring.

CNAM is not a centralized regulatory authority and it takes them much time to update the contact information of the user. One can request them to get someone information by providing caller ID, but they can’t provide this service in emergency.

It is still much more to explain about what is VoIP caller technology and can take benefit from.

Phone Based Identification

The phone-based identification enables the individual/company to alter the caller ID by assigning the real name of the user or any description according to his job status. When the VoIP caller receives the call, that altered information will be showing on the screen.

This feature is not automatic and rather requires you to send the request with complete information, so that you can receive the call with more meaningful information.

For Example, in big corporate where hundreds of employees working and do not remember each other with real names. Phone-based identification enables assigning the job status as name. For Instance, “Tech Support” calling would be easier to identify the caller instead of receiving the call from name.

How To Keep Yourself Protected From VoIP Fraud ?

FCC shares an excellent statistics which actually helps us understanding about how most of the times fraudulent activities occurs through VoIP calling.

According to the Statistics, answering the spam calls resulted as loss of $475 millions in single year, this stats shares only USA data. This shows that if we avoid the spam calls in first place can keep ourselves protected from any type of fraud on VoIP calls. A user with knowledge can avoid the all fraudulent attempts on his VoIP number.

One should know about what is VoIP caller technology and then get this service.

Caller ID vs IP Address

To track someone through caller ID is not a wise approach because he/she can register fake names with their service provider. Hiding behind the fake names is the best strategy for scammers and harassers.

To track through IP address is the right approach and telecom companies can easily perform this job. IP address is the original identity as compared to provided names on VoIP calls.

Caller ID Spoofing, Possible or Not ?

It is quite possible to spoof the caller ID and can make this possible through several ways. Though, it is not legal because deceiving the receiver.

It is illegal because the one receiving call is not aware with your true identity and confusing with your spoofed ID. It is mostly used for committing the fraud with someone, though people also make prank calls by using this technique.

Spoofing is only allowed in one case by the government. For Example, a business is using the toll-free number to display on the receiver screen, so that potential client can call you back for customer service. That toll-free number is not true number but for the user convenience, but government does not consider it spoofing.

Toll-free numbers are also for saving the customer’s money, so that they do not have to pay for calling back. This spoofing is quite acceptable as not did with wrong intention.

How Can We Distinguish VoIP Number From Traditional Phone Number ?

As we have already mentioned earlier, your service provider is going to be great help for you. All you have to do is provide complete information you have such as the time when call came from VoIP number, the displayed ID, the displayed name and when exactly call ended.

As we shared the statistics above, only in USA there were total 118 million users of VoIP service, individuals and businesses both, by the end of 2018.

What If Someone Claims From the Government?

VoIP calls have not been trusted that much and governments cannot use this service for official communication. It is never going to be a government choice in near future and one should never be trusting if someone claiming a government employee.

Its categories like non-fixed connection would not make the government choosing this method of communication.

Let the Unknown Numbers Un-Responded

You do not have to answer all unknown numbers and rather make some research on internet about the caller identity. Once it is revealed and caller is from your contacts, say your dentist or club admin can respond the call later. A genuine caller is definitely going to call you back.

The Most Successful Technique of Spammers on VoIP Calls

When you ask the caller to remove you from the list, the scammer is going to tell you that press specific buttons to get removed from our list. This claim is totally a lie and no one ever needs to press any button.

Spammers try this technique because they know other person is frustrated to get called for selling services and everyone wants to get removed from list.

Don’t Share Personal Information Unless ?

A spammer needs your financial information or any information can be used for blackmailing later. You do not need to share any personal information unless sure about the true identity of caller and knows personally.

People can easily spoof their identities as doctors, accountants, insurance companies and whatever they want. Do not trust them with their spoofing IDs and use own mind while speaking to them.  

You can ask them to call from traditional phone or mobile number, if they are honest, then will definitely call you.

Final Words

VoIP calls system is not based upon copper wires and actually using the broadband internet connection to make connect with the caller on other side. This technology has several advantages over the traditional phone line. It offers way lower cost communication comparing to traditional phone lines and easy accessibility.

Traditional phone services have been left far behind from VoIP technology which includes no infrastructure cost.

The same VoIP number can be connected with the multiple Smartphone which enhances its overall accessibility. Its user base has been increasing rapidly over the time, according to become $194 billion market by the end of 2024. This shows the potential of VoIP technology and its scalability in near future.

Its voice quality is clearer than traditional lines and no distortions because it does not connect through wires. It offers many productive features which cannot even imagine on traditional services and also enhances the team work. This article provides every useful information to get the user know about what is VoIP caller technology ?