iPhone Not Getting Notifications From Installed Apps – How To Fix the Issue On iOS 15 ?

Are you not getting the notifications on your iPhone or iPad, until you open the app? This is an issue experienced by millions of iPhone / iPad users and do not think happening only on your device. Many users have tried this technique in which they turning-off and on the notification option to get the notifications on time, but failed. It has also been noticed a change in iOS setting did not take place on time which is used to be bothering the users.

Let’s find out what the basic problem with iOS devices on the notification issue and how to fix it.

Reboot your iPad / iPhone

Even the most efficient and well-equipped device needs a break on short periodic basis. Devices like iPad / iPhone are used to be running high-end apps on daily basis and such complex functioning creates software related issues.

Though, Apple has installed highly sophisticated hardware on these devices which having huge performance capacity to keep running multiple apps without going to slow. But, even most advanced devices needs ten to fifteen minutes break to survive.

  • Go to the Settings, then go to General and perform Shut Down.
  • Snap the Shut Down bar to the right side.

Apple has not provided a restart option on its iOS software. However, user has to turn-off the device first and then turn-on back. You will notice most of the software-related issues have been resolved after this action.

Turn on Notifications Preview Option from your iPhone

Many iPhone users have registered their complains about cannot preview the notifications on iPhone. You are advised to check the settings, you may have disabled the preview feature mistakenly which not showing you the notifications preview. You can go to the Settings where can easily enable preview option on your iPhone / iPad devices.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Go to the Notifications from Settings.
  • Tap on “Show Previews”.
  •  User needs to choose ”Always” option, it will enable notifications preview.

Now, move back on the main screen and wait till new notification arrives. Go and check if you can see notification preview, if the problem still persist then try the next solution.

Turn on App Notification on iOS Device

You might have disabled the app notification due to being tired of having lots of notifications coming on your phone. Now, you are missing notifications on phone without realizing you disabled the option.

Let us share with you the steps involved in enabling the app notifications on iOS device.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Select the specific app which notifications you do not want to miss.
  • Tap on Notifications to continue.
  • Tap on Allow Notifications to start receiving the notifications.

You must be cautions in following these steps and do not try something else which can entirely change the settings not in your favor, keep the all rest settings on their default.

Enable App Lock Screen Notifications

Do you also want to see your notifications on the lock screen, but do not know whether it is possible or not? Apple offers its users wide range of customization option and it also enables the users to enjoy reading notifications even from lock screen. 

We are going to be sharing a method about how to enable lock screen app notifications, so you do not have to unlock the screen first and then go for reading the notifications.

Follow the below steps to enable app lock screen notifications.

  • Go to the Settings and select the required app, which notifications you want on lock screen.
  • Then, go to the Notifications.
  • Enable the notification for that specific app.
  • You can see three sources where can the notifications on, tap on “Lock “Screen.

Once you have followed the above steps and applied the settings, you can see all your app / apps notifications on lock screen. You can follow the same steps to see the notifications of other apps on lock screen. User can select more than one app to see its notifications.

Remove the Limit on Restricted Apps

iPhone / iPad users are also the kids and their parents wants to keep a check on them. Parents use Screen Time feature on Kids iOS devices to limit the usage of specific apps and once that limit is over, Kids will be unable to see the notifications and alerts from those apps.

Kids can perform following actions after the permission of parents.

  • Go to the Settings, then tap on Screen Time.
  • Can you see “App Limits”, tap on it.
  • Select the app.
  • Can you see “Edit List” option, tap on it.
  • Then, go to the Entertainment to view all apps.
  • Deselect the app which notifications you want to receive and currently not showing you.
  • User needs to tap on “Delete Limit” to delete the app limits.

Once you perform the above settings, you will always see the notifications from the apps which limits have been removed.

Use the Mobile Data Instead of Local Network

Millions of internet enjoying the internet facility by connected through the Wi-Fi, whereas local network have its own limitations and putting limits on iOS devices. It is better to switch into 3G  4G network service which is also more secure.

Perform the following actions for switching to mobile data.

  • Go to the Settings, then go to the Mobile Data.
  • Turn-on the Mobile Data, then select “Mobile Data Options”.
  • Now, choose between 3G or 4G whichever service available on your plan.
  • You must turn on VoLTE or LTE, if any of these options are available on your device.

You just have to wait for a while as iPhone / iPad needs some time in synchronize the apps, once the synchronize process has been completed; user will start be seeing notifications on the screen.

You might be wondering why iOS devices fails in showing notifications on local network. Mostly local networks put the limit on the total consumption of bandwidth used by each device, in response our devices automatically disables the app notification on iPhone / iPad devices.

Final Words

Every new version of iOS is more user-friendly and allows the user to take full control over the device including app notifications. It offers great customization options which enable the user to enable / disable app notification without going through complex procedure.