Is It Bad Using A Laptop While Charging ? Complete Guide

We all have heard about that using laptops while charging is harmful for its battery. In the busy routine and to stay productive, laptop users cannot wait for laptop to be fully charged and then start using it. Therefore, it is important to find out does it harm or not ?

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Is It Bad Using A Laptop While Charging ?

The short answer is Yes, it is harmful for laptops using them while they are being charged. It hurts the battery performance and life which any user requires most in own laptop. The detailed answer would be that it is not much harmful and gradually affects the battery performance over the long time.

There is no harm using laptop for ten to fifteen minutes while charging, but prolonged usage is definitely dangerous because it makes the battery suffer from stress. In the long run, this stress on continuous basis is going to diminish the battery life.

Is This Also Bad Using Laptop When it is Fully Charged ?

Latest laptops come with modern technology and they do not let the battery fully charged to protect it from over-charging. It is true that excessive battery charging damages its battery life and cycle. Old laptops used to be having out-dated technology and user had to be very careful with them because they required more care than the batteries in laptop these days.

These days’ laptops are coming with lithium-based batteries, those are over-charging issues proof. They never get hundred percent charged when user forgets plugging out the charger. It automatically cuts off the electricity supply before it could be fully charged.

Is This Not Bad Leaving Laptop Plugged-In All the Time ?

Though, lithium-based batteries disconnects the charging before it reaches 100% charging and user can take advantage of this modern technology. It’s still better to take care of such things and plugged-out the charger on time. Because, this will too put stress on the battery to continuously cutting off the supply when the battery charges reaches at 99% point.

What are the Consequences of Laptop That Overheats On Frequently Basis ?

There are two sources which lead the laptop to be over-heated. The first leads from fan issue, when laptop fan is not working properly and unable to ventilate the processing heat outside, it causes laptop over-heating and fan should be repaired.

The second source comes from over-charging of battery which over-heats the laptop and in result damages the battery charging capacity. When it receives a continuous supply of electricity, its charging cycle keeps on running and at certain point starts increasing the heat exposure which in result over-heats the laptop and also damages the battery life forever.

How To Fix an Over-heating Laptop Battery

Laptop battery starts over-heating when user more often forgets to un-plugged it from charging. Once it is over-heated and you want it to protect it from further over-heating. Try to remove it and keep the battery in a cool place where temperature is low.

User needs to keep it for couple of hours and then attach it back on the laptop. One should remember that performing heavy duty tasks also causes its over-heating and it is better to work in a room where temperature is cooler and otherwise user will be facing this issue on frequent basis.

How To Maintain and Improve Laptop’s Battery Life For Long-Term ?

The life and performance of laptop’s battery is going to decline over the time. Being a user, we can make most out of its battery through using properly as mentioned above. Over-charging has definitely adverse effects on battery because continuous flow of electricity also heats up the battery where all damaging starts from.

Can We Neutralize the Effect of Over-Charging Through Under-Charging ?

Mostly people think this way that they should keep the charger un-plugged from laptop as long as possible to neutralize the impact of over-charging. Actually, this is not the right approach to address this issue and not going to bring any improvement in the performance of laptop’s battery life.

In fact, reducing a frequency of laptop’s charging can keep the battery at depraved percentage all the time which also damages the battery’s performance and its life. When battery charging remains low on frequent basis, it is equally damaging for the battery as its over-charging. There is no doubt that keep the battery charged at good point is a difficult job for the user, because we always get engaged in the work so much that we do not remember about battery recharging.

How To Check Battery Performance

In mostly laptops, user can go to main settings or system preferences option where they can find a battery section to check its performance.

If you do not find it in the system preferences or settings where you can check battery performance, then there are other options as well which allows the user to improve the battery’s performance through applying the following features and techniques.


  • Unplugged-charger soon it is fully charged
  • Turn-on battery health mode
  • Windows performance power slider

Mac iOS

  • Enable power nap
  • Adjust the Display Settings

Removing the Background Apps

We have running multiple apps in the background which is also consuming the battery for no good. The more battery is being consumed, the more drastically its overall life is going to decline forever. Do not open and use extra tabs and windows and rather try to achieve minimalistic approach to improve the battery’s life.

Always use the one app at a time and do not engage yourself in multi-tasking unless you need it for work. When you follow this approach, it can also improve your quality user experience on laptop.

We do not realize that our all closed apps and programs are running in the background which also consumes our processing speed and reduces the operating efficiency. They also slow down our system and leads to worst user experience.

Therefore, you are advised always keep remember removing the apps from background for prolonged battery life and better user experience.

What is the Battery Health Mode Feature ?

Battery health mode conserves the battery drainage for its efficient usage only. This feature keeps the screen brightness minimized which also allows the user to enjoy better screen experience. This feature also keeps the blue-tooth turned-off when there is no use of it.

This battery health mode also gets automatically activated when battery reaches below 20% charging point. It also alerts the user to get ready for recharging the laptop before it shuts down the all apps.

The Best Time of Charging A Laptop ?  

There is no best time of charging a laptop in morning, afternoon or night, but best time is on the basis of certain charge level where it must be recharged without any further delaying.

Ideally, the laptop must keep recharging once it reaches at its half point means 50% of charging. Otherwise, its battery saving mode automatically starts at 20% charging and user must manage time to plug-in the charger. Moreover, keeping the battery at depraved percentage badly damages it and reduces its performance.

To avoid the battery over-charging and under-charging are the ways of enjoying better battery performance and no need to buy new one for couple of years.

Gaming While Charging A Laptop ?

It is better to keep the charger plugged-in and charging the laptop while gaming. The question raises here why it is better when using the laptop while charging is bad. Actually, gaming is the top activity on laptop which consumes the battery faster than any other activity.

When gaming drains battery so fast and it reaches at depraved percentages while gamer is busy in gaming without realizing laptop needs a recharge. This depraved situation of battery on continuous basis damages it more than over-charging. Most probably gamer would always be so engaged in gaming that he would not realize to keep it charged at good point.

Should We Be Using Laptop Without Battery ?

You may not know that there are older laptops which keeps charging and gets power supply without any battery attached. They just work like a desktop computer which consumes continuous flow of power and plugging-out the switch can turn it off in no time.

Removing the battery does not affect the processing power of laptop or nothing goes wrong with it. Users remove the battery when it is already dead or having some other issues. Once it is removed, laptop needs to be plugged-in all the time as long as you are working on it.

How Can You Use A Laptop Without the Battery

One should be taking due care for the safety of own laptop while using it without the battery. To ensure its safety, follow these rules.

  • Laptop must be turned-off and un-plugged while removing the battery. Otherwise, the electricity shock can damage the laptop as well as harms you.
  • Make sure you have high-quality electricity wiring and supply. Otherwise, unstable voltage and electrical supply can damage the laptop.
  • Do not loosely plug-in the switch which can be removed and sudden shock can also damage laptop.

Final Words

We discussed a lot about the issue that whether using the laptop while charging is bad or not and we came to know that it actually reduces the battery’s life and one should not be using the laptop while charging it.

It is also better to protect the laptop from being under-charged means at depraved percentage. It is also harmful when laptop charging stays below twenty percentages on frequently basis, so better get it charged before this point.