Why Is My Laptop Fan Making Loud Noises ? Complete Guide

Are you also facing an issue of suddenly laptop’s fan start making loud noises for no noticeable reason. If you also want to know why that is so and why your laptop fan is making noises then read the full article below which shares really valuable information.

Why My Laptop’s Fan Start Making Loud Noises ?

There may be various reasons behind your laptop’s fan making loud noises and mostly it happens when its processor is processing the data at high rate of speed which heats up the inside of laptop which makes fan moving faster to flow out the heat. When fan starts moving faster, this is the point where you hear loud noises.

Though, there are also several other reasons which may be causing this fan issue. We will discuss all and also share the information about how to prevent it, so that you can enjoy better user experience.

What a Loud Laptop Fan Indicates ?

Fan is one of the components in your laptop to perform its specific role. It is designed to keep the machine temperature cool which allows processor, ram and other hardware to stay functional effectively.

All laptops produces heat while processing the complex data and translates it into logical form, this processing releases the heat from hardware. Laptop fan is supposed to be throwing this heat outwards and keep temperature cooler.

When processor and ram releasing the heat and room temperature is also high, it makes the fan spin faster and causes loud noises. In case, the noise is too loud to bear it with normal hearing ability then this is a point of concern because it does not happen normally.  

One more thing, over-heating can also automatically shut down your laptop and this technique is called thermal check. Manufacturers have developed pre-set temperature technology that makes the laptop turns-off when it becomes so hot. This technique is developed to avoid hardware damage.

What are the Reasons For Laptop Fan Making Loud Noises ?

There is definitely something wrong with your laptop internally which causes these loud noises. Laptop fan starts making loud noises in a result of over-heating issues, in this approach five factors can be a main reason of fan loud noises and over-heating.

Software Issues

You may have installed a corrupted version of any software which running in never-ending loops and consuming more ram and processor than its original system requirements. This never-ending loop is spinning the processor faster and in result generates lots of heat which over-heats the laptop.

A corrupt version of software also keep running in the back even user has closed it down. All such software running in background consumes ram and processor which also makes the laptop overheated and in result its fan has to be working faster which cause its loud noises.

Corrupt or virus-infected software takes lots of system resources without in the knowledge of user. When laptop is running multiple software including the corrupt one, this puts too much pressure on the hardware and in result laptop gets over-heated, which means more work for laptop fan and in result it also starts making noises.

Photo and video editing related tasks are categorized as heavy-duties for laptop to perform which puts the stress on hardware. Therefore, you are advised not to be engaged in multi-tasking while performing photo-editing or video-editing.

Dirty Fan Covered with Layers of Dust

Mostly users do not realize that keeping the laptop and its fan clean is a regular performing duty. We have heard about those who have never cleaned their laptop once in its life. When fan is covered with layers of dust and it blocks its way in moving around. This make fan apply more force and here you hear those loud noises.

Secondly, there must be proper ventilation space left and else inadequate ventilation is going to over-heat the laptop which again in result demands more cooling from the fan and it has to be moving faster.

User should not be placing laptop on own lap or somewhere over the surface area such as pillow or flat table. It leaves no space for airflow coming out from the bottom of laptop where mostly ventilation area is designed. User should place it somewhere airflow can be released as it is supposed by manufacturers.

Hard Disk Failure

If there are grinding, whirring or clicking noises coming from the area where hard drive is installed which means your hard drive is soon going to be corrupted and you need to get secondary backup of all important files. This hard disk failure puts too much pressure on RAM which also affects the processor performance.

Here, again system starts working inefficiency which over-heats the laptop and again whole process repeats itself in which laptop fan has to be moving faster and at one point will start be making loud noises.


A Malware is a malicious software or type of virus which reduces the system efficiency of laptop. Malware causes the processor to max out on frequently basis and soon this issue starts over-heating the laptop.

Millions of laptop users have been affected by crypto-mining malware which were developed by Cybercriminals who wanted to consume your CPU power to mine crypto currencies. All types of virus which can be infected into your laptop can damage the efficiency of all its internal components which heats up the laptop in result.

To fight against malware and viruses, it is advised to buy the effective anti-virus and keep it in use on regular basis.

Outdated Drivers

Outdated drivers are a big liability for your laptop and one cannot expect to achieve system efficiency by using out-dated drivers. We also use updated version of all software falls in the category of photo-editing, organizing, task-management and others. All latest software comes with higher system requirements and demands its efficiency which outdated drivers cannot provide them.

Therefore, outdated drivers put pressure on hardware because these software drivers were in-efficiently designed comparing to its latest version. This puts more pressure on hardware which over-heats the laptop and in result fan loud noises issue.

How To Prevent Laptop Fan From Being So Loud

User must be very concerned about laptop situation after hearing loud noises from its fan and take some quick following actions to fix this issue and avoid any hardware damage.

Remove All Files Running In Background

As we have read earlier, when there is too much pressure on hardware then ultimately this is also going to put pressure on laptop fan. When user does not remove the closed files still running in background which is also consuming the system resource for no good use, this is where problem starts from.

If you are using Windows then can remove all background running files by performing these actions. Launch the Task Manager by pressing these three keys. Ctrl + Shift + Esc. On Windows 10, you need to press Ctrl + Alt + Del to launch Task Manager.

When it opens the task manager, then select and choose the all files running in background and click the option End Task. It will remove all your files running in background.

If you are using Mac, then it needs to go to the System Preferences, then go to the Users, then Startup and delete the all un-necessary files.

Keep Your Laptop Fan Clean

If there is no extra file running in background and everything else is also good. Then, there is something directly wrong with your laptop fan and probably covered with dirt and dust. All ventilation area may be covered by layers of dust and prevents the air from going outside to release the heat.

Ideally, user should keep cleaning own laptop every two weeks or month. Dust should be removed with soft fiber cloth which causes no damage to the fan and other internal components. In case, user does not pay attention towards it’s cleaning and keep it un-cleaned for long time. It will result as over-heating issues on continuous basis and then starts damaging the hardware.

Use High-Quality Cooling Pad

There is one more way to keep the laptop cool and enjoy the quality user experience. It is suggested to buy a high-quality cooling pad comes with good performing fans which keeps the laptop cooler even during fast processing.

It never lets the laptop catching the heat which enhances its hardware life and they perform better. A few bucks of cooling pad can save your hundreds of dollars machinery.

Now, these cooling pad also offers other useful features like in-built USB hubs, adjustable wind speeds and temperature sensors.

Cooling Pads are highly recommendable for those who performs heavy-duty tasks for extended time periods such as freelancers. To avoid keep the laptop under pressure all the time, use the high-quality cooling pads.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer most frequently asked questions in the following.

Is it Alarming If My Laptop Fan is Loud On Frequently Basis ?

Sometimes, loud laptop fan is not alarming but if it is making noises on frequently basis, then it should be your top concern. This loud fan is most probably causing because of the above mentioned reasons.

How Can I Prevent My Laptop From Making Loud Noises ?

You can perform several actions to prevent your laptop from being loud which also depends upon why it is making such noises.

  • Remove all un-necessary software running in background.
  • Keep the laptop fan clean.
  • Use high-quality cooling pads.
  • Make sure the ventilation area is not blocked.

How Can I Keep My Laptop Fan Quieter ?

You need to perform the following actions.

  • Always place your laptop properly which allows its proper heat ventilation from inside to outwards. Remove everything which prevents proper airflow.
  • Buy the expensive cooling pad which offers quality and offer value of money.
  • Replace the new laptop fan with the old one when its due.

What Objects Should I Be Using To Clean My Laptop ?

You can be using air-blower which pull dust from the fan and make it brand new once again. User can also use soft micro-fiber cloth which is un-harmful for internal components of the laptop.