Why Laptops Are More Expensive Than Desktops ? What Is Better Option For Gamers ?

Laptops and desktop computers are used for performing same kind of functions while using same applications and programs but why laptops are more expensive than desktops. This question is raised in our minds and often asked by the common user. Here, we will fully satisfy you by answering your question with all logics and details.

We also know that both laptops and desktops are using same brand of hardware with same specifications but why prices are not same. On average, desktop computers are 30%-35% cheaper than the laptops and this price difference is huge.

Let’s start discussing the factors which makes the laptop more expensive than desktops.

Why Laptops Are More Expensive than Desktops

These are the following factors which increases the cost of laptops comparing to desktops.

Higher Development Cost

Laptop is a compact machine comparing to desktops and allows the hardware limited space to fit into while also showing the excellent performance. It is more challenging for its hardware developers to develop such a sophisticated technology which works efficiently with its small size and also develop such hardware which having no over-heating issues.

Since, the development of laptop hardware is more complicated process and requires skilled workforce which increases its cost of production and so the price which makes laptops more expensive.

Extra Refinement

Few internal components of laptop are inter-connected on small size of motherboard which again requires skilled work considering the compact size of laptop. The circuit is designed as allowing little clearances which requires good work.


Its layout is very complicated to design in a way which allows all internal components to keep performing without suffering from overheating issues. To take care of performance and heating factor through effective design requires lots of technical work.

Highly Power Efficient CPUs

The processor is used in laptop is termed as a mobile processor. It is developed to be more power efficient while not compromising on the performance which again involves more complicated manufacturing process and lots of R&D.

Laptop has to be power efficient so battery can be long lasting to avoid recharging every short while. Laptop developers have to make the most efficient usage of limited space inside the laptop.

Complicated Cooling System in Laptop

A cooling system is designed to release the heat produced by processor and other components to keep the laptop cool and no overheating issues. Otherwise, overheating can damage the all internal components of laptop including processor, ram and motherboard.

It takes much effort to make heat efficient design and also assemble the fan inside laptop to keep ventilating the heat. Such a complicated design takes more time comparing to designing a cooling system in personal computer, more time is translated as higher cost.

Laptops Are More Expensive Than Desktops

Additional Cost of Battery

This is an entirely additional cost in laptop which desktop computers do not have it. Laptops come with battery used for conserving the enough power to make it run for several hours without the direct supply of electricity. Therefore, battery is an additional cost in laptop which does not add up in personal computers. Though, laptop battery is not quite expensive but still includes in the final price.

A laptop is also designed in a way which keeps the battery protected from physical damage and not extends its size much.

Benefits of Laptops Over the Desktops Which Makes It Worth Expensive

There are certainly several benefits of laptop which makes it a distinguish choice over desktop and there are situation which requires users to only have a laptop not desktop.

Though, the importance of desktops has not been reduced much but the desktop also comes with own limitations which reduces the user’s work efficiency.

Portability and Compactness   

As we discussed earlier about why laptops are more expensive and explained its reason such as its compactness and portability makes this machine expensive. A laptop user can use it anywhere like in airplane, train or hotel room. Whereas, desktop computer is not portable because of its heavy-weight and bulk size.

At the same time, laptops also have been updating its technology and always get launched with latest generation of processor mean no compromise on quality considering the fact manufacturing the small size of processor, ram and motherboard is more challenging job.

These small sizes latest hardware makes laptop a light-weight, portable and small unit which helps the user to stay productive anywhere by having a laptop all the time. Desktop computers only allow you to be working on desktop and keeps restricted which kills the productivity in our modern time.

This portability and compact size makes the laptop more expensive comparing to desktop. Desktops are only good for the users who stays within the office while at work and travelling is not part of their job.

Power Efficient

Desktop computers consume 80% more electricity comparing to laptops and this huge difference cannot be ignored. Though, this difference varies from model to model but laptops are highly power efficient comparing to desktops without any doubt.

Laptops consume 60 watts at its peak and common desktops may peak around 175 watts. Laptops can be 20% more power efficient if user running them on AC adapter power and not on the battery power.

Mostly users are still interested in expensive laptops because they also consider it as investment in power-efficient machine, whereas desktop computers are cheaper but increases the electricity expensive throughout the life.

Cable Mess

Laptop users do not suffer from cable mess because no need to keep the wire connected from power socket to get the electricity supply all the time which is the case with personal computers. Moreover, PC also has its monitor cable which also needs to be maintained.

Laptop users enjoy peace of mind and enjoy the better user experience.  

Long-Lasting Batteries

These days laptops are coming up with up to 15 hours long lasting battery which means a lot for productive-oriented users. Dell Latitude 9510, Dell Latitude 9410, Asus Expert B9450, HP EliteBook x360 and many other laptops offering powerful batteries.

Its users do not have to be worried about running out of battery even during long travelling and they can stay connected with the clients through Internet on laptop. This will keep the user ahead from its competitors and they can make better, informed and on time decisions through performing efficient solutions.

2-in-1 Feature

Laptop also offers 2-in-1 feature and can be converted into laptop and tablet mode. Tablet mode is good for comfortably enjoying Netflix and YouTube streaming once free from work and want to relax. This flexibility really improves the user experience and offers good value for money. In the comparison, desktop computers really seem out-dated technology which is true to some extent.

Laptops Are More Expensive Than Desktops

Who Should Be Choosing Laptop or Personal Computer ?

Every product has its specific target market and niche which makes the buyers to buy that product. Laptop and desktop computers have different segment to target and everyone should consider its needs and expectations before buying it.

Hard Core gamers can go for desktops and rather investing in high-end graphic card instead of buying an expensive laptop. Mostly hard core gamers do not ask for portability and they just need to spend quality gaming time. The only issue is power consumption, gaming desktop consumes between 300 – 500 watts per hour, where gaming laptop uses 160-185 watts for the same time period.

Those who have limited budget and also require higher specifications must go for desktop computers because they are as cheaper as up to eighty percent. Freelancers and bloggers must go for desktops as they only need to work from home and mostly having desktop setup to maintain the discipline. They do not need any portability but higher specifications to perform high-end projects over the time.

Laptop is a better choice for users engaged in sales & marketing job which requires them to create presentations and keep the laptop with all the time for sharing data with clients. Furthermore, people involved in customer service profession must also go for laptop which has to stay in contact with valuable customers all the time.

There is no need to buy an expensive machine without any good reason because you can enjoy much higher specifications in desktop on the same price.

Final Words

We shared all factors which explains why laptops are more expensive than desktop computers. Laptop is a compact size machine and its hardware also has to be manufactured in mini size which creates lots of complexities and challenges for developers and requires skilled workforce.

Though, desktop computers are cheaper but also consume more than double power comparing to laptop. The decision of buying any type of machine must be depended upon the user’s demand and working style. Laptop is good choice for portability and desktops are better to enjoy higher specifications at the same price.