How To Charge a Laptop With Five Different Methods ? – Complete Guide

Let’s suppose you travelled hundreds of miles with your friends on favorite holiday destination, where you all want to relax and spending some quality time with laptop while sitting together somewhere in park or enjoying the live B.B.Q. You want to listen music, stream funny videos and play games on laptop and suddenly come to know that you left the laptop charger behind and its battery is already dead. Is this alone not enough to ruin your whole experience and quality time?

The answer is absolutely Yes, everyone would badly want a charger to charge the laptop. But, the good thing is, there is also a solution available in this situation because it’s modern time with full of gadgets and latest technology which provides the solution for everything.

You can definitely charge your dead laptop without its charger, though the best way of charging laptop is its charger without any doubt, which makes it faster and in secure way.

But, this is not the only way and we are going to share with you the technique which enables the user to charge the dead laptop with USB which works very well.

How To Re-Charge Your Laptop Without Laptop Charger in Five Different Ways

There is no need to be worried about laptop re-charging because there are also other multiple sources available to do the same. We are all going to discusses one by one in the following.

  • User can charge laptop with USB Port-C, it will work as adapter.
  • User can charge laptop in Car with USB-C enabled plug.
  • User can charge laptop with Universal charger.
  • User can charge laptop with Power Bank.
  • User can charge laptop with External Battery charger.

Once we have established the other sources of charging a laptop, now it’s time to discuss them in detail.

How Can You Charge a Laptop With USB Type-C Port ?

Every laptop has its USB ports including Port-C which is normally used for connecting the laptop with other devices for data transferring. It is also used for charging the devices like Smartphone when user does not have any other source to charge the phone.

But the interesting thing is that, this Port-C can also charge the laptop and the credit goes to the advancement in technology. Modern laptops come with latest and efficient hardware which most of the times its users are not aware with.

USB Port-C is the most powerful port among other types of ports; it is available in two versions 3.1 and 3.2. which allows fastest data transferring and comes with more power.

Its predecessors means Port-A and Port-B have been embedded with old technology which is not powerful enough to charge a laptop or even any small device.

Every new model of laptop which comes with Type-C port enjoys the great demand in the market and such laptops are also expensive one.

User can easily use Type-C port for charging the laptop in the absence of original charger.

To avail this source of charging, user must have the following things.

  • There must be at least one Type-C USB port on your laptop, connectivity is most important.
  • It requires a charging cable which can be connected with Type-C port; USB C adapter is easily available in market.
  • User needs to make sure that using USB C adapter because this can be only used to be connecting with Type-C port. Any other type of adapter can harm the device.
  • Mostly people have USB C adapter and it is most likely find it from friends in group.

It is proved that user can charge a laptop with Type-C USB port.

How Power Bank Can Help In Charging A Laptop ?

Power bank is not only used for charging small devices including Smartphone, it can also charge a laptop. If you do not want to fully charge laptop from power bank, so just connect both and turn on the laptop for few minutes work. Why one should be consuming all power if it is about only five minutes work.

You need to perform following things to charge laptop from power bank.

  • Take a power bank and laptop to get them connected with each other, charging starts in no time.
  • It is better to have Type-C power bank because it charges the laptop faster without any issues.
  • Power Bank comes with multiple ports to be connected with multiple devices; you should only be using it for charging laptop which is critical because it has limited power to transfer.
  • Power Bank is the must buy technology in our modern time.

These steps will definitely help you in charging a laptop with power bank.

How Can We Charge Our Laptop In Car ?

You may have never supposed your car to be used for charging your laptop, this is true that car can charge a laptop and it will help you in this way. Every car stores certain amount of power in its different sockets such as a socket used for burning the cigarette. You will also find Type-C port which can be connected for squeezing its power to a dead laptop which will be alive then.

Every six to eight years old car offers this Type-C port and it is not something luxurious feature which cannot be expected in budget car. To charge a laptop in car, you will have to be performing following actions.

  • You must be having an AC adapter with Type-C connector at its one end and other side comes with Type A, along with USB charger. It sounds too much requirement but mostly people have it and can easily expect from a friend.
  • Now turn your car engine on and use the AC adapter to connect the laptop with car. It will start the charging once connection is established.
  • You can also reduce the voltage of car battery through its built-in regulator, set the voltage level according to your charging requirements.
  • Power inventor can also help you in connecting your laptop with the car’s battery; you will be able using the car’s cigarette socket for charging the laptop which stores too much amount of power.
  • Once you make it, do not feel over-confident but be happy.

How Can We Use External Battery Charger To Charge a Laptop ?

External battery can definitely help you in charging your laptop. Mostly users adopt this source of laptop charging after through original charger. If you have lost your charger somewhere or left it at home, external battery charger is more than enough to charge your laptop.

You have to make sure about following things.

  • You must be having a removable battery on laptop; removable battery can be charged manually.
  • The charging interface of external battery interface must be compatible with your battery.
  • Connect its connector with your laptop, charging will start in no minute.
  • This is the most preferable method of laptop charging after original charger.

Following these steps, user can charge a laptop with external battery charger.

How Can We Charge Laptop With Universal Charger ?

Let us first explain you about universal charger and how it works. It offers all types of plug-in options and can manage its compatibility with all brands of laptops. It can be connected with all types of charging ports and user will see no compatibility issues.

Everybody wants to take a universal charger on trip, so they can charge all their electronic devices with different types of charging ports. It is better to keep universal charger instead the charger of all devices. So, you can easily find it from one of your friends.

Frequently Asked Questions  

We are going to answer your most frequently asked questions in the following.

Can we charge our laptop with phone charger or phone ?

You can definitely charge a laptop with your phone. User just needs to connect the both devices through Type-C cable, then user has to turn-on the option on phone which allows power transfer from phone to other device, it is similar to transferring file.

It will definitely cost your phone battery as laptop will consume the power from phone. This option is only feasible for emergency situations where user has to perform urgent work on laptop and can compromise the phone battery.

Can we charge a laptop with USB ?  

We can definitely charge our laptop with USB. It is possible if USB port is of Type-C. It will be convenient for the user charging the laptop at fast rate because type-c is very powerful port among all.

How many ways of charging a laptop without its original charger ?

We have discussed five different ways of charging a laptop without charger; you can read the article and pick any one method which suits you most. It is also important to mention here that, there is nothing better than charging a laptop with its original charger. These five ways are only good under emergency.

Final Words

We have explained all five methods which can be used for charging a dead laptop without charger under undesirable situation. These ways must not be used on permanent basis, because it can damage the laptop hardware and create other issues.

Power Bank is one of the best ways of charging laptop but also having its limited storage capacity. In the era of information technology, it is advised to be depended upon such multiple devices which can rescue you in the absence of other critical device.

A universal charger also provides rescue in its unique way and offers you all types of plug-in options to get connected with any device and consumes its power. USB connector and Universal charger is a dead combination and can help the user out in most difficult situations as well.