How To Remove Weird Colors and Lines on Laptop Screen ? Complete Guide

We all want to stay productive on our laptops and using lots of great applications which helps us to increase our day productivity. But what if, you are unable to work properly on laptop because its screen is having weird colors and lines which makes you lose all your focus and rather feel frustrate. Besides lines and weird colors, Screen flickering is also the issue which mostly users face and the no one can continue working with the same screen.

You may be thinking this issue is beyond to be fixed and just need to buy the new laptop. We want to tell you that do not over-think, we will share a perfect solution for this problem and provide you an easy guide which helps you in fixing the issue.

Why Laptop Screen Suffers From Weird Colors and Lines ?

Before discussing about how to fix this issue, we should exactly have good understand about why this issue occurs and what is the nature of problem?

  • You must realize that there is something wrong with laptop’s hardware inside the screen which is producing these lines and weird colors.
  • It can be a software issue instead of hardware, user may need to upgrade graphic drivers.

Whether it’s hardware or software issue, we are going to discuss about both and also share the solution of these problems. It may require high technical skills or can fix issue on your own. If the issue has been reached at critical point, then technician help would be required.

Restart the Laptop

This is the first and most basic solution for this issue, do not try anything but press the restart button. Once screen starts flickering or showing lines and weird colors, wait for five minutes and then restart the laptop. There is quite possibility that virus affected files or malware is actually causing this issue and just restart the system could fix it.

User is advised to apply the scan system feature using anti-virus software and remove the infected files. It is most likely that this issue with screen does not occur again.

Technical Troubleshooting

If the screen of your laptop is showing vertical & horizontal lines and also the weird colors, there is probably something wrong with the screen panel and get a new panel can fix this issue.

You are advised go to the near repair shop, where a technician actually knows how to diagnose the actual problem and then apply its required solution. If it requires changing the screen panel, he would do that for you because it requires technical knowledge and also cost involved in it.

It is better to pay the technician for his services, rather having a failed try which can damage the screen panel for no good.

Connect Your Laptop with External Screen and Figure Out the Issue

When you see vertical & horizontal lines on screen or screen flickering, user can connect own laptop with LED to check whether this is laptop’s screen issue or nature of problem is different. Everyone has LED screen at home with which a laptop can be connected through HDMI cable.

Once you have been connected the laptop with external LED and see no lines, weird colors and flickering screen on the LED which means nothing is wrong with your laptop screen. You may be having an issue in graphic card or somewhere else.

In this situation, we will again suggest you to visit the near repairing shop and consult with the technician.

Apply Pressure on LCD

You can apply this technique at home to get an idea whether something wrong with screen or something else. Let’s put some pressure on laptop screen and see if it changes the colors or pattern of lines or even screen becomes normal, if so then it is definitely the screen failure.

This issue can only be resolved through having new screen panel and remove the old one. The cost of panel vary laptop to laptop model and supply/demand law also applies in the market. A technician can put the new screen panel in few minutes if available in shop.

It is better go to the technician as soon as possible, once you come to know that it’s a screen issue. You should also bring screen issue in the expert knowledge, so he can directly go for fixing the weird colors and lines problem.

Check the Cable Connection between Laptop Screen and Motherboard

Once you have been confirmed about no issues with your laptop screen, then it might be a problem with your cable which makes the connection between motherboard and laptop screen. Actually, motherboard sends the signal to the screen through its cable which impacts its performance.

If the cable is made of poor quality and not transferring the signals properly from motherboard to laptop screen, the connectivity will be disturbed and then same thing would happen talking about. It will start be showing lines and strange colors on the screen.

Try to re-plug the cable properly and also see if it is damaged from anywhere. If it is so, then should buy a new cable and remove the damaged one.

You can find this cable on the bottom of laptop, need to open its case and then replace it with the new one. 

Update Graphic Card Drivers

As we also mentioned earlier, if it is not hardware issue then it requires to update the graphic card drivers. This screen issue occurs when graphic drivers are not updated and user is running updated version of software which creates compatible issues, in result screen starts having strange colors and lines.

All drivers need to be updated all the time including graphic card drivers. Once you update them, there will be no such issues on the screen.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer the most frequently asked questions by the site visitors.

How to solve rainbow screen issue on the laptop ?  

First of all, user needs to diagnose the real issue and check whether something wrong with screen or software. It needs to be connected with external LED and check whether it shows rainbow screen on it or not. The solution is buy the new panel or repair the existing one.

What to do with horizontal lines on laptop screen ?

Horizontal lines on your laptop screen are a strong sign of not having good quality of panel. It is definitely poor built-up and the only solution is replacement with the new one. Try to buy it from reputed vendors in the market.

How to fix fuzzy colors issue on laptop screen ?

We can try and test few troubleshooting techniques which can help us in diagnosing the issue and fix it.

  • Connect laptop with external LED to check screen results.
  • Check the cable quality which connects motherboard to laptop screen.
  • Update the graphic card drivers.
  • Apply pressure on laptop screen with hands to check what happens.

Final Words

We have shared multiple reasons which may cause your laptop screen starts having weird colors and lines. These reasons needs to be investigated to decide how can fix the issue. In some cases, the only solution is buying the entire new panel and remove the old one because the issue is with the panel which producing these lines and weird colors.

The other issue might be with the cable made of poor quality and establishes the connection between motherboard and screen. Due to weak connection, screen is having weak connection from motherboard and in result showing vertical lines, rainbow screen and flickering. In this situation, user needs to buy the new cable.

You can find the motherboard cable on the bottom side of laptop by opening the case. It is advised go to the technician in case unable to diagnose the issue.