Solved the Issue: Microphone Not Working On Windows 10

Windows 10 users are complaining about not able to connect external microphone successfully and it does not work on Windows 10. It is very frustrating experiencing such issue right before going to enjoy the movie or gaming on weekends.

Let’s discuss how to fix microphone not working issue on Windows 10.

How To Fix Microphone Issue If Not Working Properly

There is a quick solution available to this issue provided taking care of these things first. First of all, remove the all bugs came with any software updated installed on your PC, bugs creates many issues including Microphone not working properly.

Follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Settings, and then tap on Update & Security to continue.
  • Now, go to the “Troubleshoot” and then go to the “Playing Audio”.


  • Select the Audio device which having an issue, click on Next to continue.
  • Windows will perform the troubleshoot for the audio device, detect the issue and suggest solution.

The suggested solution varies and significantly depends upon model of microphone / speaker or type of input. This troubleshooting performed by PC will suggest you the best solution for fixing the problem. When you change the settings as per troubleshooting results, try to keep remember the old one if you want to go back on default settings.

When multiple audio devices are connected with the PC, it gets little confusing which one needs to be selected for configuration to fix the issue. Microphone, Amplifier, Headphone and Speakers are most common audio devices in use.

Sometimes, Windows mistakenly switches from one audio device to other which creates the problem in user experience. Therefore, it is better to fix this problem manually, so you do not have to suffer from a microphone not working issue.

Turn on Microphone Manually

Windows 10 has empowered its user and provides wide range of options to improve privacy and overall PC administration. It is better to make right settings on microphone privacy, lets follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Settings, where needs to click on Privacy.
  • Click on Microphone and not forget to turn-on its button.
  • Scroll down from top to bottom, enable the option “allow desktop apps to access the microphone”.

You are advised to keep the check on the information about which installed programs and software accessing your microphone, this information is provided on Windows platform if you want to check.

The good thing about Windows operating system is providing in-depth information such as at what time & data which voice service was used. For Example, It will inform user was using Discord voice channel to communicate with the gaming community members. It will provide you complete information about your microphone.

Configuration of Microphone in Realtek Audio Manager

Mostly PC / Laptop manufacturers use the Realtek audio chipset because this brand provides latest technology at affordable price which also not let the cost of laptop increased. We will show you the configuration of Microphone by using HD Audio Manager software which I have never been regretted using it.

Let’s follow the configuration steps carefully to avoid the wrong procedure.

  • Open the Control Panel, go to the “Hardware and Sound” and then go to the “HD Audio Manager”.
  • Click on the gear icon to open more settings. You can see many options but needs to select “mute the rear output device, when a front headphone plugged in”.
  • Now, select “tie up the same type of input device” to continue.
  • User needs to click on “Apply” to apply the changes and move next to make the configuration.
  • There will be Settings icon which needs to be clicked, then select the option “Enable auto pop-up dialogue”, then click on the “OK” to perform as the last step of process.

Now, remove the all devices from computer keyboard, mouse, speakers, microphone and others, then shut down the computer. Wait for two minutes and then restart the computer and also connect back the all removed devices. There will be a pop-up message which asks the user to select the audio device.

Select Microphone Device as Default

If user strictly follows this and keeps the microphone device as default, it is going to solve the issue which is “microphone not working properly”.

User needs to follow the below steps.

  • On the search bar, type “mmsys.cpl”.
  • There is a “Recording” bar on top, click it and then select main microphone device, do not forget to keep it as default.

To select and keep the microphone as default will not create issues in future.

Installing the Updated Drivers

Most probably, microphone not working properly is the issue occurred because of out-dated drivers installed on the PC. Therefore, it is suggested to the user uninstall the old drives and install the updated ones to improve the system performance and also fix microphone issue.

Before you uninstall the drivers, make sure the availability of updated drives on the official website of all hardware.

How To Install the Updated Drivers of Realtek HD Audio

Final Words

We have shared multiple methods to apply it for fixing the issue “Microphone not working properly”. Each method is explained in easy steps which would be very convenient for the readers to follow. To perform the troubleshooting is the most basic and easy method to fix this issue.

It is also explained about how to establish the configuration between microphone (a hardware) and Audio Manager ( a software ) on Windows 10 which can help the microphone working back.         

We also shared the possibility of outdated drivers which actually causing this issue and would be better to install the updated drivers.