How To Fix My Logitech Mouse Side Buttons Not Working?

Logitech mouse promise best gaming experience as its buttons are very responsive and clicky. It comes with highly accurate sensors which boost up the gaming performance, but what if Logitech mouse side buttons stops working all of a sudden and you just lost the gaming pleasure. It is definitely very frustrating and you will be more likely to start hunting for solution.

Here, we will share with you the complete guide on how to fix this issue if Logitech mouse side buttons not working.

How To Fix the Side Buttons of Logitech Mouse If not Working?

We are going to share eight different solutions to fix this problem. Once, you successfully try any of these solutions; will be able to start using again its side buttons for playing games.

Test your Logitech mouse on another Computer

There is quite possible that no issue with the Logitech mouse but the port in which it is plugged into is faulty. Therefore, it is better to plug it on another port or use it on another computer to test its side buttons. We should not assume something wrong with mouse in the first place.

Claim the warranty

If the warranty period has not been expired, then should go for the replacement. You should not get yourself into hassle if this option exist and enjoy the hassle-free experience rather trying the other solutions. Try not to test anything on your Logitech mouse which can damage it, it will make your warranty void.

Update the Logitech Mouse Drivers

If it was not a continuity of this issue that side buttons not working and rather experience it out of nowhere while playing games. Then, most probably the issue lies with the mouse drivers. Therefore, it is better to download and install its updated drivers. It is easily available on the official site of Logitech and can also manually update it.

Try another USB Port

Your Logitech mouse side buttons might be working properly but it is plugged into the USB port which not getting all electrical signals to make them functional. It is better try to plug it into another USB port which gets all needed signals to make all buttons function properly. If still the same issue persists, user can try plugging-in Logitech mouse directly to the motherboard.

Keep the mouse clean

It is advised to use a piece of cloth for removing the dust particles outside and inside the mouse. You can also use soft brush to sweep away the dust from inside which may be causing the mouse to malfunction and side buttons not working properly. A cloth piece or brush must be dry and otherwise can harm its machinery.

Check the game settings

You may have probably disabled the side buttons in game settings, go and check if it is so then enable them back.

Uninstall and install Logitech gaming software

Even a minor software issue can reduce the Logitech mouse sensitivity, accuracy, responsiveness and make side buttons working not properly. Therefore, it is better to follow the below steps in first place.

  • Disconnect the mouse from PC and then go for uninstalling Logitech gaming software.
  • Once it is uninstalled, now re-install with all its updates. You need to be using firmware tool for all of its firmware update. You just have to know the own Logitech mouse model and will find it from the respective support page available on the Logitech official website.

Contact customer support

If none of the above solutions are workable for you, then the last option is to contact Logitech support. It requires the user to take out a ticket first and then will be able to be in contact with the agent who provides customer service and assistance. You are most likely get the issue resolved here, otherwise can visit any close office where Logitech specialist provides their maintenance services.

Any physical damage or apparently trying out things on logitech mouse can cancel the warranty claim, so avoid any tinkering with it.

One of the above eight solutions are definitely going to fix the issue and Logitech mouse side buttons will start be working again.