How To Fix Not Working Issue On Verizon Message+ App ? Complete Guide

Verizon Technologies are the developers of Message plus app which allows the user to enjoy texting conversation on all popular platforms. It is widely used for chatting with friends and family, sending them digital gift cards on occasions and many more. Unfortunately, this Message Plus app is having an issue “Not Working” on user devices which leads them to frustration.

They use it to stay in contact with friends, family and even work people, “Not Working” failure ruins the whole user experience and they may also miss something which was emotionally or professionally critical at that moment.

We are going to share all possible solutions with you and it will be convenient for you to find them in one article.

Removing Cache

In this step, we are going to remove the cached data generated by specific applications which otherwise prevents the message plus app from functioning. In order to do this, follow the below steps.

  • Go to the Settings, then scroll down to Apps and click this option.
  • Go to the option Default Messaging App, and then further go to the Storage option.
  • Click the option Clear Cache which will clean the all cached data.
  • Repeat the same process for these applications “Message+”, “Phone Dialer” and Contacts List.
  • Now, check if the same issue persists which we hope not.

Changing the Permission

If you have recently installed the Messaging plus app on your phone, then you have to allow the access to enjoy internal access on your phone. App developers encourages the user to give them permission having access on your personal data on the basis can improve the services.

Until you do not grant the permission, user may be having these not working issues on Message plus app.

To grant the permission, need to follow below steps.

For Android / iOS Devices

  • Go to the Settings, scroll down and tap on the option “Apps”.
  • Find the “Message Plus” app and tap it.
  • Further tap on “Permissions”.
  • User needs to uncheck all the permissions which were checked and granted to the application.
  • Now, come back to the “Apps” main option and tap on the Message+ app.
  • Tap on the “Permissions”, where user needs to turn-off the permissions for these three. “Wi-Fi, “MMS” and “Notification”.
  • Go back to the Apps, tap on the “Three Dots” which user can find on the top.
  • Go to the option “Special Access” and then tap on “Write System Settings”.
  • Tap over the “Default Messaging” and turn it off.
  • Press and hold power button to reboot the device.
  • Once it has been rebooted, now open the Message plus app to check, if the problem persists.

Final Words

Cache is one of the serious issues which fail the Message+ app from properly working. Though, cache data is produced to decrease the loading time of applications and this way offers better user experience. But, over the time cache files gets corrupted and prevents the Message plus apps from operating on the devices. Therefore, users are advised to remove the cache data for specifically the application and overall.

The second most critical thing which prevents the app from running is the Settings of Default Messaging Application. Its settings prevents the Message Plus app and interferes in its functioning. Therefore, we changed the settings to make Message plus app functional. Once these issues will be resolved, you are more likely not to suffer from Not Working issue on Verizon Message +.