Should I Upgrade My Laptop’s Processor ? How Can I Upgrade Processor – Complete Guide

Processor is the most powerful and critical hardware in the laptop responsible for performing all heavy duty tasks like photo or video editing, development and programming. A laptop is not as flexible as the desktop computer which offers more upgrading options in all hardware, because laptop design is more complex because of its limited internal space.

Therefore, desktop computer and laptop users often raise the question that whether or not can we upgrade the processor in laptop, so that they can accordingly make the decision.

A processor is the most expensive hardware in the system and one must know about how to upgrade laptop’s processor and what exactly it takes. The well-research information can provide you great value for money; otherwise it will be the regretful experience for wasting money.

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When Should I Upgrade My Laptop Processor ?

There are certain experiences on laptop which sends you a signal to upgrade the processor. One should read these signals on time instead keep using the old processor for no good. Mostly users are not able to learn from these warnings because of lack of technical knowledge.

We are going to share with you these signals which inform the laptop user to come with upgraded processor.

  • If your laptop go slow down, starts freezing on frequently basis and mouse cursor often get stuck on screen, these are the warnings to upgrade the processor.
  • If your laptop shuts down all of a sudden, it means the temperature of motherboard is too high, this issue also occurs due to weak processor.
  •  The booting process on laptop produces no sound neither show you the results, something wrong with the processor.
  • When your laptop gets overheated on frequently basis even performing no heavy duty task, a big sign of old processor which needs to be updated.

Though, there is also possibility that the laptop’s fan has been damaged which producing a strange sound and also making over-heating issues. In this situation, all you have to do is change the fan.

How To Upgrade a Laptop’s Processor ?

Once you have confident about its high time to upgrade the processor, go for it. But, it is also essential to discuss about what information it requires before buying a new processor and how to install it on system.

Follow the below steps to give the power boost to processor.

  • A processor is connected with a motherboard through a plug, motherboard is the largest unit of a computer. User must find out the size and model of motherboard and accordingly buy the compatible processor.
  • You need to open a command prompt to find out the model of motherboard. Type “speccy” to get authentic information about your laptop’s motherboard including its chip model.
  • Motherboard related information is also written on the CPU’s sockets.
  • Once you get the all required information about laptop’s motherboard, now you can make best choice and buy highly compatible processor.
  • Visit this CPU Support site and enter the required information such as model of motherboard, chipset number and other data.
  • Once you enter the all required data, it will show you the list of best compatible processors should buy.
  • You can choose according to your budget.
  • Congratulations, you followed the all steps successfully.

How To Install the Laptop’s Processor ?

User needs to follow the below steps to install the laptop’s processor.

  • A laptop must be turned off.
  • Remove the laptop’s body from the bottom to access the motherboard.
  • Find out the motherboard and remove the heat sink from the top of motherboard.
  • Find out the processor.
  • Remove the old processor and then physically install the new processor on its given slot. It requires careful and gentle handling.
  • Once you have installed the new processor, place back the heat sink on motherboard.
  • Congratulation, you have successfully followed the all steps.

How To Make the Laptop’s Processor Perform Better ?

Sometimes, user can manage to make processor perform better and increase its processing speed by following few useful tips. These tips can upgrade the processor’s performance and its overall speed.

  • Keep the all drivers updated on laptop which will boost up the processor speed.
  • Keep your laptop clean because when its internal components are filled with dust, the performance of hardware also got affected including the processor.
  • A RAM must be highly compatible with the processor; powerful processor is not capable to run at its fastest processing speed without high RAM.

Should I Upgrade My Laptop’s Processor from Core i5 to Core i7?

The answer is Yes, if technically speaking. But, it is better not to make such upgradation because it requires high technical knowledge. There is possibility that user upgrades the processor but system loses its efficiency with such upgrdation.

It is more about the compatibility of all hardware with each other and not upgrading the single hardware against others which cannot handle the faster processing speed of processor. For Instance, such upgrading of processor can reduce the life of battery because it was basically designed to meet the power consumption of core i5, whereas core i7 will consume more power from its battery and life will be reduced drastically.

Moreover, upgrade the processor would not be effective as long as you also enhance the capability of RAM, let’s say from 8GB to 16GB.

Therefore, it is better to go for compatible processor rather than buying the faster processor which is also incompatible.

Should We Go For Latest Generation of Processor on Laptop?

The latest generation of processor have very limited to do with the processing speed and overall performance. User can make most of the things with old generations of processors and this thing should consider before buying a new laptop. To buy a powerful laptop, should go for a processor offering higher clock speed and number of cores which should be two big considerations in new laptop.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer the most frequently asked questions by the visitors.

Can I Lose My Data on Laptop While Upgrading the Processor ?

There is no chance of losing the data while upgrading the processor, because your data is stored on hard disk and it has nothing to do with the processor upgrading.

Why the Compatibility of Processor is Important ?

The compatible processor can be more efficient in its working with the other hardware like RAM and Motherboard. The compatible processor achieves its fully efficiency and processing speed, whereas incompatible processor works more for less which also reduces its life.

What if RAM and Processor are Incompatible With Each Other ?

If RAM is low and not fully supporting the processor in sharing its workload, processor would not be capable of running at its maximum processing speed.

Should We Go For Latest Generation of processor while upgrading and buying new laptop?

One should not go for the latest generation of processors while upgrading it because does not offer more value for money, even old generation processors can be enough for performing heavy-duty tasks. This should not be tempting feature while upgrading from old to new processor.

Should We Go For More number of Cores?

One can definitely go for more number of cores because it actually helps in improving the processor performance in laptop. More cores helps the processor to be more powerful and efficient in processing the most complicated and logical data. More cores divides each type of functionality and data to processor which overall improves the clock speed.

There are more powerful laptops coming in recen time with eight cores and they perform all heavy duty tasks in no time without overheating. The one more benefit of having more number of cores on laptop as it does not let the laptop suffering from overheating issues.


We have shared all possible information about how to upgrade the laptop’s processor and how can we improve its processing speed without physically upgrading the processor. We also discussed about how important it is to have a compatible processor before go for faster processor.

Installing the new processor does not require high technical skills but the whole process should be done gently.

We also provided a site where you can enter required data and it will show you the results which processor is highly compatible with your motherboard, so that you make a right buying decision.