Steam Won’t Open Issue ? 12 Ways To Fix – Complete Guide

A hard core gamer is willing to spend big bucks for enjoying best gaming experience and this is why pays monthly subscription to avail Steam services. It is very frustrating experience when Steam won’t open on Windows 10 and you cannot play the game when you want most. You do not need to be worried about this as number of ways there to resolve this issue.

We will be sharing and moving from simple solution to advanced solution.

Basic Techniques To Fix Steam Won’t Open Issue

These are most basic and simple techniques which can easily fix this Steam issue and most of the times successfully help the user.

  • End the all files of Steam client from taskbar which processing in background, then open the Steam client, once no file running in background.
  • Restart the laptop / PC to remove the old cache which may be interfering and then open Steam.
  • Turn-off the PC/Laptop and remove the cable from modem / router for five minutes. Turn-on PC / Laptop and check if it can open your Steam client.
  • Disconnect the Internet from settings and then connect it back.

The Most Possible Issue Faced By Steam Users

As we mentioned above the one technique in which you are advised to end all Steam files running in background and then open the Steam client. This is because sometimes its tasks are running in background even user has already closed Steam. When you re-open it for playing the games after break, system refuses to re-launch the Steam client.

Therefore, one must also be ending its entire background running tasks by performing right-click on taskbar, then go to the option Task Manager and then finally click the option End Task. Mostly users provided a feedback in which this was the solution of their problem.

Run the Steam As Administrator

If you are unable to open the Steam client, then try to run it as Administrator. Many players have provided feedback positive on this. User needs to do the right-click over Stream icon and choose the option “Run as Administrator”. If successfully launches the program the Congratulation, otherwise try our next method.

External Devices Needs To Be Un-Plugged

It is experienced that external devices create issues with online software client. It is suggested to remove all external devices and check if the problem still persists with Steam. External devices include headphone, gaming keyboard or any other gadget.

Update Date & Time Settings

It may be surprising for mostly users to know that incorrect date & time won’t open the Steam on Windows 10. Steam platform requires authentic client data about times of gaming, rush hours, per day total gaming hours and etc. Therefore, it would not let you open the Steam as long as come with updated date & timings.

Update the Windows

You need to update the Windows which otherwise may lead to such issues discussing about. Any missing update can cause incompatibility issue with software like Steam.

  1. Type “Settings” on search bar, it will take you to the Settings option.
  2. Click the option “Update & Security”, then click “Check for Updates”.
  3. It will automatically start installing all system updates, once it is updated then must restart the system.

Restart the Router

It is also one of the simplest solutions which often help the Steam users to successfully launch it.

  • Turn-off your PC / Laptop first.
  • Then turn-off your router and wait for three to five minutes. You need to see and confirm if router light also go off.
  • Now, turn-on the router and wait till its lights also start blinking.
  • Start the PC / Laptop and now open the Steam.

Un-Install Anti-Virus and Other Third-Party Software from the System

Mostly these Anti-Virus and third-party software interrupts the successful launch of Steam and ruins the gamer experience. Those programs due to which Steam won’t open on Windows 10 are mentioned in the following.

  • Antivirus Software
  • Virtual-Private-Network Software
  • Downloading Manager
  • Firewalls

If you have been using these software on the system and they might be preventing you from successfully opening the Steam then need to follow below instructions.

  • Remove All Un-necessary Software

There are third-party software from specific categories like Anti-Virus and downloading manager which prevents the Steam from operating. You can un-install all unnecessary such software and programs through applying below steps.

  1. Type Control Panel one the search bar, and then choose the Program and click it’s under option Uninstall Program.
  2. Simply select the all unnecessary and not required third-party software and click the Uninstall option on the top.

– Check Anti-Virus May Be Blocking Steam

There has been cases heard where steam won’t open issue is blamed on third-party Anti-virus software. You need to open your Anti-virus app software and go to its settings to check if its Real-time protection is OFF or ON. If its turned-on, then has to be turned-off by taking following steps.

  1. Go to the Settings.
  2. Click the option Update & Security, then further go to Windows Security.
  3. Go to the option Virus & Threat Protection.
  4. Now, you need to go to the Virus and Threat Protection Settings and then further go to the Manage Settings.
  5. You will see the option Real-time protection which needs to be turned-off.
  6. Now check if Steam is successfully being launched, If not then try this below last step.
  7. Either disable your anti-virus on temporary basis or Un-install it.

Windows Compatibility Issues

You are most likely to be using the latest version of Steam which only offers compatibility on Windows 10. The latest Steam version did not offer any compatibility mode for earlier versions of Windows.

Though, Windows 7 developers also offered an option of Compatibility mode for fixing all gaming related issues, but this mode is not consistent with the gaming client platforms like Steam and we would suggest you to disable it. This mode itself creates issues for platforms like Steam and stops from operating.

User is advised to disable this compatibility mode if having Steam won’t open issue on Windows 7. Though, this enabling/disabling is serious dealing with System and only experienced user should perform this action.

You can follow the below steps to disable the compatibility mode on Windows 7.

  1. First of all, properly close the Steam and its remaining processing files in background by using Task Manager.
  2. Type “Steam” on the search bar, when it shows result then perform right-click on it and select the option Open File Location.
  3. The new folder shows Steam file, right click on Steam.exe file and select the very last option Properties.
  4. Find Compatibility tab and go to this option, where you can see many given options. All of these options must be unchecked / unselected by you.
  5. Now, go to the Change settings for all users and perform the same action as did in step 4.
  6. Once you have done previous steps, apply all new settings and then click OK.
  7. Now, launch the Steam and see does it open this time.

Try To Be Connected With Different Network            

You may be suffering from low bandwidth issue because often internet service providers compress it for meeting other ends. If this is so, then Steam won’t open issue is most likely because it requires high bandwidth with better internet performance.

You need to contact your internet service provider or move to better service.

Disable Over-Clocking

If you have enabled the over-clocking on CPU to enjoy better performance, then it is advised that disable it and find other ways to enjoy speed. Over-clocking may also be the reason causing steam won’t open issue.

You need to take below steps to disable the over-clocking.

  • Go to the Settings, find the option “Update & Security”, and then go to the Recovery.
  • Needs to click Restart Now, it will run the Advanced startup for you.
  • Once the computer has been rebooted, go to the Troubleshoot and then go to the Advanced Options, then go to UEFI Firmware Settings. Here you need to click the Restart.
  • Once it has been rebooted, open the Advanced tab and find the option disable Over-clocking, click it to disable.
  • Apply the save changes and restart your system.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer your most frequently asked questions in the following.

What to do when Steam does not open the games on Windows 10 ?

If Steam fails opening your demanded games on your system Windows 10, you might be having outdated graphic card. We will suggest you using RESTRO to scan the graphic card model to check whether its outdated or not, besides its scan results also shows you the affected areas which needs to be repaired in PC.

Nothing happens when I press the play button on Steam. Why ?

It shows that something wrong with the game cache which needs to be verified then. You can check this by go to game Properties, then go to the Local Files and click Verify integrity. It will show the result which confirms the integrity of cache files.

Final Words

Steam is the most popular online video gaming platform which offers wide range of games available, they are having 90 million active users which shows this platform requires lots of maintenance and they have developed some standards which requires its user to meet at best.

If the system is showing not the correct time & date, then Steam won’t open issue and the user is required to set the right time and then open the Steam. They do this because they want correct data from the users. The most common issue which leads to steam won’t open issue is not removing the Steam files from the background. Once Steam is still running in background which means it cannot re-open though it was already closed down.