Sudden Drop In Mouse Sensitivity? What To Do

We all want our gadgets and controllers to offer higher sensitive level in order to become efficient in work. Similarly, we all need a mouse with high sensitivity to easily perform the tasks like sketching, graphic designing, internet browsing and even for playing games.

It is very frustrating to experience the sudden drop in mouse sensitivity which drastically kills the productivity. You can fix this issue without buying a new mouse and even do not have to be a computer expert for it.

What is Mouse Sensitivity?

Mouse sensitivity is defined as how fast mouse cursor moves from one point to another on the screen, under the user control. With increased sensitivity, cursor moves quickly and covers more extended distance than with lower sensitivity level.

Otherwise, user has to move around the mouse more for moving the cursor and it will be less responsive.

How To Fix Mouse Sensitivity Issues?

Before we start discussing more complex and technical solutions, we will share with you four easiest solutions to quickly fix this issue.

  1. This may be a connectivity issue, remove the mouse and then re-connect it.
  2. Keep the mouse pad clean from dust particle and crumbs which reduces mouse sensitivity.
  3.  If you using the Bluetooth mouse, weak connection may cause the issues.
  4. Try to use the same mouse on other Laptop /  Computer to confirm, something wrong with mouse and not device.

Turn off the option “Enhance Pointer Precision”

“Enhance Pointer Precision” is an option which enables the user to increase or decrease the mouse sensitivity. If user turns this option off from the Control Panel, mouse cursor will move as it should be irrespective of mouse movement. Therefore, it will not let the mouse suddenly drop its sensitivity.

You need to go to the Control Panel, where find the option “Hardware and Sound” and click on it. Then, need to be looking for “Device and Printers”, there will be multiple options within this tab. User needs to click on “Mouse” option and it will open the new window. There will be several tabs but you have to click on “Pointer Options”, where can see the “Enhance Pointer Precision” option to turn it off.

Adjust the Mouse Settings to Increase / Decrease Sensitivity

It is better to adjust the level of mouse sensitivity from the settings. To make this happen, go to the Settings from windows option or type “Settings” on search bar. Once you enter the Settings, you will see multiple options but have to select “Devices”. It will open the new window where you can see “Mouse” option on the left side menu. Now, you can see a slider to change the sensitivity level as per own choice. You can simultaneously confirm it by observing how fast or slow your mouse cursor is moving.

Apply Changes in System Configuration

A “System Configuration” option is used for apply new changes to improve the configuration between hardware and software. You can go to the System Configuration, need to type “msconfig.exe” on search bar and hit ENTER button, it will open the new window for you.

There will be a General tab and three main options in it. In the third option “Selective Startup”, needs to check both Load System Services and Load Startup Items. Once done, now apply these new settings of System Configuration and click on OK button. This will fix the issue of mouse sensitivity dropped instantly.

However, these new settings will not remain applicable once restarts the system. This will only happen in the PC or laptop administered by any organization which maintains own system.

Run System File Checker

“System File Checker” is a feature in Microsoft Windows which scan the all corrupted files in system and repair them. These corrupt files causes system slow down and also interruption in cursor movement which other words disturbs the mouse sensitivity.

User can run System File Checker by following below steps.

  1. Type Command Prompt in the search bar and hit Enter.
  2. In the command prompt window, user needs to type SFC / scannow and hit Enter.
  3. It will start the repairing process of all corrupted files, if any.
  4. Once the process has been completed, needs to restart the PC / Laptop.

Check if mouse app needs to be updated

There are various brands of computer mouse available in market which comes with own software to allow the users to make own customized mouse settings. For Instance, user can adjust sensitivity level, choose color of display light and various other functions.

However, sometimes these software automatically change the settings to be compatible with the computer environment. If these automatic settings are not suitable, user can increase or decrease the mouse sensitivity.

These automatic adjustments by the software also occur because of app not being regularly updated by the user. You can also try uninstalling and then installing of the mouse software to make it work properly.

Final Words

Mouse sensitivity is definitely a sensitive matter for users having much dependence on mouse such as graphic designers, gamers, streamers and freelancers. Mouse sensitivity suddenly dropped may cause the user a failure in meeting the deadline and a lot of frustration while performing the task.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer your frequently asked questions on this topic.

What is good mouse sensitivity for gamers?

It depends upon the genre of the game and accordingly adjust the mouse sensitivity. Shooting games definitely require high mouse sensitivity because it enhances the accuracy in shooting the enemy.

Is mouse sensitivity critical for graphic designers?

Graphic designing involves to dram sensitive design and requires DPI mouse above 800. However, user is recommended to set higher DPI for more critical graphic designing project.