Top 10 Browser FPS Games – Play Offline Without Download & Install

According to the Statista website, there were an estimated 2.8 billion gamers all over the world by the end of 2020. This gaming trend is increasing very rapidly all over the globe.

Whenever people find free time, they open a book to read or start playing games on their Smartphones. We cannot help you with books but can recommend the best browser fps games easily available on your phone browser. It does not need to download, install, or any specific software.

We are going to share 10 best browser-based FPS games with you, so not to waste time on low rating games. These games can be a great time-killer and fun activity in your free time.

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Top 10 Browser FPS Games

We are going to share with you top 10 browser FPS games in the following.


Its gameplay is quite similar to Firestorm, but the good thing about Reloaded is, introduced large maps. This game is less challenging in comparison to Counter-Strike and sometimes you enjoy its easy mode which enables you to be pro gamer and kill all of your enemies.

The user just needs to login and choose his team to play game, against other team. You need to earn more and more cash to buy an advanced weapon to keep yourself and team protected from enemies and equipment helps you winning the battle, all you can buy through cash.

As a beginner, you should get training on the game where you can learn how to shoot, how to change weapons and defend the team. Its Airport Mission with the “Golden Dragon” weapon was quite fun and its gameplay became more interesting when have to shoot the enemy from long distance while hiding behind the Airplane.

This fps game keeps you entertained even after hours of playing, the only reason is its intensity and competitive environment.


“Rush Team” is a browser fps game with way better graphics and its gameplay looks more realistic. The way first person loads the bullet in gun gives an intense feeling and becomes much more fun. Its player also enjoys variety of weapon from sniper to hand-gun. A player can also use cricket bat to smash the enemy on his head.

This game is designed in a way only good team work can make you win the session. All team members have to cover each other and then move forward towards the enemy. Its “Capture the flag” mission is very intensifying where opponent team enters the enemy zone      and captures the other’s team flag, located at enemy basis and they win the match.

Capture the flag mission makes this fps game more meaningful as it becomes the great challenge for player.


There is no doubt “SUPERHOT” is the most innovative and unique FPS game among all in this list. Though this fps ( first-person-shooting ) game is traditional in some aspects and overall gameplay mechanics, the unique feature is time only moves when you move, it gives you little more time to decide your own moves as how to shoot multiple opponents before they shoot you.

When you decide it and make move, game starts progressing at normal speed. The game graphics are also unique, all enemies in red color whose bullet travels towards you and can see in slow motion. Player has to make move before they do and it keeps you alert and to be in intensifying mode.


The special thing about the “ Contract Wars ” game is, it is a Russian developed first-person-shooting game in which the confrontation is between private military companies and fighting each other. The location in the game is also Russia and player also feels the same because the graphics show no Sun and only clouds in the sky just like most states in Russia.

The weapon selection is also different and it includes Russian-made weapons which enhance the gameplay experience. Its players believe that this game is still alive in recent times and a gold to the gamers who loves FPS ( first-person-shooting ) games.

The most popular weapon is Russian shotgun in the game and fire the bullet is alike real life experience. Hardcore gamers believe that its graphics is better than mobile version of COD. The shooting sound gives player real thrill and mostly missions around the oil refineries and tanks which looks amazing.


This game offers real war game experience and makes you walk through collapsed infrastructure like the war footages we see in Middle East. A player can use helicopters, cars and tanks in the game to battle the war strategically.

Advancement towards enemy’s zone in the tank enables you to enjoy the strength and capture the strategic areas where you can easily kill the enemies. Tank can fire the bridge to collapse the transportation system of enemy and they are more likely to lose the war.

Helicopter is used for destroying the tanks from the height and player can make own war strategy. Helicopters help you in special mission where player has to destroy big targets which otherwise will destroy you. Its few missions are in desert where sniper is the tools to shoot from long distance and no objects in desert to hide behind.


“ GLOBAL STRIKE ” is the copy of Counter Strike and they developed similar gameplay with similar maps. Its different feature is enhanced its fps and player has to play with fast reflexes to shoot the enemy right before they shoot you.

This game does not require any special plug-in and no need to install Java for this. We do not rate its graphics high but they much focused on the gameplay. It also offers the sword as a weapon and its really fun to kill the enemy with old-styled sword. This weapon can only use proximity where enemy is standing within the short distance. Overall, It is one of the best browse based FPS game.

7. Doom 3D

Doom is a game similar to Wolfenstein but set the new standards for all FPS games. This game re-introduced the FPS genre and now more players are looking forward to play games like this one. This game uses idTech engine which also used by Wolfenstein.

This game is not about post-apocalyptic time like normally it happens in such games. This game puts you in a situation where you are playing without any allies because they are dead and Mars a planet is captured by demons. The objective of the player is to go back on own planet means Earth and it includes lots of obstacles on the way.

Player will fight again variety of demons with different powers; to fight them also requires different weapons. This game is full of variety which keeps the player enjoys the game throughout.

This is one of the best additions in FPS genre and also gets positive response. It also faces few issues such as input lag which frustrates the player in critical situation. Its every next level keeps player interested about the game and never want to quite it before completing all levels.


Critical OPS is fully action-thrilled first-person-shooting ( FPS ) multiplayer game. Player has to become an active member of team to attack the opponents and take advantage of all modern weapons. Its graphics are shockingly amazing and looks like it requires much more space to download, but it’s just a browser fps game.

Its game maps are big and makes the player walk through everywhere to confront the enemy. This game requires the player to have fast reflexes and tactical skills to capture the enemy area and kill all of them.

Its maps are designed in a way which makes the game more competitive and not easy to point the target easily. There are several objects to hide behind which gives the enemy an advantage to avoid the sniper attack.

This game enjoys the good rating and overall comments are also good. This is popular game in Europe and America where several groups are developed with multiple teams fighting each other.

9. War Broker

War Broker is a game offers you battle royale mode and so much thrill in its gameplay. They have designed a map considering the survival mode and so much objects to hide behind and play tactical. Its game visuals are similar to Minecraft and believe me it enhances the gameplay experience.

It drops you on the battlefield with other opponents, leaves lots of weapons and treasure to loot for taking advantage over enemies. These guns and tools helps you to survive and last man alive on the ground. The guns do not have unlimited bullets and has to search its loot.

Its maps are small which puts more action in the game and everyone has to come with fast reflexes. This game actually makes you believe that one little mistake can get you killed by enemy.

10. Mini Royal 2

If you are a fan of battle-royale style games and enjoy it, then you would also love Mini Royal 2 a browser fps game which graphics are similar to Minicraft. It leaves you on battleground with nine other enemies and last man standing is the winner.

 Sometimes, its characters look like legos toys which also look beautiful. The game makes you to always be alert from enemy as long distance shooting is the key to win; survival is very challenging in this game. Though, this game does not have big user base due to its weak marketing. You can play and enjoy it a lot.


The best thing about all these browser fps games is no need to download and install before you can play the game. It does not require high-end specifications but still its intensifying gameplay entertains a lot and is a great time killer.

When you play these fps game in team, it gives you a feel to be responsible for your other team members and cover them against enemies. A game lover would definitely enjoy these games no matter what other high-end games he can play using powerful GPU. Game is not only about high graphics but interesting gameplay matters a lot.

We have shared you all top 10 best browser fps games in the list, there are other games available in same genre but we do not recommend them personally.