Top 5 Best laptops for Forex and Stocks Trading In 2021 – Pros & Cons, In-Depth Review

Stocks or Forex trading can make you earn big money by making the right decision at right time. A successful trader uses all the right tools to get the information from or apply technical analysis & knowledge for investing in profitable stocks. A good laptop is a tool trader spent the most time with, a best laptop for forex or stocks trading can make a trader’s job more convenient or easier.

The best laptop has to offer multiple features to help out the broker to keep him informed with the latest happenings in the market, enable him to use multiple tools simultaneously, appropriate screen size for viewing updated prices, portability, or hardware performance. The right decision can recover the investment on a laptop in few months; a bad decision would impact the trader’s performance negatively.   

What Specifications to Consider Before Buying a Laptop for Forex / Stocks / Crypto Trading ?

A buyer needs to prefer or consider the following specifications to find the best laptop for forex or stock trading, discussed in the following.


An average stockbroker or forex trader uses three to five informational tools or platforms to gather the data from or also be updated with the market. These multiple tools or software require a specific amount of RAM for each which means the best laptop for forex or stock trading must be having faster RAM or strongly recommended to have at least 8GB RAM. We will recommend you all laptops accordingly or considering this specification.


All trading software provides real-time data on the basis of charts & graphs are created, all this process requires processing the information on an instant basis so that investors can make the analysis and take decisions. A faster processing speed requires a powerful processor in a recommended laptop; else traders would get late or outdated information which could make a big financial loss. Forex or Stock trader must give big priority to powerful processors or willing to spend money for it.

Screen Size 

Screen size must not be smaller because on average broker or trader spends an all-time on keeping eyes on the screen or get updated stats, data, or results. Smaller screens can make the user overlook critical data which may lead to wrong decision making.

Portability & Weight

A lightweight or thin laptop is more portable or easy to carry around. Forex or stock trading requires the trader to keep the laptop in the range all time, portable laptops can easily be carried from one place to other.

Best Laptops for Forex or Stocks Trading

Best laptops for forex or stocks trading are recommended after analyzing broker or trader requirements.

Lenovo IdeaPad Gaming 3i

This is a gaming laptop though but having all exact specifications can meet trader or broker requirements. It comes with 8GB DDR4 RAM which can deliver powerful performance in smoothly running multiple tools or software used for trading. Its faster RAM also allows performing multi-tasking a basic requirement of broker/trader to manage portfolio investment or on-time buying & selling. This laptop offers you the exact amount of RAM a successful trader needs.

It is powered by a 10th generation Intel Core i5-10300H processor or the best solution for heavier duties like processing data from multiple stock screens, updating multiple forex currencies, change in real-time data, or charts updating accordingly. This processor can manage or process all new data in no time or stock or forex trader exactly needs this to make on-time decisions.

It comes up with 15.6 inches screen which offers perfect viewing angles or traders can see the stats or data even from distance. This screen size is good for easily seeing complex graphs and other types of statistical graphical representation of data. Its Full HD display or 1080p resolution is good for enjoying Netflix or streaming YouTube videos once free from work.

It comes with a 512GB SSD which is enough or not likely to be fully filled by any type of trader. A user will enjoy enough space for own projects, spreadsheets, movies or other types of files. Its SSD takes less time in data seeking or highly responsive comparing to HDD technology.

Its power for processing graphical data comes from NVIDIA GTX 1650Ti or it can play all latest games at ultra settings. This laptop is complete package for work or personal life, can enjoy or relax playing games after work.

Its nine hours battery life is also great feature for forex or stock trader.

As far as its disadvantages or drawbacks are concerned, it is not a portable laptop or its weight is 6.93 pounds which makes it heavier to carry. This drawback does not directly affect the trader’s performance but is still a disadvantage. Secondly, its storage capacity could be bigger considering other laptops in its price range.

Overall, It is one of the best laptops for forex or stocks trading because its bigger screen and powerful processor are such features that can help the online trader to make the right decision at right time to earn more.

Acer Nitro 5

When Acer company wanted to launch its beast laptop, they launched Acer Nitro This laptop can easily meet critical requirements of forex or stock trader, because it is especially designed to meet professional’s expectations.

Its 16GB DDR4 RAM allows the trader to open as many research tools as he wants, its faster RAM can support running all software simultaneously. This enables the researcher to collect information from multiple sources to enhance its authenticity or then using it in decision making.

Researcher also needs to open multiple screens of various global stock exchanges or various foreign currencies, these multiple screens consumes more RAM or otherwise system would not allow it. 16GB RAM can easily open more than 20 screens at the same time or allows switching from one to other.

Its processor belongs to popular AMD series “Ryzen” or its complete name is AMD Ryzen 5 4600H which is known as upper-middle range laptop’s processor. Its base clock speed 3Ghz is more than enough for running different researches tools used by forex or stock trader. It would not heat up the system on heavy usage or credit goes to its 6 cores or 12 threads which ensures its powerful deliverance.

Its NVIDIA GTX 1650 graphic card can let you run heavy graphic simulators on laptop. These market simulators help you understor market trends or the growth / decline in top stocks. You can run multiple simulators for better decision making, this GPU can run all simultaneously for you.

Forex or stock broker can enjoy display clarity on its 15.6 inches screen; its thin bezels even makes screen look bigger than its original size. It enables the user to see the stats, numbers or data storing couple of meters away from the laptop. Its natural colors or 1080p resolution also keeps the eyes protected from strain.

It offers you two types of storages, SSD or HDD. The first one is 256GB SSD which can be used for storing official data because SSD is more efficient in seeking data for user. Its 1TB HDD offers ample space or can be used for storing personal data such as movies, documentaries, games or other files.

Acer Nitro 5 comes with its drawbacks, limitations or shortages. The first drawback is, it is heavy-weight laptop or its weight is 5.29 lbs which makes it hard to carry around. Its user has to apply little more force to carry or moving it from one place to other.

Its second shortage is not offering Type-C USB port which is mostly used for enjoying fastest data transferring. User may need anytime to transfer data on immediate basis or other ports takes little more time.

Third, it does not provide slot for SD card reader which is cheapest source of data storage. It is also very portable to take it anywhere or get connected with other laptop for data transferring.

All these three drawbacks are not directly impactful over the broker or trader performance, it affects overall user experience. Overall, It is one of the best laptops for forex or stocks trading because of having multitude of features or all contributes into productivity.   

Dell Inspiron 3793

The best thing about this laptop is its screen size 17.3 inches or offering Full HD display. Forex or Stock trader can open multiple windows displaying the exchange rates of various currencies or index of global stock exchanges, these scattered data & information can be seen clearly on bigger screen.

Stock traders are used to analyzing the charts & graphs based upon the statistical data, these graphs & charts gives better understoring on again big screen or these traders can make right decision accordingly.

This laptop can manage your multi-tasking or enables you simultaneously working on different platforms or using tools to research about stocks, forex or crypto currency. It’s 8GB RAM keep the work flow smoother or its system never go slow which increases the trader’s productivity. Its 8GB RAM is quite an asset for the user to perform multi-tasking for managing the workload.

Its process is powerful enough to process multiple tools or software showing real-time data, the challenge is processing large number of real-time transactions requires processor with more cores or threads. This laptop is powered by 10th generation Intel Core i5-1035G1 processor having 4 Cores or 8 Threads which helps processor in delivering powerful performance and processing thousands of transactions in seconds. This processor can easily meet the requirements of broker or trader looking for updated stats.

Its 1TB “SATA” hard drive provides ample storage capacity to fill it with work or personal data. It is less likely that anyone can use its full space or its user would not be worried about running out of space anytime.

Dell Inspiron 3793 also comes with its drawbacks or shortages which have to be discussed. Its first drawback is it is heavy-weight machine 6.61 lbs or bulky in size. A forex or stock trader will find it difficult carrying it during travelling or moving with it anywhere in proximity. Secondly, it offers large bezel around the screen which does not look good or in fact look ugly.   

Overall, it is one of the best laptops for forex or stocks trading because its 17.3 inches screen can show you all stats clearly in rows & columns, there is no chance to be confused or get the wrong information.  

Acer Swift 3

Acer Swift 3 is very thin laptop which looks premium or eye-catching. Its thin bezels make the screen look bigger than its original size 14 inches; thin bezels are also good for perfect viewing angles. A broker / trader can easily see the updated stats in narrow lined columns or rows. Its display performance makes it one of the best laptops for forex or stock trading.

A Netflix lover can enjoy its Full HD display for streaming movies or TV shows on it. Its thin bezel or more screen area offer cinematic experience to the user. Also, its 1080p resolution requires the user to perform less scrolling for going down looking for more data.

Its processor is known for its fastest processing speed which belongs to AMD high performing series Ryzen. Its 8 cores are designed in a way which has potential to process even the most complexes data like logics, millions of transactions, real-time data, complex graphs or charts. Its powerful deliverance also includes one more positive feature; it would never let the CPU heat up while processing complex data. Its processor can perform all types of heavier duties.

All stocks or trading related software requires 8GB of RAM or this laptop offers the same 8GB RAM. Faster RAM is essential for multi-tasking or a successful broker / trader is always involved in multi-tasking, checking different stock exchanges, foreign currencies or making decisions accordingly. This laptop can support in all this or can emerge as a weapon for trader / broker.

Its Radeon graphics card can process all high-end graphics data for the user using all in depth graphs & charts representing the trends or future predictions.

Its user is provided with ample amount of storage capacity or enjoys access to 512GB SSD. An average cannot even fill half of its space, one has to download or store hundreds of movies into its drives to fill the space. Its SSD technology is very much efficient or responsive in data seeking from multiple drives or folders. An investor / trader / broker can keep its old stocks / investment record on laptop.

This machine comes with multitude of features to make the user more productive. Its backlit keyboard turns on the lights placed beneath its keys or these keys become visible to user even in dark room. He can type faster without having any trouble because he can see the keys.

Its fingerprint reader comes with highly sensitive technology or identifies the authorized impression only which enhances your data security.

Acer Swift 3 comes with two major drawbacks which reduces its temptation for the user. First of all, it offers soldered RAM which cannot be upgraded from 8GB or user has to manage with same amount of RAM until he buys a new laptop. This limitation is more risky for professionals like video editors whose software consumes more RAM. This is going to be less impactful for stock brokers / traders who using software do not consume much RAM.

The second drawback is unavailability of thunderbolt 3, its connection speed is 40Gbps which is four times of USB 3.1 or it can also connect your device to multiple 4K displays. It also comes with USB Type-C port which mostly user prefers a lot. Third, it offers 100 watts of power or can charge your laptop as well. All these benefits of thunderbolt 3 or if it is not provided on laptop, it is a major drawback.  

Apart from its drawbacks or limitations, It is still one of the best laptops for forex or stocks trading because its faster 8GB RAM or powerful processor makes it delivers best performances.

Lenovo Legion 5

Lenovo Legion 5 comes with multiple tempting features from powerful processor to easy maintenance. Its display performance can play critical role in the success of all stock / forex traders, its 15.6 inches big screen offers best viewing experience or they can clearly see the numbers from spread sheets or statistical report. Its comfortable viewing angles do not stress the eyes or allows looking at screen for long time without any strain.

Its 1080p resolution means more rows & columns in one frame or less need to scroll down which again comforts the user. 

Its NVIDIA GTX 1660Ti graphic card is popular for its capability of loading high graphics data or delivers best experience. Stock / Forex trader can install all graphics intensive tools which show the information through charts, graphs or bars. It can run any resource-intensive software for the user.

This laptop delivers great performance by taking processing power from AMD Ryzen 7 4800H processor; it has won several benchmark tests from competitor’s processors. It is great at processing data for PhotoShop users which is supposed to be very resource-intensive software. It is just a piece of cake processing stock exchange, real-time, charts & graphs or foreign currency related data for this processor.

When you talk about Lenovo Legion 5, there is no room left for under-performance in any area, its 16GB faster RAM can even open ten software simultaneously for user convenience; it would not let the system go slow down. 16GB RAM is highly recommended by extremely resource-intensive software or one can imagine how fast it can make any laptop.

You can download as many games or movies as you want on its 512GB SSD, it is almost impossible to fill its full space. Its SSD ensures taking minimum time in data seeking for you or way faster comparing to HDD.

Lenovo Legion 5 also comes with great selection of ports including four USB 3.1 ports, one USB-C port, HDMI, Ethernet or an audio jack. These multiple ports allow the user to transfer the data from one flash to other or enjoy its portability. This is very useful feature for the traders or brokers.

As far as its drawbacks are concerned, it is little heavy-weight laptop or comes with 5.41 lbs weight which means not very portable laptop. Its user may find it little heavier to carry around especially during travelling. The second drawback is its limited choice of variants which leaves limited options to choose from for the user.

The drawbacks of this laptop are not very critical for the professionals. It is definitely one of the best laptops for forex or stocks trading considering its 15.6 inches screen, 1080p resolution or powerful processor.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

– Which laptop specification is most critical on laptop for stock / forex trading ?

The display performance should not be compromised at all on a laptop for stock or forex trading. The display performance includes color accuracy, brightness, higher resolution and even screen size. The investor has to make right decision by analyzing the graphs, charts and trends before buying and selling. Therefore, display performance has huge impact on the better performance of the forex / stock trader.

– is RAM plays important role in a laptop will be used by stock / forex trader ?

The RAM is going to help in a way to provides full support in multitasking. A trader is used to be engaged in multitasking and seeing different trends to analyze the market. They have to study multiple reports and accordingly make decisions. Without a faster RAM, multitasking makes the laptop start lagging.


A best laptop for forex or trading comes with powerful processor because it has to perform critical functions for its professional user; processor is required for processing thousors of updated entries on every minute basis, processing the complex graphical or non-graphical data, charts or other types of logical data. Less powerful processor would slow down the system or investor can lose its money by late decision making.

Display performance is second most critical specification any forex or stock broker should see. It includes the screen size or recommended size is 15.6 inches which offers display clarity. They have to see the numbers or stats in rows & columns, smaller screens could confuse the investor or may lead to wrong decision making.

RAM is the third most important feature which should be impacting the decision about buying a laptop. Faster RAM allows multi-tasking or trader can open more programs or windows simultaneously to take information from multiple sources. It is recommended to choose the laptop with a minimum of 8GB RAM.