TOP 6 BEST CHROMEBOOKS UNDER 300 DOLLARS – Pros & Cons, In-Depth Review

Today, we will be discussing about Best Chromebooks Under 300 Dollars. Chromebooks is the hot selling product in the time of corona virus and mostly people thinks them as best buying comparing to Apple’s expensive machines. Google definitely succeeded in launching such a user-friendly laptop which offers enhanced security through cloud storage, access to Chrome Browser with built-in Google Apps, plug-ins and other features.

 Chromebooks had already a successful idea and were enjoying higher market share every new year, but an idea of best Chromebooks under $300 contributed a lot in multiplying the sales.

All popular brands wants build and sell multi-featured Chromebooks and they are also building cheaper price Chromebooks with best possible features they can offer.

Main Benefits of Chromebooks

Chromebook enjoyed success at its earliest stage and since then never experienced any drop in popularity, the reason is its distinguish features and benefits comparing to ordinary laptops, discussed in the following.


Mostly Chromebooks available in market are significantly cheaper than average laptop. You can buy a Chromebook as cheap as $200 and its mid-range models would cost around $300-$400.


Chromebooks are way efficient in terms of its speed efficiency and ready to use within eight seconds. They achieve faster speed because having SSD hard drives and they have installed extremely light-weight OS which consumes less processing power.


You should expect six to eight hours battery timings on an average Chromebook, though latest models offers up to thirteen hours battery life which ease the user’s life.

Security & Cloud Storage

Its Chrome operating system comes with built-in virus and malware protection which prevents accepting all malicious files and also keep you alert. You also get free cloud storage from 15GB to 100GB varies model to model. User can also enjoy 100GB of Google Drive storage free for next two years.

Usage of Chromebooks

Chromebooks are used for all daily routine tasks such as internet browsing, word-processing, photo-editing, streaming and watching videos. It comes with additional feature and allows you all kinds of documentation on Google’s office suite. Chromebook is very useful for students, teachers and those who needs it not for very technical purpose. Chromebooks are very popular among the kind of users very concerned about the security.


Let’s discuss about those best Chromebooks under 300 dollars offering better features than others available in the market.

Lenovo Chromebook S330

Lenovo Chromebook S330 is very compact and light-weight machine, perfect for backpack and its minimalist design makes it portable during travelling. This machine is less than 1 inch thin and its weight only 3.3 pounds. It definitely meets the basic requirement of all Chromebooks, it must be easy to carry.

Its 14” Full HD display offers amazing viewing for watching & streaming movies, perfect multimedia machine. Its display resolution size ( 1920 x 1080 ) which is preferable for enjoying HD movies includes more pixels to better define the frame graphics.

It can handle user’s decent level multi-tasking by offering 4GB DDR3 and enables the user to simultaneously stream videos and also be engaging in other task such as word-processing. This is best can expect from the Chromebook available under 300 dollars.

The processor can easily manage the all data processing such as streaming HD videos, watching movies on player, basic photograph editing, internet browsing and other routine tasks. Its processor name is MediaTek MT8173C, it takes power from 64-bit quad core. In simple words, user can enjoy powerful processing for daily routine tasks.

You can store all your data on its 64GB eMMC drive or can also enjoy access to 100GB of cloud storage only available at Chromebooks. Its multiple connectivity options through micro SD, USB-C and USB 3.0 also enables the user to get connected with personal Chromebook and use SD to store personal data, flash drives are also good source of data storage.

This Lenovo Chromebook S330 is easy-to-use and easy maintenance as well. Its battery can survive for ten hours and it must be enough for any kind of user.

As far as its Cons are concerned, Its CPU performance is limited and processor is not designed to support multi-data processing. After all, It is one of the cheapest price Chromebook available on Amazon.

Apart from its drawbacks, its multiple good features make it one of the best Chromebooks under 300 dollars.

Acer Chromebook Spin 311

Acer Chromebook Spin 311 is convertible laptop and can be used in four modes Laptop Mode, Tablet Mode, Tent Mode and Display Mode. It offers built-in anti-virus and manage automatic updates to keep the system faster and efficient. User can enjoy the access to 2 million Android based apps from Play Store.

This machine is extremely portable and light-weight only 2.62 lbs.

Its 11.6” HD display also offers touch-screen technology can be used by fingers and stylus both. User can convert it into favorite mode, carrying it easily to find favorite spot for watching movies and enjoy. Its good display performance entertains the user while streaming and watching on platforms like Netflix and YouTube.

This Chromebook is one of the best choices for performing daily routine tasks which does not require high-end hardware. Intel Celeron N4020 Dual-Core processor is installed which boost up speed can reach up to 2.8GHz. This processor empowers the user to watch movies at 1080p resolution, stream videos at HQ, perform moderate level video editing and enjoy fast internet surfing experience.

Its 4GB RAM also improves the processor efficiency through transferring the information from one component to other component at faster speed.

Its user has to manage with low data storage capacity as this Chromebook comes with 32GB eMMC and only specific data can be stored. The second option is accessing to 100GB of Google Drive space allotted free of cost to the owner of this Chromebook. User can even access it offline and enjoy the ample storage space.

Acer Chromebook Spin 311 comes with multiple USB ports, two USB Type-C ports, two USB 3.1 ports and Bluetooth.

Battery life makes this Chromebook very tempting for the traveler’s type of users; it can survive up to ten hours.

As far as its drawbacks are concerned, its low-resolution and thick bezels are an issue in overall display performance. User prefers thin bezels because it improves the focus on screen. Its meager 32GB storage capacity is another drawback but the good thing is user can manage the space through inserting micro-SD card.

Its display performance and portability defines it as one of the best Chromebooks under dollars.

Samsung Chromebook 4 Plus

Samsung also realized the sales potential of Chromebooks and its demand have been rapidly increasing over the last five years. They have already invested a lot in consumer electronics and this time came up with amazing Chromebook offers great value for money.

Its display is designed with minimum bezel which looks compact and beautiful. User can enjoy watching Netflix and streaming YouTube videos on its 15.6” screen. Mostly Chromebooks comes with 14” screen to maintain the cost and only offers something which meets the basic purpose. This one is offering bigger screen which dramatically boost viewing experience. Its 1080p resolution size is one more favorable feature in its display which allows watching movies at 1080p quality.

Its two major hardware RAM and processor can meet all daily routine requirements of the user, not more not less. Intel Celeron Processor and 4GB RAM is installed on “Samsung Chromebook 4 Plus”, these two hardware enables user to perform anything, Chromebook are designed for such as word-processing, running android apps on its Play store, watching and streaming and basic-level photo-editing.    

In similar to other Chromebooks, this one also offers 32GB eMMC storage which is standard for almost all Chromebooks have been released so far. Its user has free access to cloud-storage offered by “Google” for all Chromebook OS users.

Its weight is just 3.8 lbs and slim body makes it perfect for backpack. Its “Silver” color looks premium and as expensive machine. As far as its durability is concerned, official claims that it offers Military-grade durability.

Its battery can last up to 10 hours and this feature is very tempting for those users watch movies a lot.

“Samsung Chromebook 4 Plus” also has its own limitations and list of Cons. First of all, its storage capacity is meager and its user is mostly likely to run out of space all the time, though can get free access to cloud storage. Secondly, it does not offer HDMI port which enables the user to get connected to LED for anything productive. This might be an issue for those officials wants to share something on bigger screen.

Its big screen and powerful hardware defines it as one of the best Chromebooks under 300 dollars available.

HP Chromebook 14

Its machine is good for easy maintenance and remains quiet during use. Its 14” diagonal HD screen offers satisfying viewing experience and its graphics side is powered by Intel HD Graphics 500 which improves its display performance. Its touch-screen feature is very sensitive & responsive through using stylus which comes with a Chromebook.

It has got good-performing Intel Dual Core Celeron N3350 processor which is capable of processing complex data in no time using its multi-core processors and its maximum speed reaches up to 2.4GHz impressively. This processor is little more advanced comparing to processors offered in other Chromebooks under 300 dollars. It also comes with 4GB RAM essential to meet basic-level multi-tasking and all cheap price Chromebooks offer the same amount of RAM.

You need to carefully use its limited 32GB eMMC storage, should not be expecting more in this much cheap price. It has also got two USB 3.1 Type-C ports, known for efficiently transmitting both data and power on a single cable. Everyone is looking for Type-C port on the device about to buy.

Its microSD card is another cheap source of data storage and highly portable. Its user can enjoy access to additional storage capacity by inserting microSD card and store as much data as one wants.

Its battery life is neither impressive nor disappointing, can last up to six hours and Chromebooks users can easily manage it.

Its average battery timings is the only Con or limitation on HP Chromebook 14.

Its wide connectivity, available of microSD slot and powerful processor defines it as one of the best Chromebooks under 300 dollars available.

Acer Chromebook 314

Acer comes again in the list of Best Chromebooks under 300 dollars; they are one of the fastest growing brand in laptop’s industry and coming up with most innovative technologies. It’s one cheap Chromebook comes with multitude of features and having everything you would expect in this price range.

Its 14” Full HD IPS Display is a very good option for enjoying Netflix at high quality on cheap price device. Its thin bezels multiply the quality of watching experience and looks like an expensive Chromebook.

Its Intel Celeron N4000 is a decent solution for daily routine duties like word-processing, Internet surfing, video streaming and mediocre-level photo-editing. The performance of N4000 gets better through 4GB RAM installed on this Chromebook, 4GB RAM transfers the processed information quickly from one component to other, this way processor also improves its efficiency.

It is one of the best Chromebooks for enjoying streaming and completing daily routine tasks.

Acer Chromebook 314 is good at offering long hours battery life. User should not be worried about battery while watching number of episodes of favorite Season as it can last up to 12 hours.

This Chromebook comparatively offers larger storage capacity and comes with 64GB eMMC, you can only enjoy 32GB on mostly Chromebooks available under 300 dollars. You can also enjoy free access to additional 100GB of Google Drive space; use it as a secure backup.

Its Google Chrome operating system comes with some useful plug-ins which are very productive.

Acer Chromebook 314 also have its own disadvantages and drawbacks. First of all, it is not light-weight Chromebook and neither very portable machine. Its weight is 4.79 lbs and these days users take it as heavy-weight device. Second drawback is, It has no touch-screen feature which looks impressive and user miss the chance of showing-off. Third Con in the list, It does not offer finger-print reader used for security and prevention of unauthorized access.

Its long-hours battery life defines Acer Chromebook 314 as one of the best Chromebooks under 300 dollars.

Acer Chromebook R 11

Acer Chromebook R 11 is convertible into four modes such as Notebook, Tablet, Display and Tent. Its first mode “Notebook” is used for enhancing productivity with fully functional keyboard. Its “Display” mode is good for enjoying the movies and other entertainment content because this mode only shows the screen which also improves the focus. Its “Tent” mode is used where user have limited space such as in an airplane. Its “Tablet” mode is very portable and enables user to enjoy all daily routine tasks on tablet mode.

Its 11.6” screen is bigger than screen size of any tablet and smaller than laptop’s one. Its HD display streams Netflix and YouTube videos at High Quality, screen junkies can enjoy all their favorite content on this Chromebook.

User can perform moderate level multi-tasking on Acer Chromebook R 11, its 4GB RAM is capable of supporting it. Mostly, Cheap price Chromebooks is installed with 4GB RAM which meets the system requirements for handling tasks like video streaming and word-processing.

This Chromebook is powered by Intel Celeron N3150 which shows good performance in several benchmark tests and offers good value for money. It allows user to perform basic-level photo editing on Chromebook which is amazing because such software requires high-end processors.

Acer Chromebook R 11 provides you 32GB storage capacity for storing limited data. Almost, all Chromebooks offers very limited storage capacity from 32GB to 64GB. This one also offers you free access to 100GB of Google Drive where user can save own personal.

Its 10 hours long battery life enables user to spend quality time on Chromebook while enjoying Netflix, YouTube or Internet browsing.

Its weight is only 2.76 lbs and its portability is good for using it outdoor, somewhere in the park.

As far as its list of “Cons” is concerned, no Laptop or Chromebook comes with all perfect features and without any limitations. Acer Chromebook R 11 also has its own limitations and shortages. First of all, Its webcam does not offer HD video chat and sends noisy webcam photos to the other user on session. Secondly, Its touch-screen is not very sensitive and it takes the user to apply little more force for giving input, though it is still good to use.

Its portability, additional storage capacity feature and powerful battery defines it as one of the best Chromebooks under 300 dollars available.


One should have realistic expectations from a Chromebook available under 300 dollars. It can be mainly used for basic routine tasks like Internet surfing, video-streaming and word-processing. A screen size would play as game changer for specific type of users in selecting the one Chromebook among many.

A light-weight and portable Chromebook is a plus point as it is supposed to be usable during travelling also for enjoying flexibility. A good Chromebook under 300 dollars would be the one which offers not less than 4GB RAM and a processor can handle HD video streaming. Long-hours battery life should also be very tempting for the users; no one wants to keep recharging device all the time.