Top 6 Best Laptops For Drawing And Sketching In 2021 – Pros & Cons, In-Depth Review

Most artists using tablets for drawing and not any laptop or PC, the reason is they are not completely introduced with those touch-screen laptops which offer pressure sensitive digital pens/stylus used for hand-drawing. Most laptops come with a highly sensitive stylus and they have the intelligence to understand the different levels of pressures, accordingly bold or thin lines.

We need certain specifications and features which make any laptop the best laptop for drawing. It must be offering a color-accurate display that shows a sketch or drawing in its natural colors and in the realistic frame. It also gives a user an idea about how would it look exactly in real life. Secondly, it has to be a high-resolution laptop that produces more pixels and then creates sharp images which offer an amazing display. There are also some other specifications required in the best laptop for drawing which will be discussed with details in the following along with recommending one of the best laptops that can offer all those features.

What Specifications to Consider Before Buying a Laptop for Drawing

We are going to discuss the most critical specifications that must be there in a laptop that will be used for drawing purposes.

Stylus Support

One must be buying a drawing laptop which comes with sensitive and responsive stylus can be used for accurate sketching and drawing. It must offer strong grip instead of full of slippery.


Here, performance means what amount of RAM is required and what powerful processor in terms of Cores and Threads. RAM is essential to support multi-tasking while sketching and drawing. Powerful processor allows the user using any latest drawing software requires processing of complex data. A powerful laptop can open and run resource-intensive software for you like PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and many more.

Display Screen Size

A display screen size impacts the performance of the person sketching and drawing on screen. Smaller screens challenge more the ability of user to draw the whole sketch within less screen area as compared to bigger screens.

Display Quality

High display quality means color-accurate display, high resolution and overall brighter viewing. It helps the user to easily look all through his creative work and truly judge own work.   

Best Laptops for Drawing

We are going to recommend you best laptops for drawing and also explaining its useful features which makes any artist to be more creative and productive.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7

This laptop is extremely light-weight, only 1.7 pounds and carrying it like a paper. It offers good portability and easy to backpack for travelling.

Its display performance is beyond amazing as screen is bright, outstanding saturation / color balance and its more pixels produces sharp images. Its 2736 x 1824 resolution size produces thousands of more pixels from 1080p display. It offers similar real life watching experience and this is what a true artist wants to work on such technology. There is not even one competitor offering this size of resolution in its price range.

Its screen size is 12.3” which offers you appropriate area for sketching and using stylus all over. Its stylus offers advanced artificial intelligence to understand different levels of pressure to draw the line accordingly.

This laptop is powered by 10th generation Intel Core i5-1035G4 processor, experts considers it as powerful processor can run latest version of PhotoShop and user can use all of its new tools. Its 4 cores can perform all complex processing for the user as gets the support from 8 threads designed to boost the productivity of all four cores.

Its 8GB RAM can open and run more than five programs simultaneously to allow you multi-tasking for managing workload. An artist usually does not believe in multi-tasking, still its RAM can allow you for this.

Its storage capacity is neither very much nor very less, comes with 256GB SSD. An artist can store ample amount of its artistic work, developed on PhotoShop similar software on 256GB size storage drive. An average size of PS file is from 50MB to 500MB. An artist can store 400 numbers of files which average size are 500 MB and still would be left with empty space. Moreover, Its SSD technology seeks all your data in less time which refrain you from frustration.

It is available in Platinum with black keyboard and looks very attractive and eye-catching. Its owner can easily win the good impression on other people sitting in surroundings.  

This laptop also has its own drawbacks and limitations which also need to be revealed and discussed. First of all, its thick bezel is not good in the times when competitors are offering narrow edge and thin bezel laptops which looks attractive. Secondly, it does not offer thunderbolt connectivity which enables the user to enjoy faster data transferring. Third, its user cannot take it outside on sunny day because the sun glare is too powerful for this display brightness.

All laptops have its drawbacks and weak areas and considering all of its Pros and Cons, this is definitely one of the best laptops for drawing.

Lenovo Yoga C940

Lenovo Yoga C940 is the answer if you are in search of optimal performance. Its display technology is the most efficient in delivering highly accurate pinpoint performance. An artist can enjoy strong grip and better experience for what he actually wants to sketch. An artist can make wonders in digital art on this laptop.

It comes with 14” Full HD IPS touchscreen display and provides 10-finger multi-touch support which is good for another level of drawing. Its 1920 x 1080 resolution display produces more pixels and better defines the same image for an artist. Its Pen is very comfortable in use and made of a material which touch gives you good feel.

Its pen works through built-in artificial intelligence having different levels of sensitivity which enables an artist to apply the all artistic depths accordingly.

Let’s discuss about its hardware performance, it is powered by 10th generation Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor which has been tested through several benchmark tests in competition with other processors. Its benchmark test showed extra ordinary performance on “Cinebench” R20 software used for checking hardware capabilities. Its artist user can run any latest software on Lenovo Yoga C940 without any worry.

Its user can perform next level multi-tasking because it is supported by 12GB RAM installed on this laptop. This much faster RAM allows an artist to also perform other non-artistic work for reducing workload and managing the time. 12GB RAM is good for keep the laptop cooler and no heat-up issues.

This laptop easily stores all users’ essential and non-essential data on its 512GB SSD. Normally, files saved on PhotoShop similar software takes space from 100MB to 500MB; this calculation informs us that an artist user can easily save its one thousand to five thousand work files.    

Its 2-in-1 feature enables user convert it into tablet from laptop and laptop from tablet. An artist user is recommended to enjoy its tablet mode as good for drawing and sketching.

It offers 2 thunderbolt and 3 display ports which allows to get the laptop connected with big LEDs and 4K displays. An artist can show his work on bigger screens through connecting his laptop with it. Thunderbolt ports also allow faster data transferring which makes it time-efficient.

Its user can never run out of its battery with little care to apply. Its 15 hours battery life should be more than enough for an artist who once get involved into artistic work and time is like flying for them.

No laptop is without drawbacks and limitations, same case with Lenovo Yoga C940. It shorts on ports and could be more number of ports provided to easily get connected with laptop. Secondly, it offers Soldered RAM and cannot be upgraded which may require the user to buy new one after three years.

Overall, this laptop has more Pros than Cons and meets the all system requirements to be called as one of the best laptops for drawing.

Lenovo Flex 5

This is an ultra-thin machine and its light-weight also makes it ultra-portable for the user. This laptop is perfect for backpack and its artist user can take it anywhere he can imagine more creativity. Its weight is just 3.63 lbs and requires less energy while holding it. Its slim and stylish body gets the other people attention and user enjoys it.

Its display performance is more than satisfactory as it offer Full HD panel at 1080p resolution size. Its display quality is extremely impressive which reflects the all images in its natural colors and produces picture in more pixels which defines it in depth. An artist would definitely enjoy the work on Lenovo Flex 5; it gets the all support and useful features for applying creativity.

It is also critical to discuss about its full-fledged digital stylus and how it is better in sketching than pens offered by competitors. They offer a digital pen bigger in size which allows user to have long hours sketching sessions. It offers very deep level of sensitivity which helps a user to make wonders in artistic work.

Mostly users perform artists work on heavy-resource software like PhotoShop which requires powerful processor. You can enjoy faster data processing speed because its AMD Ryzen 5 4500U processor having 6 Cores and 6 Threads.

It can process even most complex data in no time and easily meets the system requirements of software like PhotoShop. It wins several benchmark tests from competitor’s processors where it performed better in processing graphical data.

User can enjoy its multi-tasking muscles powered by 16GB DDR4 RAM. Its faster RAM also improves the processor efficiency and makes overall system more efficient. It means no heat up issues, no screen lag, less data storing and transferring time and many more benefits. It improves the user experience and offers quality time to focus on artistic and drawing work.

Its AMD Radeon Graphics card can process more in depth graphical data to display natural colors and produce more sharp images. This GPU would display the creative work of all artists.        

Its user is less likely to run out of storage capacity because 256GB is still an ample space to store personal and work data. Mostly, there would be PhotoShop files to store and on average each file size varies 100 to 500MB which means can store around 1500 number of files again on average. If user still wants more capacity can go for upgrading option and can enjoy another 512GB SSD.  

There is no significant drawback that could make it a less tempting laptop. Only one thing about battery life, it could be better as it can only go as long as seven hours, though still offers satisfactory performance.

Apart from its drawbacks, Its Pros are more than its Cons and includes it in the list of best laptops for drawing.

Acer Spin 5

Acer Spin 5 is a convertible laptop which can flip nicely into tablet mode, this is amazing experience to enjoy tablet mode on 13.5” screen because usually tablets screens are not more than 9”. It offers 2K resolution screen which you can’t imagine to have the same display quality in same price range. No competitor offers you 2K screen in affordable price.

An artist user must give top priority to its 2K screen quality which produces 1.4 million more pixels in comparison to 1080p resolution and it results as sharper images, high quality and in depth defined drawing quality. An artist will definitely be enjoying drawing and sketching experience on Acer Spin 5 due to 2K screen resolution which is calculated as 2256 x 1504.

Its stylus is rechargeable and easy to grip while drawing. It comes with super artificial intelligence and can recognize 4,096 different levels of pressure sensitivity which makes you feel like holding a pen to paper for controlling the movements and more precise strokes.

The software which requires high graphic data processing such as PhotoShop, Adobe Illustrator, or Corel Draw cannot perform its functions without a powerful processor which has set a higher benchmark test. Acer Spin 5 offers you a 10th generation Intel Core i7-1065G7 processor which is powered by 4 Cores and 8 Threads. To analyze and evaluate the data processing power of this processor, it can edit and save 4K format videos on “Adobe Premiere Pro” which only a powerful processor can do.

Its user can have hands full on multi-tasking because 16GB DDR4 RAM is installed which supports it. Multi-tasking is really essential for reducing workload and these days performed by both types of users technical and artists.

Its backlit keyboard is going to make you more productive in night times and dark surroundings, its keys are visible in dark because of shining lights placed in beneath.

This laptop also offers generous and ample capacity for storing data without depending upon external sources, comes with 512GB SSD and an artists can easily save their all creative work performed on PhotoShop similar software. Its SSD performs efficiently in seeking data from drives in less time comparing to HDD.

You can easily travel with it because it is 2.6 lbs light-weight machine.     

The users of Acer Spin 5 have to deal with its drawbacks and short-comings like any one would do with any other laptop. The first drawback is about its low-quality plastic made touchpad and it’s not even user-friendly. Using touchpad would only be a last option with this laptop. Secondly, it offers poor fingerprint reader which sometimes cannot even recognize the authorized impression but still make it in more tries.

Having its drawbacks and limitations in view, this is still one of the best laptops for drawing as comes with an amazing 2K resolution which offers a realistic view, and also coming up with a powerful processor 10th generation Intel Core i7-1065G7.

ASUS Chromebook C434

ASUS Chromebook C434 is a machine specifically designed to perform creative and artistic work on this. Its screen viewing experience is very satisfying as comes with 4-Way NanoEdge. Its thinnest bezels helps viewer to only focus on screen and enjoy the watching experience. It goes same with the user performs sketching and drawing who enjoys working on it. Mostly, laptops only offer two sides of thin bezels but ASUS Chromebook C434 offers four sides.

Its 14” touch-screen offers Full HD and 1080p resolution, good for streaming and watching videos. This is a multi-tasking laptop because its 8GB RAM enables the user to perform it, mostly people these days meet deadlines and targets by successfully performing multi-tasking and they can do the same on ASUS Chromebook C434.

It can meet your data storage requirement by offering 64GB eMMC, they compromised on storage capacity because they offered you faster RAM and 4-Way NanoEdge display which hard to find in its price range.

Its weight is just 3.3 lbs and overall, It is one of the best laptops for drawing and the reason is its 4-Way NanoEdge Touch-Screen which improves the focus during sketching and drawing.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will be answering the most frequently asked questions on this topic.

– Does screen size matter in a laptop for drawing / sketching ?

The screen size definitely matters as large screen size offers more surface area and small screen respectively. A user not highly skilled in sketching may require more area to handle things carefully.

– Should we go for faster RAM ?

An artist should go for a faster RAM if supposed to perform extreme level multitasking, faster RAM is only critical when have to work on multiple programs simultaneously. Therefore, it depends upon your work style.

– How can we explain display quality significance in a laptop for drawing or sketching ?

An artist is looking for perfection for which they require color accuracy, display clarity, sharp pixels and higher resolution. They cannot imagine draw or sketch something amazing without having all these features in display performance.

Final Words

All the best laptops for the drawing will definitely offer a powerful processors which can process all complex artistic work data includes in-depth color shading and mixing on software like PhotoShop. Secondly, it must be offering a highly responsive and very sensitive stylus to operate and sketch through, these two qualities are essential for good artistic work. Lastly, a best laptop for drawing will offer 8GB RAM to allow you multi-tasking during drawing and sketching.