Top 7 Best Laptops For Accountants in 2021 – Pros & Cons, In-Depth Review

Accounting has been a complex job to manage a large number of transactions, every transaction produces its double effect and accordingly, all managerial reports need to be updated. Businesses cannot survive without updated accounting reports and managers makes critical decisions on an accounting data basis which makes Accountant jobs very challenging. Therefore, they need the best laptop to perform their accounting-based duties with the highest efficiency.

Many Accounting Software is available in the market which provides the complete solution to complex accounting issues and effects. Once the best accounting software has chosen, next thing is to choose the best laptop for the accountant. An accountant has certain expectations from an ideal laptop which will discuss later in the article.

A wise decision will make accountant’s jobs easier. A good choice of laptop will improve the accountant’s experience using accounting-based software like Quickbooks or Excel in the job. Considering the accountant spends many hours on a laptop on daily basis and a wrong choice would have a huge impact on his productivity.

We are going to make a list of best laptops for accountants which suggests you required specifications in the laptop which actually helps accountants in productivity and managing the tasks better in less time.

We will also explain why these laptops are being recommended to you and how you do not have to spend extra money on features which being an accountant you do not want, these laptops are also suggested for accounting students as well.

What Specifications Must Accountant Consider Into a Laptop?

Screen Size

An Accountant is engaged in preparing multiple excel sheets, hundreds of data entries, generation of managerial reports, and also write managerial reports. This involves too much tasking and an accountant spends long hours on the laptop. This needs a laptop must be having a large screen size somewhere between 15-inches to 16-inches.

A smaller screen would frustrate the accountant from an unclear view which puts stress on eyes and not be able to work for long hours. Decent screen size is an essential feature as a clear view is critical for creating financial sheets, enter accounting data, and managerial data which basis of big decision-making for the business. Small screens can increase the risk of error in financial data entries.

RAM & Processor

Best laptops for accountants that offer at least 8GB DDR4 RAM to handle multi-tasking and manage work overload. Accountants are busy multi-tasking, managing excel sheets, and at the same time generating reports on QuickBooks. They cannot afford lags and the system slow down during working hours to accomplish the tasks within a given time from management.

It is recommended to have a laptop having 8GB RAM and Core i5 Processor to expect powerful performance. You may find a budget laptop with decent specifications under $700 and $600 which serves the purpose well. A list of best laptops for accountants will mostly include all laptops in $600-$700 price range with 8GB RAMS.

Battery Life   

All professionals and office people need a strong battery that can last long before it needs to recharge the laptop. It is also because to avoid keep the laptop on recharging all the time which adds up into the other responsibilities.

These days, all expensive laptops feature a strong battery that can go last up to ten to twelve hours but this is exceptional. One must expect to have a battery on the laptop which keeps it running for six hours. Battery life is a critical factor in the list includes all the best laptops for accountants.


Any accountant who is engaged in attends meetings on a frequent basis and moves from one office to another office. Then he definitely needs a portable laptop that maintains his comfort level. Light-weight and Slim laptops increase portability and make it convenient for users to move the laptop from one place to another.

Top 7 Best Laptops for Accountants

We are going to share with you best laptops for accountants which can enhance their work productivity and offers better user experience.

ASUS VivoBook 15

ASUS VivoBook 15 is one of the thinnest and light-weight laptops offers easier portability for busy accountant.

Display Performance: Its 15.6-inches laptop screen size is enough to give a clear view of Excel sheets and Cost accounts to the accountant and in response, he commits no error in financial reporting. Screen size does matter for certain professionals and an “Accountant” is one of them.

Processor and RAM: You would enjoy its powerful performance powered by 8GB DDR4 RAM and Intel Core i5 processor which holds too much power to support multi-tasking without a single lag and keeps the workflow smooth. ASUS VivoBook 15 can be trusted during busiest working hours and would meet all expectations.

Battery Performance: Its battery life is not impressive but shows satisfactory performance. It can last up to six hours of performing basic tasks. All accountants have to be recharging it once within office timings; though this should not be a big issue. In these days, there are laptops having ten to twelve hours of battery life but they mostly are gaming laptops.

The second drawback is, it does not offer Thunderbolt 3 support but this drawback is not relevant for the accountants and to their work.

Acer Aspire 5

Acer is a rapidly-growing brand that launching laptops for a different group of segments and professions.

Processor: Acer Aspire 5 is a very powerful laptop that introduces 10th generation technology as its processor Intel Core i5 is designed in a way that consumes less battery and applies more power in processing the data.

RAM: This laptop has 8GB DDR4 RAM and it is highly compatible with the processor on this laptop. It provides big support to processor in achieving its highest clock speed and run the most heaviest application and any accounting-based software. 8GB RAM is powerful enough not to allow any lag while running 5 or 6 applications simultaneously.

Battery Life: According to its official claims, its battery can last up to eight hours and also be confirmed by buyers. Eight hours battery is good for official use and no need to recharge it during work hours if it was fully charged on the beginning of working day.

Display Performance: Its 15.6-inches screen is again a positive factor for all accountants who want to buy Acer Aspire 5. Its screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 which puts more information in one frame and users do not have to keep scrolling to go down and see the rest information, this way can also increase productivity by saving time.

Other Features: Accountants often bring the work at home to finish the report on time. They work at night and here its backlit keyboard is a useful feature, beneath the keys it appears the light, and the user can easily see the keys even in dark and type the managerial report without disturbing the spouse. All these additional features get their own place to be in the list of best laptops for accountants.

Drawbacks: As far as its drawbacks are concerned, it comes with cheap-feeling touchpad which makes the user avoid using a touchpad and instead using a mouse. You have to carry or manage the mouse every time using laptop at work.

The second drawback is, its screen is vibrant though but comparing to the competitor’s laptops, its not that vibrant. If you also want a laptop for streaming and enjoying the videos on most vibrant screens, then go for another laptop.

HP Pavilion

This HP laptop cleverly meets the all basic requirements of professionals at an affordable price. This is a highly durable laptop and requires easy maintenance; no one wants high maintenance things in life. Its thin design enables easily fit into the laptop bag and its sleek design looks attractive to others.

It can not only run heavy software like SAP and support cloud services but can also run big sized heavy games. Accountants do not need to be worried about their performance; HP Pavilion comes up with big power that runs smoothly even multiple applications are running simultaneously. Its battery can go as long as six hours for official usage.

Beast Hardware: Its Intel Core i5 processor, 8GB RAM, and NVIDIA GTX 1050 (3GB) make it a powerful and giant laptop that meets all expectations from professionals like accountants. This is a one-time investment and then life will be easier.

Drawbacks: HP Pavilion x360 laptop also comes with features which makes it less attractive. Its battery will not last eight hours which means accountants have to recharge it once during working hours. The second drawback is its slow SSD technology, it takes more loading time as compared to SSD installed on competitor’s laptops, still it is faster than HDD.

Acer Nitro 5 

It is one of the super-fastest laptops in this price-range, Acer fans wonder how could they build such a powerful laptop available at $729 price only? Accountants are recommended to perform all job functions without any interruption and system lagging. You can open multiple new programs and excel files within seconds and allows you to only focus on productivity.

Beast Hardware: Its 8GB DDR4 RAM and 10th generation Intel Core i5 processor can even open and run ten programs at the same time without lag. It is not over yet, Acer Nitro 5 comes up with NVIDIA GTX 1650 Ti graphic card which enables the accountant to play all the latest games once gets back home to release the stress.

SSD: Its 256GB SSD storage enables you to download and save as much data as you want, can expand the memory through another SSD slot which allows extending it up to 1TB. It means no chance of running out of space for saving work-related or gaming data.

Drawbacks: It also comes up with shortcomings and weak sides, its keyboard is not much user-friendly, and hard-to-read the keys on the keyboard. You are recommended to attach the extended keyboard and there will be a convenience in typing.

Its second limitation is the unavailability of a microSD slot; an SD card is used as a source of transferring data from one laptop to another, though it is not the only source. Though, Acer Nitro 5 has four USB 3.0 ports that enable data transferring.

Opinion: We are not only recommending this laptop to an accountant because it is not expensive and can be used for accounting and gaming purposes both.

Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5

This laptop comes up with only 3.63 lbs weight which makes it easy to carry. Lenovo IdeaPad Flex 5 is a winner in performance check when compared to competitors in the same price range.

Processor and RAM: Its 8GB DDR4 RAM and Intel Core i5 processor can easily handle any advanced accounting software for the next five years, which means no worries for any up-gradation in the system. Its fingerprint feature is critical for an accountant who does not want to make someone have access on own laptop, this can be harmful to professionals in the workplace.

It immediately opens the new software and programs, quickly any update performed by an accountant and remembers it in its RAM memory to show the same output if the same input is applied. This laptop will not the accountant experience compromise in smooth workflow.

Display Performance: Its screen can turn at 180 degrees and then looks like a tablet. This mode is useful for accountants when they only want data and graph analysis by using its touch-screen feature. Its narrow bezels on all four sides of the screen increase your attention only on-screen and so the focus to enhance productivity.

Drawback: This laptop has only a single flaw which is its relatively dim backlight. User complains that they have to keep the brightness level full to have a clear view on screen in daylight. It won’t be an issue in offices or inside the home where lights are not bright as sunlight.

Lenovo IdeaPad 3

Display Performance: Lenovo IdeaPad 3 meets the all requirements of an accountant only at $359 price available on Amazon, the thing is to have to compromise on few features which do not hit hard but its absence will be missed. It features 1366 x 768 display resolution and not 1920 x 1080, this is the drawback that makes the accountant to have less content on a single frame and scroll down to see more. This drawback is more critical for graphic designers.

Its 15.6-inches screen is a plus point and users do not have to compromise on viewing experience which accountants need most to enjoy the work.

Processor and RAM: This machine offers 4G DDR4 RAM and AMD Ryzen 3 processor; both can run any Accounting Software and Microsoft Excel at the same time without lagging issues.

SSD: Its 128GB SSD is more than enough for an accountant to save Excel-based and other work files in the storage. Users can also download movies and Netflix content to keep the selective collections. Lenovo IdeaPad 3 meets the user expectations considering its $359 price. It’s a good choice for the accountants who are working as a junior or assistant accountant.

Overall Review: Lets discuss the Cons and limitations of Lenovo IdeaPad 3, first is its poor build up quality which looks cheaper and unimpressive, you would not be able to impress the colleagues and fellows sitting around you.

The second drawback is, it does not include Type-C USB port which offers faster data transferring speed from one device to others. You have to manage data transfer through other ports, which takes little more time. The difference would be in not more than five minutes which is in case when data transferring is in GBs.

Dell Inspiron 17

Display Performance: Dell has launched a perfect laptop deal for accountants and carefully designed its specifications. Dell Inspiron 17 has Full HD 17.3-inches screen at 1920 x 1080 resolutions offering the best possible viewing experience for accountants to see all financial details, excel sheets, cost reports, and details on such a big screen.

It eases up the viewing experience for the accountant and he feels no stress in his eyes and enjoys the work. People also watch and enjoy YouTube videos on 1080p resolution, 17.3-inches is the main factor.

Processor and RAM: Its powerful performance is also highly impressive; 8GB DDR4 RAM and Intel Dual Core i3 processor gives the fastest processing experience through loading and running the programs quickly. There is no chance of lag for processing multiple commands and running software like QuickBooks and Excel. It is a trust-worthy laptop even for busiest working days.

Another powerful feature is its 1TB HDD storage, which has to download more and more to fill the space. You can fill it with downloading ample Netflix content like favorite TV shows, movies, and games. You won’t need to buy a new SSD to extend the space.

Besides, this laptop features amazing specifications and bigger screen size. It also comes up with drawbacks and limitations. The first drawback is its poor quality of plastic, this looks and feels cheaper. Its manufacturers should use the high quality plastic to make it look like premium device.

The second drawback, this laptop has no Type-C USB port, which is in demand by the kind of users who needs to transfer data from one laptop to other laptop, who also wants to get connected into the laptop.


ASUS Company has been continuously engaged in building laptops for its diversified market and potential buyer from different segments. They also built a laptop to meet the requirements of accountants who requires durable and long-lasting laptops which offers easy maintenance.

Its display performance is suitable for accountants who need to enter hundreds of entries on excel sheets and later analyzing them. Its screen size is 15.6 inches, neither too small nor too big and perfect for an accounting working without stressful eyes.

Its 8GB RAM enables the accountant to be engaged in multi-tasking to reduce the workload without any system lag issues. 8GB RAM is recommended for multi-task usage and this laptop offers the same.

Faster RAM is useless without powerful processor or vice-versa, this laptop comes with also a powerful processor AMD Quad Core Ryzen 7 3750H processor which have 4 cores and 8 threads, it means faster processing speed without system starts heating up. An accountant can run two or more heavy-ended and resource-intensive software at same time without any speed issues.

Its 256GB SSD is more efficient in seeking data within few seconds and accountants do not have to wait for performing daily routine tasks. It can store your work and personal data both; it offers upgrading option for SSD and internal storage if you want this.   

There is something more for an accountant and it’s not about the work. It is also a gaming laptop and having NVIDIA GTX 1650 Max-Q graphic card which can run all latest games. You can play games once free from work and want some mind relaxation. The best thing is available at $748 and you can use it for work and gaming both.

This laptop also comes with two drawbacks or limitations which need to be discussed. First of all, it does not offer USB Type-C port which mostly people finds useful for faster data transferring, other types of ports are available but not Type-C. The second drawback is, its over-weight laptop 4.8 lbs which means holding up would be little bit challenging and it is not portable.

Frequently Asked Questions

– Can We Buy A Best Laptop for Accountant Under $1000 ?

Yes, there are several laptops perfectly meets the requirement of an accountant and available under $1000 price. We also suggested above some laptops having good specifications and not much expensive.

– What Specifications are more Critical for an Accountant on Laptop ?

An accountant must be buying a laptop having a larger screen size, ideally 15.6″. Large screen size will display the accounts and graphics with clarity. Otherwise, small screens would be really frustrating for a professional like an accountant.

– Is Faster RAM Critical On Laptop For an Accountant ?

Faster RAM is critical because an accountant has to perform the tasks on multiple accounts-related applications, all of them are highly inter-connected with other. Slow RAM would not be able to run all these applications simultaneously.

– How Much Minimum RAM Should Be on a Laptop Chosen by an Accountant ?

An accountant must be buying a laptop one minimum having 8GB of RAM on its specification. 4GB RAM would create lagging issues and 16GB RAM would be wasted.


Best Laptops for Accountants available in the price range between $350-$700 and no need to over-spend for specifications which is not required by an accountant. Powerful processor and high RAM is critically required because accountant cannot afford system lagging and slowing down during workload. Powerful laptops can allow the accountants to be engaged in multi-tasking and complete the tasks at a given time.

They can buy a laptop also good for personal use, after all, they also have a personal life. A laptop with a big storage capacity is a positive factor when we also use it for downloading movies, shows, and other content for personal use. Acer Nitro 5 is the best choice when an accountant is also a gamer and wants to release stress from gaming once gets back home.