What Are The Side Buttons On A Gaming Mouse Used For? Top 10 Uses

There are numerous side buttons on gaming mouse which makes it distinguish from regular mouse having no side button at all. You can find all popular brands of gaming mouse offers side buttons which also looks like a Dial-Pad; these names are such as Logitech G604 Lightspeed, Razer DeathAdder Elite and Corsair Sabre RGB Gaming Mouse.

If you have recently bought a gaming mouse comes with the side buttons and no idea What are the side buttons on a gaming mouse used for? We will explain the functions of these side buttons and how can a gamer enjoy the better gaming experience while using these buttons.

What Functions Side Buttons Can Perform On A Gaming Mouse?

These side buttons are also known as programmable buttons on gaming mouse. Side buttons are used for performing certain actions on a game and also very helpful to easily use Combo or for special moves, when same is more complicated on keyboard.

It is easier to use one or two side buttons instead memorizing scattered hotkeys on keyboard.

Gamer can also re-assign a specific action or move for every side button as per own comfort and according to how own brain works.

In the following video, the settings of side buttons of gaming mouse are explained for the Fortnite game.

Let’s take an example; you are playing one of the FPS games like Counter-Strike or Call of Duty which frequently requires the player/shooter to keep reloading, scoping and firing on the target. Player can set these three actions on side buttons to quickly use them and kill enemy before they do.

Mostly hardcore gamers who loves playing WoW or Diablo 3 makes the most efficient usage of the mouse side buttons for performing certain actions like cast spells, opens the maps and open inventory.

You must be wondering what are rest of side buttons used for and if gamers can use them to perform any action. The answer is Yes, side buttons also used for performing following actions.

  • Throwing Grenades over Enemies
  • Sniper Zooming
  • Gun Reloading
  • Consuming Health Pills
  • Quick Weapon Switching
  • Change the camera view
  • Casting spells
  • Crouching
  •  Stealth Walkthrough
  • Hiding behind objects

You can also setup Macros for the side buttons which saves your time, energy, efforts and enables to quickly complete repetitive tasks by just clicking an assigned button. It will also increase your performance in the game especially when playing first-person-shooting games.

For Example, a gamer can setup Macros for challenging combination-based attacks in Tekken a fight game, which otherwise involves sequence of buttons pressed in no time. It is easy to just press an assigned button after setting it up for Macros and the whole special combo attack will be performed automatically.

These side buttons are going to stay you competitive in the game and enemy will not be standing anywhere close to you. This function also lets the gamer enjoy competitive advantage and keep winning the games.

Can We Also Use Side Buttons On Gaming Mouse For Other Things Than Gaming?

Absolutely Yes, these side buttons can help you in increasing the work productivity and perform task management more efficiently. User can configure the side buttons to carry out several tasks which otherwise involves lots of usage of keyboard and mouse.

User can perform following tasks with the help of side buttons.

  1. Cut, Copy and Paste
  2. Quickly open any program
  3. Go to Next / Previous media
  4. Volume Up and Down, Mute
  5. Playback Controls
  6. Adjust the Screen Size
  7. Move Page up / down
  8. Open any specific assigned program

How Many Minimum Buttons A Gaming Mouse Must Have?

All gaming mouse comes with minimum six buttons on them. The first two buttons are also common on normal mouse left-click and right-click buttons, two side buttons mostly on left side, one mouse wheel on center and DPI/CPI toggle button.

It also depends upon the game genre and accordingly number of side buttons on gaming mouse requires depends upon which kind of game playing.

For Example, there will be six buttons required for the FPS games like DOOM, Counter Strike and Overwatch. The other types of games like League of Legends in which gamer has to perform multiple actions simultaneously, requires a mouse having more than six buttons. It will be beneficial assigning multiple actions to every side button.

MMO games where player has to competing against massively multiplayer, extra side buttons can help in configuring to perform defensive & counter moves on one click basis and enjoy the resistance against powerful attacks by enemies.

Assigning different actions to side buttons can help you in building a complete war strategy in MMO game to win like a pro.

If you are a player with higher skills on keyboard, the less side buttons you need on gaming mouse or vice-versa.  

How To Configure Gaming Mouse Buttons?

All big names and companies selling gaming mouse also offers its dedicated software which helps in configuring the buttons.

It depends upon the creativity of the player, which combination of actions selects to carry out through button configuration. They will most probably like to configure buttons for the combo can hardly perform manually.

Logitech gaming mouse comes with a software name Logitech’s G Hub, it automatically detects the new game installed on your system and then automatically creates its profile on desktop and also in the drive game installed.

Other popular gaming mouse brands are Razer comes with Synapse software and the Corsair users will get access on its iCUE software, both offers Macros option and good at configuring buttons.

All brands of gaming mouse have own dedicated software and it can only be used from the same brand mouse. It would not be wise using non-original mouse and try to configure side buttons using original software.

Though, there are software available online for generic mouse and no need to buy expensive brands of mouse if cannot afford at all. These software names X-mouse, HydraMouse and Mouse Manager. These will help the gamers to configure the side buttons but not more than 5, generic mouse have own software limitation.

What is the Maximum Number of Buttons On Gaming Mouse?

The maximum number of buttons on any gaming mouse, eighteen and its name is Logitech G 600. This mouse also has 20 programmable inputs because it was especially designed for enthusiastic players of MMO gaming.

What is the Function of DPI / CPI Button On Gaming Mouse?

The term CPI stands for (Counts Per Inch) and DPI is used for (Dots Per Inch), it’s the same concept with the different abbreviation. This button is used to adjust mouse sensitivity without go to the settings.

Not all games require same mouse sensitivity level and it depends upon the genre. Where precision is required like a game involves lots of sniper shooting, DPI should be lower in such games.

Whereas, MMOs and RPG games requires higher DPI because of its fast-paced nature. If other players online using higher DPI, no chance for you to survive in a game with lower DPI.

Final Words

Young generation of gamers is less likely to memorize the combination of hotkeys instead setup Macros on side buttons of gaming mouse. They just have to perform one click for one last move and kill the enemy.

Other than gaming purposes, side buttons are also a great source of increasing work productivity and provides the smart solution to get a quick access and save time on repetitive tasks.

One player may find six buttons more than enough on a gaming mouse and others may be more comfortable with more than ten buttons, totally depends upon the individual gaming style and also which genre of game prefer most to play.

Always try to buy high-quality gaming mouse which improves the gaming experience multiple times, should not go for other than Logitech, Razer or Corsair if can afford it.