What To Do With Old Laptops In the Year 2022 ?

In the times of technology revolution and especially in information technology, devices and machines becomes outdated within short time period. We all buy our new Smartphone or an app which becomes less efficient / productive after few months when it’s updated / latest version is available. Similarly, our laptops also gets outdated and then we ask ourselves a question what do I do with my old laptop ?

In the last decade, hundreds of new models of laptops were launched and millions of laptop units were sold. This phenomenon of everybody buying new laptop, now has raised a concern in the minds of millions of people that what can I do with my old laptop ?

You all people can make the most efficient usage of your older laptops and no need to scrap it.

How can we productively use our old laptop that still in usable condition?  

If you have an old laptop and do not know what to do with this, then we will share with you eleven new ideas.

Eleven new ideas to try on old laptop

We are going to share eleven new ideas to make the efficient usage of older laptop.

1. Learn how to install operating system

Mostly users take help from expert to install an operating system on a laptop, because little mistake can ruin the system. We can learn installing operating system on our old laptop on our own without the help of any expert. We will not be afraid of ruining the system because otherwise we had already obsoleted our laptop.

If the old laptop has already been installed with the operating system, then can reinstall it, so that you can learn from the scratch.

Installing Windows is not very complicated job and easy to perform. Whereas, installing the Linux is full of new features and things to perform. Therefore, users should be trying to learn how to install Linux.

2. Skill Development

Skill development is making the teen Kids to earn as much as adults people can dream of. Python language is very much in demand and widely used for web and software development, data analytics, game development and many more.

You can try to learn all new languages and develop skills on old laptop and buy the new one for other primary tasks.

3. Use it as Chromebook   

Chromebook is very much in demand because it requires low-processing power to efficiently run the all applications. Therefore, instead throwing away the new laptop should use it as your Chromebook. It must be supported by Chromium, an operating system designed by Google.

YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ry4Z5pFdut0

4. Contribute into the Science Development

You can use the old laptop to perform “Distributed Computing Projects” which have become a great source of empowering science. All you have to do is use your old laptop to get it connected with the project server after downloading its software.

You will have to fill different types of surveys and provides data to analyze. They have kind of data to analyze which can help them in introducing improvements in science, information technology and health projects.

5. Make it your media center

Even an old laptop has plenty of space and can download hundreds of movies and shows. You can get your laptop connected with the big screen or multimedia projector to enjoy the movie or favorite TV show. Laptop users can even connect their laptop with gaming consoles, so why should you not be using it to play games when big screen is already occupied.

6. Use old laptop to create storage system

You can store ample amount of data on the internal storage of old laptop and then access it from new laptop or other devices through using FreeNAS. This software will help you to transfer and share the files by creating a network. There is also possibility of streaming the movies and shows which originally stored on the older laptop.

This will also improve the efficiency of the new laptop and increases the storage capacity.

Is this a good idea for you?

7. Use it as a webcam

Why should one throw away own old laptop when it can be used as a CCTV or becomes a surveillance camera. All you have to do is download the free iSPy app and then its webcam will be used for monitoring the house.

8. Dissemble it and Learn  

One cannot imagine dissembling a newly bought laptop to learn about this machine. Though, we can do the same with our older laptop without worrying about damaging the hardware. Once you learn successfully will be able to assemble all parts back.

9. Laptops Exchange Offer

Big companies like Amazon or Best Buy offers a discount on certain products against old laptop exchange. Though, they have certain criteria and standards but you can visit the site and check if any offer is for you.

10. Recycling

All civilized and developed countries promote the environmental friendly steps and encourage people to put their old laptops in electronic collection center instead of throwing them in the trash.

Therefore, you should also be supporting the great cause and choose near collection center which takes responsibility of its recycling.

It is better to retrieve the personal data and then remove it before handing over to the officials in collection center.

11. Make money by selling old laptop

If the screen is not broken and still display is great, then can sell it because retailers use it for display purpose. They promote their retail brand and run promotional videos on it. They will be willing to offer you the decent money of it.

Final Words

We shared eleven best ideas to answer the question that what do I do with my old laptop ? This is not only your concern because 218 million laptops were shipped only in 2020 year. On average, each user of laptop discards own old laptop after three to five years. Therefore, millions of laptop users have the same concern and they are looking for the answer.