What Is SATA Port Used For? Types of SATA Ports and Other Information

Do you still not know about the SATA Ports? Are you looking for information about how SATA ports work and look like? In this article, we will share with you the all information to make you fully knowledgeable about them.

What Is SATA Ports?

SATA ports are used for established the connectivity between the motherboard and hard drives. The SATA data cable is used for connecting the two and transferring the signal from one device to other device. There are two SATA ports placed upon the motherboard.

What Does A SATA Port Look Like?

If you were a computer user ten to fifteen years ago and have uncovered the casing for installing or removing any pc component, then must have seen the SATA port.

However, this is what SATA port looks like in the below picture.

What Is SATA Port Used For?
What Is SATA Port Used For?

There are seven pins attached in the L shape, SATA cable gets connected through these pins and the other side of the cable is connected with the other SATA port provided on the hard drive.

The Availability of SATA Port In Different Colors and Versions

There are three versions of SATA ports available currently, SATA 1, SATA 2 and SATA 3.

SATA 1 is fast enough and sends the signal at the speed of 1.5 gigabits per scond, SATA 2 is faster and comes with signal speed of 3.0 gigabits per second. The third and latest SATA 3 is fastest and sends the signals at the speed of 6 Gigabits per second.

SATA 3 port allows the fastest communication between motherboard and hard drive.

SATA ports are available in different colors and each type of SATA port is allocated with a unique color. Furthermore, the selection of colors for SATA ports is also depended upon the type of motherboard using.

There is a type of motherboard having single-slot SATA interface, there will be no color assigned to SATA port in this type of motherboard.

Whereas, older motherboards used to be having multiple SATA interfaces and different colors were assigned to each version of SATA port, blue was the color for SATA 3 the fastest port.

To take the full advantage of SATA 3 port connected with the motherboard, you also have to buy a compatible drive to enjoy fastest available speeds, this is how user can get the full potential of own SATA 3 drive.

Whereas, SATA 2 ports are available in two colors Red and Black, SATA 2 was released back in April, 2004 which sends signals at the speed of 3.0 gigabits per second.

In the all modern PCs, there is no chance of offering SATA 2 ports and all comes with fastest one SATA 3 port which sends signal at 6.0 gigabits. If you buy the latest model of PC online or in physical market, no need to be confused about whether system using SATA 3 port or not.

How To Find the Version of SATA Port and Its Speed?

User can see the label attached with the motherboard which shows the version of SATA port using and also the speed. User can confirm it by reading from the label whether gets the fastest SATA port or its older version.

There is no chance of labeling wrong information about the SATA port, its manufacturers are running big businesses and would never put the reputation at stake.

It is important to must read the label and confirm what you are buying.

Difference Between SATA And ESATA Port?

eSATA port is used for get connected with the external hard drives, there is different cable used for eSATA port and not same as the SATA cable. It uses I-shaped connector and interface is completely different from the SATA interface.

You are more likely to find two eSATA ports on the old PCs which offers the flexibility of connecting with the two external hard drives and maximize the storage capacity.

Modern PCs and laptops do not offer eSATA port for data transferring at 600 MB per second. Now, it’s much faster alternate available such as USB ports, Thunderbolt and SATA 3. Thunderbolt 3 can achieve maximum speed is 40Gbps, USB 3.2 maximum transfer speed is up to 10 Gbps and SATA 3 offers 6 Gigabites.