Why HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wi Fi On Windows 10 ? Complete Guide

This article specifically discusses about why HP’s laptop suffers from Wi-Fi disconnecting issues on frequent basis on Windows 10 and how can we solve this issue ? When user loses the Wi-Fi connection while working on critical project or even enjoying the Netflix show at its peak level, this frustrates the user also at its peak level. 

We have come across many visitors who complaint about the same that they are having HP’s laptop with Windows 10 installed on it and suffers from the same issue. Therefore, we are going to provide a complete guide about why this issue occurs with you and how can it be fixed ?

Let’s stay with us and keep reading the all content which adds critical information into your knowledge.

Why HP Laptop Keeps Disconnecting From Wi Fi Windows 10 ?

Diagnose the problem is most important which helps in understanding the issue and then find its solution to fix it. User cannot expect to be looking for a solution before knowing about why laptop gets disconnected with Wi-Fi or lose the connection.

We are going to share with you three possible factors which causing you this Wi-Fi disconnecting issue, in the following.

Using Outdated Driver

You might be using the outdated hardware driver which fails you to be successfully connecting with Wi-Fi all the time and also creates network interruption.

Wi-Fi Driver Compatibility Issues

It is possible that Wi-Fi driver installed is not compatible with the Windows 10 which further causing networking issues and unable to be connected with other devices.

Third-Party Software

User may have installed the anti-virus software which can remove the all malware files and data, but also create disturbances in networking area. Any third-party software with potential bugs can deteriorate the networking system of your laptop. Therefore, always choose the anti-virus or system software wisely.

We are going to provide the solution for each and every factor mentioned above, will also be discussing other possible factors causing Wi-Fi disconnecting issue.

Required Troubleshooting

It is quite possible that your HP laptop only requires troubleshooting.

Wireless Button

You may have mistakenly turned-off your wireless button.

Re-Install Windows 10

User can fix this issue by re-installing the Windows 10 which might be missing some updates relevant to network area.

How Can I Fix Wi-Fi Disconnecting Issue On HP Laptop Having Windows 10 ?

Once you have been identified what the real problem is, now it just requires you to apply the solution accordingly. We conducted a research and came up with six solutions after identifying the all possible issues might be laptop having. We are going to share them and then will also be discussed with details in the following.

  • Run the required troubleshooting on your laptop.
  • Find the wireless button on the keyboard area of your HP laptop.
  • Get the wireless adapter driver updated on Windows 10.
  •  Use the DriverFix software for running an automatic update, this way can find and upgrade the all outdated drivers.
  • Upgrade the wireless hardware settings.
  • Re-Installation of Windows 10.

Let’s discuss all these methods one by one in the following.

Run the Troubleshooting

Before you perform different types of troubleshooting, user is advised to run troubleshooting to confirm whether or not it’s an IP address issue. It is very much likely to be an issue which fails the HP laptop to get successful Wi-Fi connection.

You need to take following steps.

  • Press and hold Windows button + X, find Settings menu and click it.
  • In the search bar, type Troubleshoot Network.
  • Select the option which takes you to the Networking settings.
  • When you go to the Internet Connection menu, there can find the option “Run the Troubleshooting” which needs to be clicked.
  • Once you click it then will show two options, user needs to select this option “Troubleshoot my connection to the Internet”.
  • Troubleshooting process will take few seconds and in the end shares a message about what exactly the error is which prevents the HP laptop to have successful Wi-Fi connection.
  • Once you know the problem, can easily fix it.

Find the Wireless Button on the Keyboard Area of Your HP Laptop

User needs to find out the wireless button on the keyboard which might be actually causing internet interruption issues. You may have probably turned-off this wireless button by mistake, which is disabling the Wi-Fi connection.

Once you find the button, needs to take following steps.

  • Press the wireless button and wait for 10 seconds to observe any change in the icon of Wi-Fi, either it shows the sign of stable internet connection or not ?
  • Move the mouse cursor and hold it over wireless connection to see its current status. If it shows the status of “ Full Internet Access”, congratulation you did it.
  • If the Wi-Fi connection still shows no signals and no internet access, can turn-off and on the button again to retry.

If still the problem persists, this method is not going to work for you and it’s time to try next method.

Get the wireless adapter driver updated on Windows 10

This time you need to download the updated driver for LAN wireless adapter. You might be having issues because of outdated driver which prevents the continuous Wi-Fi connection. One has to be using updated and latest drivers for enjoying better hardware performances.

You need to take the following steps.

  • Go to the Device Manager, where you need to find option “Network Adapters”, click it.
  • Now, you can see the option “Network Adapters”, click it. Now select the option “Wireless Adapters”, and then click on the “Update Driver”.
  • Now, user needs to click the option “Search Automatically For Updated Driver Software”.
  • If it shows the message “Driver is Found”, you can go and easily install the given updated driver software by following the instructions.
  • After installing the updated driver, try to get connected with Internet.

If the issue was about outdated wireless adapter driver, then it will fix the issue once for all and can enjoy the continuous Wi-Fi connection and un-interrupted internet experience.

Try the DriverFix software for Running an Automatic Update, To Find and Upgrade All Outdated Drivers

DriverFix is the third-party software which can automatically find all your out-dated drivers and then install it with few clicks. You can try this method instead of manually searching for updated driver and then download it.

  • Download the DriverFix software and Install it on Windows 10.
  • Open the software and wait till it shows you the all results for installed drivers on your system.
  • This results shows the names of all outdated drivers installed on your system, so user can installed their updated drivers accordingly.
  • It does not only show all outdated drivers but also gives you an option to click and get updated drivers. User just needs to select all those outdated drivers which need to be updated.
  • Re-start the system after downloading and installing the updated drivers.

DriverFix is the must download software for automatically downloading updated drivers. You may be finding complexities in manually searching and downloading the updated required drivers because it has been long time since we all did this manually.

You can try this for easily downloading network updated drivers on your system which allows active and continuous Wi-Fi connection without having disconnecting issues.

Upgrade the wireless hardware settings

We advise you to check your hardware of wireless network which might be displaced and needs to be positioned properly. Hardware stops functioning properly without proper placement and probably the same case here.

User needs to take the following steps.

  • In the first step, turn your laptop or PC off.
  • If your laptop or PC enjoys the internet access through wireless router or wireless gateway, then you also have to be disconnecting the power cord from router.
  • You also need to remove the power cord from the broadband modem which is independently connected with your laptop or PC.
  • Now, you have to wait for five minutes before moving to next step.
  • Plug the power cord back into the wireless router.
  • If it does not turn on the modems light, there is possibility that something wrong with the power supply. Try to plug the power cord into another switch and still no lights are blinking on modem, then user needs to buy a new router because this one is broken.
  •  In case, only power light is turned-on and remaining lights are off. It is possible that issues in detecting the network connection. Check and make sure whether or not internet cable is properly connected to the port of broadband.
  • If there is nothing wrong with your internet connection but still having connecting issues on laptop, you are advised to contact your internet service provider to ask for guidance.

It also depends upon which internet service you are using, because big providers also provide great customer service and its online staff can help you in troubleshooting.

Re-Install Windows 10

This is definitely the step must be taken as the last option, but user must re-install its Windows if still having the Wi-Fi disconnecting issues. There is quite possibility of something wrong happened during Windows installation which needs to be revised.

It will automatically resolve your Wi-Fi disconnecting issue which you could not after applying all methods mentioned above.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are going to answer your most frequently asked questions in the following.

Why Wi-Fi connection issues occurs on HP laptop usually ?

There might be several factors behind this issue, but most probably HP’s laptop having some hardware and compatibility issue which prevents stable Wi-Fi connection. It may also require the user to perform specific settings on HP laptop which meet its hardware requirements.

We have shared a solution for each and every possible issue might be facing by you, go above and read all of them.

May a damaged wire be the cause of Wi-Fi interruption ?

Yes, there is quite possible that your damage internet wire may be causing your interrupted Wi-Fi connection. The damage wire does not allow stable internet supply which also troubling Wi-Fi to be connecting with Internet. In this case, you are advised to replace the damage wire with the new one.

How to fix the issue of old / outdated driver causing Wi-Fi interruption ?

User needs to go to the Device Manager, where click the option “Search Automatically for Updated Drive Software” and then install the all available drivers on Windows 10. User can also use the third-party software which name is DriverFix, they automatically detect the all outdated and corrupt drivers, then install them for your good.

How Re-Installing the Windows 10 can help in this issue ?

To re-install the Windows 10 can help you as it may have missed some files in first time which also needs to be installed and causing Wi-Fi disconnecting issues. Second time Windows 10 installing will have all critical system files which support stable Wi-Fi connection. This issue occurs when we download the Windows from unauthentic sources.

How can Wi-Fi button cause the interruption issues ?

There is a Wi-Fi button which may be broken and causing Wi-Fi connection issues, this broken button needs to be repaired and take the exact command. As long as this button is broken, HP laptop will continue to suffer from disconnecting issues.

Final Words

Mostly HP laptops having this issue of Wi-Fi interrupted connection which seems like it’s hardware and compatibility issue. Though, it is important to diagnose the issue first but user may try different methods to fix this problem.

They can go for updating the drivers because outdated ones create such problems and issues. User is advised to be using DriverFix software used as a tool which finds all outdated drivers, then also find their updated drivers automatically to download them. User no needs to perform all these actions manually.

We also explained that how simple troubleshooting can help you out before trying anything else. A simple troubleshooting on Windows 10 can confirm you where the issue and which thing needs to be fixed.

User is also advised to check the Wi-Fi button on keyboard which may be broken and giving wrong commands to the system. If its key is broken, then needs to be replaced with the new one which can end your Wi-Fi disconnection issues.

A damage wire can prevent strong Wi-Fi connection through sending signal with full of interruption which also keeps the Wi-Fi to stay in the connecting process all the time. It is better to check the quality of cable and also if its broken from somewhere.

Re-installing the Windows was advised because it might have missed including some critical system files which causing all these disturbances. It is better to re-install the Windows and ensure that downloading it from reliable sources.