Why Internet Drops Every Hour These Days? How To Fix This?

We all consume the internet on daily basis and it has become the most important part of our lives. Out of 7.8 billion world population, 4.93 billion people have access to internet and use it frequently. The rapid surge in internet traffic is slowing down the internet and statistics shows internet drops every hour. Again stats shows traffic on internet was increased by 32% during first four months of pandemic comparing to last year.

Let’s start the discussion about why the internet drops and how to fix it.

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Why Our Internet Drops Every Hour and How to Fix it ?

After the significant role of online applications in our lives, we are too much dependent upon internet and can’t imagine living without it. We stream YouTube, we socialize on Facebook, Twitter and we use health apps, all this is possible because of internet. Therefore, internet slowdown hurts us most and affects our work productivity.

We perform all our tasks with calm mind unless starts facing internet issues which all makes us full of anger and frustrated. When we start streaming Netflix, the last thing we want is disconnection of internet.

This article teaches you about how to identify your specific internet issues and then find its solution accordingly. We do not face the same particular problem with our internet and it requires knowledge to understand its nature.

Reasons That Your Internet Goes Down Randomly

When your internet speed goes down and also starts dropping, there is a specific reason behind it and not random. Let’s start why it happens.

1. Issue with Wi-Fi

Weak Wi-Fi system causes slow down in internet speed and also disconnect it. Cheap Chinese branded Smartphone offers poor quality Wi-Fi device which goes down after being connected by multiple users and even only one user is connected.

Moreover, if all users connecting to Wi-Fi and streaming HD quality videos then no matter what brand Smartphone using internet speed is going to down.

2. Issues with Modem

When you face internet disconnecting issue every hour, most probably something wrong with your modem unable to communicate with your ISP ( Internet Service Provider ). Modem is very critical hardware performs a function in which it receives the data from network and converts it into usable form for Wi-Fi devices.

You should go to the tech shop near your place and ask for modem repairing or even buy a new one which establishes good connection with your ISP. This process would definitely require a testing.

3. Out-Dated / Other Issues In Wi-Fi Router

Internet speed performance is also depended upon the performance of router as it fails sending the strong signals. This is because may be broken or out-dated router which needs to be replaced with the new one. It is recommended by experts that internet router needs to upgrade every three years.

It is also possible that a Router is covered by objects which blocking the signals, user should keep it at height with no objects around. Moreover, these objects have more potential to block the signals from router such as printer, cordless phones and anything with Bluetooth.

You are also recommended to invest in tools which can extend the Wi-Fi range. These tools functions in a way where these extenders sniff the Wi-Fi signals and throw it out to give it a boost and extend the distance it covers. You can easily buy these signal extenders on Amazon.

You also need to make sure router is not placed near the appliances. Radio waves hits and blocks the signals very badly, which means Router needs to place far away from refrigerators and washing machines.

4. Faulty Cables

Internet speed is significantly affected by faulty and old cables could be the reason behind internet drops every hour. We all have three types of cables in use to establish the internet connection. All these three cables gets easily damaged due to specific reasons, discussing in the following.

5. Ethernet Cable

It gets easily damaged because of its weak material. The cable most probably has torn from somewhere which causing the slow internet speed.

6. Coax Cable        

The interior pin of Coax cable gets easily damaged and mostly user’s makes such complains. The damage thing happens because of its minimum radius and overall design. User needs to repair it from the damaging point and try to plug-in.

7. Phone Cable

Phone cable gets damaged because of excessive bending, it has to be avoided.

If the user has issues in cable will most likely to suffer from slow internet speed every hour and will also likely to encounter disconnection issues. It is better to invest in new cable instead of paying for the internet and not consuming it properly. Time wastage and work loss is the other loss which has more worth.

8. Internet Trouble-Shooting

Diagnosing the problem is the most critical thing in fixing the issue. Internet trouble-shooting demands you to find the root cause behind internet disconnection and slow speed. This process makes you follow following steps to check each and everything potential problem, once checked then eliminate from the list to focus on others.

9. Note the Time

While using the internet, you should be vigilant in noticing the time as internet disconnects on random basis or is this issue occurs every hour or two. It will help you in differentiating the nature of issue might be facing.

A random disconnection may be because of a problem in hardware which causes a network error and leads to internet disconnection. Hardware issues are most probably makes you to deal with modem.

Whereas, internet drops every hour or two is more associated with software issues which requires you to change the settings.

We will be discussing about both in the following.

Hardware Issues

We are going to discuss about hardware issues and how to fix them.

1. Reset the Modem / Router

Modem / Router is the most critical hardware which sends the internet signals to boost up the connectivity speed. A simple and easier way is reset your modem / router for the new start and it automatically fix the many hardware issues without applying technical knowledge. Reset disconnects the router with all problems causing the disconnection.

Reset is also suggested to re-achieve the optimal performance of router / modem for the better internet experience.

2. Modem Over-Heating Issues

This problem is mostly encountered during summers or else something very wrong with the modem. If you are facing internet connection issues, needs to check whether modem is being over-heated or not?

Heated modem cannot support stable internet connection and rather disrupts it.

You should turn it off for an hour and then start using it back. You are most likely to enjoy stable internet connection.

But this is just a temporary solution as something wrong with Modem which keeps it over-heated. You may need to buy a new one or at least repair it.

3. Inspect the Cable Condition

Any tear part of cable can badly hurt its performance and needs to be inspected every certain time. This issue occurs because of its hard bending from one point and we keep this ignoring for long time period.

4. Inspect the Connectors

Loose connectors often are the issue which needs to fix. Loose Connectors which connects the cable from the system does not achieve its full efficiency. It needs to be connected tightly and then expect its full efficiency.

Software Issues

If you have made sure no issues in hardware as mentioned above, it is more likely a software issue. You are recommended to follow the following steps.

1.  Network Settings

Network settings are critical and impact the overall internet connectivity. These settings includes VPN setting ( Virtual Private Network ) and second one is DNS ( Domain Name System ).

You can go to both of these settings and reset it to default and then try to reconnect the internet, most likely to get stable internet connection which does not drop off.

You may also be having an issue of metered connection which restricts the data limit and slow down the speed when close to that limit; it also causes internet disconnection issues. You need to remove this limit for the data usage and set it without any limit.

The issue of internet drops every hour is more likely to be resolved after reset network settings.

2. Contact Internet Service Provider

After trying everything mentioned above and still could not fix the internet, now it’s time to contact your Internet service provider. ISP’s have better equipment and knowledge to apply for fixing internet disconnection issues, but it will definitely take some time. To contact the ISP should be your last choice to make.

Final Words

We have discussed each and every possible reason which leads to internet drops every hour. Mostly, this issue occurs because of faulty cable or something wrong with your internet modem. Sometimes, the issue can be fixed with required network settings and in the end contact ISP remains the last option. Overall, everybody is facing internet dropping issue these days and this problem exist all over the world.