Why Is My Ethernet Light Blinking Green and Orange ? Each Light Is the Indication of What ?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions that why my Ethernet light is blinking orange, yellow or green. We will discuss this issue and also about how to fix this.

Ethernet light is blinking definitely means something and its an indication to the users for something they do not know.

Let’s start to discuss it in the following.

Every Ethernet Port Is Different

There are five types of Ethernet ports which differ on the basis of internet speed offers, shape of data ports and network architecture.

In the modern time, mostly people are using router or switch to get connected. Whenever you go somewhere in public places like coffee shop, restaurant or at university, they use these two to offer the public an internet.

To enjoy the fastest Internet speed, Ethernet is the best option but still Wi-Fi technology has been widely used by majority as it is convenient. Wi-Fi hardware was developed in the year 1973 and since then its user base has been increasing.

Because, the usage of Ethernet is not much and its manufacturers has also failed in standardizing its lights color as which color indicates what and how should user see it, such lack of standardization also confuses its user to get the right indication.

This platform will try at its best to fix the issue and explain the indications of every Ethernet light blinking such as Orange, Yellow, Red and Green.

How To See If Ethernet Port Light Is Blinking

When Ethernet port light starts blinking, a normal response is most likely something wrong with the device and this is a warning. Though, red color is considered as sign of warning, but still people get confused and try to Google it.

It becomes the big issue when people are unable to find the right answer because of lack of standardization by the manufacturers of the device. The same color is not indicating the same issue on the devices with different models which makes the user unable to find the right answer on Google.

What Does a Blinking Light Indicates on Your Ethernet Port ?  

First of all, It is important to know that if Ethernet port is blinking no light, then it is surely a problem needs to fix and should be a matter of concern. If you have plugged in the Ethernet port into the active and still blinking no light, this indicates that there is no network connection.

It would always be better if any color of light is blinking on Ethernet port whether it is Green or Orange, Yellow and Red.

Since, we mentioned there is no standardization of ports lights. However, mostly two lights are used on Ethernet ports, Green and Orange. Typically, one light remains steady and second light would be blinking all the time.

A steady light indicates that Ethernet cable is plugged into the active device and has established a connection. A blinking light indicates there has been activity performing such as data sending and receiving on device.

Let’s get to know the right meaning of indication of each color.

Why Is My Ethernet Light Blinking Green and Orange ?  

The steady orange and green lights are indicating that device has been connected with the internet through Ethernet cable and actively sending & receiving the data.

However, the indication of steady orange light is different on older devices. When orange light is steady, it indicates the fastest internet speed possible and blinking orange light indicates slow down in internet speed. These two indications can be used on older devices.

The IBM device not only indicates about faster or slower internet speed, but also indicating how much speed.

  • When there is steady orange light, it indicates 1000 Mbps speed.
  • When there is steady green light, it indicates 100 Mbps speed.
  • When there is no steady light, it indicates 10 Mbps speed.

These indications cannot be applied on other devices but only manufactured by IBM.

What is the Indication of Blinking Orange or Blinking Green Light On Ethernet Port ?

The blinking orange or green light indicates that there are activities being performed on the connected device which sending and receiving the data through Ethernet cable.

Again, there is no standardization of what blinking light is exactly indicating as different manufactures are not using the same indicators.

As far as blinking Red and Yellow colors lights are concerned, it is used for indicating the activity of data sending and receiving successfully.

Ethernet Ports and Meaning of Its Lights

There are usually two lights on the Ethernet port, each light has its own meaning.

  • One light is used for indicating the internet speed, slow or fast.
  • Other light is used for how actively data is being sent and received through Ethernet cable.

When light is blinking at higher rate, it shows fast internet speed and low blinking rate indicates low internet speed. When light is off and not blinking, which may mean having almost dead internet speed but it can still be connected to the internet.

It is always better to have blinking green or orange light which shows internet activity and data receiving & sending. User has to show concern if having no blinking light on the Ethernet port.

An Ethernet port manufactured by IBM comes with two lights.

A Light on the Left Side

A light placed on the left side only indicates internet speed. It indicates three levels of internet speed in three different ways. When light is off, either no internet connection or speed is less than 10 Mbps. Orange light means internet connection speed is higher than 100 Mbps, whereas Green means 1000 Mbps.

A Light on the Right Side

A light on the right side shows whether activity is being performed or not. If this light blinks which indicates user is sending & receiving data through the Ethernet port.

An Ethernet port manufactured by Netgear also comes with two lights but using them differently.

A Light on the Left Side

There is only one light on the left side and its color is green. If the green light is blinking, it means the internet speed is faster and running on 100 Mbps connection speed.

A Light on the Right Side

A light on the right side also shows internet connection speed, it also has green color and if it blinks which shows the internet speed is not more than 10 Mbps.

On the Left side, light blinking indicates 100 Mbps connection speed and on right side indicating only 10 Mbps.

As far as cheaper Ethernet ports are concerned, they only come with one green light port. If it is blinking means activity is being performed and otherwise no internet connection.

Cheap and old Ethernet ports have only one indicator and not provide a light which indicates level of internet speed, fast, faster or fastest.

In the oldest times, Ethernet ports used to be coming without even a single light and users would not have any idea what the issue is with the Internet connection ?

In the end, to make the things more standardized and convenient, no matter which model you have there should be always at least one light on blinking mode and other remains steady. Blinking light shows activity and steady light indicates stability of internet connection.