Why My Hotspot Not Working On iOS 15 ? Fix the Issue On iPhone / iPad

Mostly iPhone / iPad users have been complaining about Hotspot not working properly on their devices using iOS 15 version. They made sure properly configuring the device but having issues in smooth connection. Though, iOS is designed as consistent with Windows and Linux computers. User can use iPhone / iPad hotspot on Windows / Linux computer to get connected with internet. Actually, these are software and network-related solutions which we will discuss in the following.

How Can I Fix My Hotspot to Make it Work Properly

Our website is visited by readers living in different parts of the world. They all have been using different telecommunication system which comes with unique problems and issues to fix. First of all, it is better to contact your ISP’s customer support and share the issue. They may in response explain you either it is wrong on your side or their side.

As far as my experience is concerned, if your Hotspot is not working properly, then you are going through following issues.


I have come across many people who do not even have basic understanding of technology. They are unable to understand Hotspot technology requires certain conditions to meet, how can you offer a Hotspot when your device already using Wi-Fi connected internet.

You may not believe that but many users have tried this on their devices. They have already connected to the Wi-Fi technology and trying to create a Hotspot. When the Wi-Fi on device is already connected to the one router, it cannot create another route.

This limitation is not only on iOS devices but Android devices also having the same limitation. Only Windows 10 is such an operating system which can create a Wi-Fi Hotspot facility which is something amazing.

Go and Enable Hotspot Manually

I have experienced using shortcuts on my iOS devices for everything including turning on the Hotspot, but it was never turned-on and then had to enable it manually. This may be the issue with all iOS devices and it is better to go and enable Hotspot manually. As long as you have not activated the Hotspot, may not route the data signals to other devices.

Follow the below steps to enable the Hotspot manually.

  • Go to the Settings.
  • Go to the “Mobile Data” to continue.
  • Turn on the “Mobile Data” and then activate the “Personal Hotspot.”

It is better to activate the Hotspot manually to make sure other devices establish the active internet action through your router.

Reboot / Restart your iPhone

iPhone/iPad users are used to be using their devices for weeks without giving the machine a break. Users should turn the devices off for 20-25 minutes in a week and then restart the iPhone / iPad. Even the highly sophisticated machinery requires a rest from performing the complex functions.

Even iOS 15 comes with own limitations and glitches which makes it not working properly. Since iOS 15 offers more sophisticated features and meets high-end requirements, it requires rebooting more in a while.

When you turn-off your iPhone/iPad for 20-25 minutes and then restart it. You will clearly notice its better performance and Hotspot will also be functional without any hassle.

Always Use the Latest Version of iOS   

The older versions of iOS came with bugs, glitches and errors, it was bad on the developers side which also damaged the reputation of Apple brand at that time. Apple released iOS 12 on iPhone 5s which was quite surprising at that time, they did not want to lose the customer loyalty who suffered from lots of bugs on iOS 11 using iPhone 5s. 

The older versions of iOS are full of errors and you are most likely to suffer from Hotspot issues on these older versions of iOS.

Reset iPhone / iPad Network Settings  

Wrong configuration and inaccurate network settings affects the Hotspot functionality and likely to be reason not working. The unmatched configuration can badly damage the performance of all network related services. It is better to reset the network settings because it will start from the all basic network configuration without any wrong configuration by mistake made by the user.

Reset network settings of iPhone / iPad will not remove user’s stored data such as images, videos and files. However, it is going to forget all your Wi-Fi connected passwords and will also lose connection with other wireless devices.

How To Connect Personal Hotspot Using USB Cable ?

iPhone / iPad users must ensure to come up with latest version of iTunes when connecting own iOS device to Windows PC, as it is required by Windows Administrator. User also requires high quality of USB cable which connects your iPhone/iPad with the Windows PC, lighting USB cable would be the best choice.

Let’s start the process of connecting iOS device and Windows PC to share internet connection.

  • Type “iTunes” on the search bar and then run it as administrator.
  • By using the high quality lighting cable, connect your iOS device with the PC. Make sure latest version of iTunes is installed.
  • Once you have followed the above steps,  now select “Wi-Fi & USB” to enable the personal hotspot. User also needs to turn-off the Wi-Fi in Windows PC which otherwise will interfere.
  • You will see a confirmation notification on the phone screen to confirm, user actually want to share internet connection. User needs to give confirmation by tapping on “Trust” appearing on the screen.
  • It will establish the network connection between the devices.

How to Establish Personal Hotspot Connection with Wi-Fi

When user having issues in connecting to Wi-Fi, it is better to turn-off the Wi-Fi and then the phone. Give your device fifteen minutes break and then turn it on back. User is also recommended to change the Wi-Fi network’s name which can also fix old software-related errors creating an issue in successful connection.

  • Go to the Settings, and then go to the Wi-Fi option.
  • Tap on the Wi-Fi connection which you are trying to get connected with.
  • Now, tap on “Forget This Network”, this will remove pairing information and also forget the password.
  • It will also ask for your confirmation, so tap on “Forgot” to continue.
  • Now, you have to enter the correct password to get connected.
  • Once enter the correct password, you have successfully established the personal hotspot with Wi-Fi.