Why My Laptop Charger Starts Getting Hot ? Six Most Common Reasons

When we plug-in the laptop’s charger for charging the laptop, it starts getting hot over the time and mostly users take it as alarming for the laptop and charger both. Should the user be worried about this situation and why it happens to laptop’s charger? Let’s find out its all possible reasons.

Why Laptop’s Charger Gets Hot ?

When laptop’s charger starts the charging process and transfer the power through the adapter to its battery, this produces the heat which starts flowing from adapter to the plug-in point. This heat is actually the rate of power transfer to recharge the laptop’s battery and nothing to be worried about.

Except, the charger starts getting too much hot which may get your hand wounded. If such a situation with charger, then user should be worried and take measures to fix this issue.

All Expected Reasons Behind Hot Charger ?

There are many factors which may cause the laptop charger starts getting extra hot which is definitely not normal and something wrong with it. These possible reasons are mentioned in the following.

  • Laptop’s Battery is Faulty
  • High Temperature in Room
  • Wrong Charging Process
  • Using the Wrong Charger
  • Defect in the laptop’s charger
  • Broken or Dusty Charging Port

Let’s discuss all these reasons one by one in the following.

Laptop’s Battery is Faulty

The laptop’s charger gets hot when plugged into the old and broken battery. It happens when charger keeps supplying the power into the damaged cells of battery and they do not preserve it. This continues process overuse the laptop charger and it results as start getting hot. Therefore, it is better to always use battery in good working condition.

Secondly, keep plugging in the charger into laptop even its battery has been fully charged can make it warm and also affects the efficiency of charger.

High Temperature in Room / Hot Environment

If you are using a laptop where no fans or air-conditioner working and weather is also hot. Then, the laptop’s charger is also most likely start heating up and get warmer over the time. Mostly users are used to be using laptop on bed without using cooling pad and keep it on surface, which covers the ventilation area of machine, it does not only heat up the laptop but also the charger if it was plugged into.

Always try to use a laptop somewhere temperature is not already high; overheating issues drastically reduces the life of machine.

Broken Cable of Laptop’s Charger

A charger cable must be made of high quality which supplying the electricity smoothly without any interruption and maintaining the flow of electricity, also prevents from shock. A broken cable would always create issues in power supply and can start charging at higher rate, which also results as laptop charger will start heating up.

Using the Wrong Charger

User must only be using an original charger for charging a laptop. An original charger is designed as per the requirement of battery, at what rate it requires the voltage and rate of consumption of watts. An original charger is least likely to get hot while charging a laptop.

Whereas, using the wrong laptop charger would not fully meet the power requirement of laptop and instead start interrupting the process which heats up the both, charger and laptop.

Note: Do not put the laptop’s life at stake by using the wrong charger, a laptop is way expensive machine than a charger.

Defect in the Laptop’s Charger

There is possibility that no defect in laptop’s battery but charger is defective. A defect can be inside its adapter which makes the charger inefficient in whole charging process and soon it starts heating up issues. A leakage of voltages will make the charger work more for less; this can also burn the charger in few minutes. A defective laptop charger will also harm it.

Broken or Dusty Charging Port

There is also possibility that a charging port is broken and user is enable to make a stable connection through plugging your AC adapter. A broken port allows the leakages and disrupts the whole charging process which also leads to heating up the laptop charger and it starts getting hot.

Similarly, your charging port might be filled with full of dusty and not allowing the charger to supply the electricity without interruption. In this case, the same thing will happen to the charger as mentioned earlier.

Final Words

We have been shared six most possible reasons heating up your laptop’s charger which allows to fix the issue by addressing the problem. It is most likely either something wrong with battery or charger itself. A defective battery will make the charger work more to charge less; this would put pressure on the laptop charger and it will start be getting hot.

It is always better using the original charger which was basically designed to meet the laptop’s charging requirements at its best. The other chargers will take more time in charging a laptop and may also suffer from over-heating issues.